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Added: 2023-01-17 22:06:28 UTC • Re-listed: 2 times (January 25th, 2023)
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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$ 7,650

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Item description

EVERYTHING ALREADY DONE FOR YOU PRO ….that I’d put up against any premium or LE

A Premium/LE goes for $8000-$11,500 … This is one is less money, packed with a lot more!

Cleland Sound Mod w/Awesome Music (The best mod on the game!!) - $0 Shout out to Cleland!!!!!!!

Then ALL THE $$ MODS!!…..

2 Color Changing TOPPERS (Every Color)
One From Sparky Pinball
and another
Thats No Longer in Production - $600 if you can find it?

Color DMD - $425

LED Light Swap

2 Different Back Glasses (Og & Alternate)

2 Remote Color Changing Toppers
(Any Color)

Remote Speaker Lights w/TWD Acrylics

Remote Under Cab Lighting

Shaker Motor

Trough Lights w/Red Plastic Protectors

Art Blades

Custom Train w/Track

Shooter Rod …I don’t think this one is available anymore?

Blood Splatter Ramps

Bicycle Daryl

Lucile Bat

Welcome to Woodbury Sign

Cafe Terminus Sign

Playfield walkers

Negan holding Lucile

Flipper Bats

Crate Mod opens when ball passes under w/light

Well Walker Guts w/red plate

Custom High Gloss Apron Cards

Governor’s Mansion Fish Tank

Probably a couple more I’m forgetting?

*****I am going to keep the blood drip for my Elvira****

Would prefer to trade +/- cash for...

Munsters Pro
GhostBusters Pro or Premium

I am not looking to ship on a trade. You would have to be close enough for me to come to you. Or? You would have to come to me.

If you are paying through a Bank Wire and not a trade? I can help setup shipping through STI / Beltman if you’ve never done it before? They wrap it up nice take it out and then bring it in for you. I suggest going that route but it’s up to you?

Local pickup w/cash? I can load it for you.
Easy Exit with no stairs out of my basement

Any questions you can call or text me direct or you can come by and play it ...if you’re local enough to do so? ;)

404-519-nine nine48

Item photos

042771BE-5B62-4A05-9AC4-7D157EFE7B6B (resized).jpeg
731768F0-99A4-44BE-88CB-4998814CA32E (resized).jpeg
843CCCED-6427-4468-A302-D15DAC8CA76E (resized).jpeg
86D1B195-2B92-420B-8642-A1FA633E2BD1 (resized).jpeg
CD9C54DE-65B2-45AE-BF32-2F00A0C90140 (resized).jpeg
99B98860-BBF2-48A9-A059-1D4C44B3EAB5 (resized).jpeg
1D04AF46-2E26-458E-BB35-F4ED96624C8A (resized).png
988A40B0-E0B9-434E-81BB-759EC28E96D1 (resized).jpeg
237C63B3-6562-4EBB-B544-A0E44A09F3CE (resized).jpeg
54FDA446-E70B-4031-95A5-53AE22AC2047 (resized).jpeg
0428E4DB-AED2-439F-B227-79A90FE3639E (resized).jpeg
055AFC98-7821-4B05-BA8D-16372C4EC149 (resized).jpeg
D406B671-7466-4305-9D01-E06F96376A13 (resized).png
BF5AF4EF-5FA2-4A88-A6D6-28C664A3D80E (resized).jpeg
543FA26D-1A03-420C-9876-DCC61F083DA4 (resized).jpeg
98820D0A-F8E6-4912-B24B-481864666B8D (resized).jpeg
92FBEB68-DB87-4E55-BDF9-DFC71FB2C09D (resized).jpeg
D51847D3-0A25-4E30-B5B0-5DE7E245CB13 (resized).jpeg
D653AC61-9BEB-43D3-8B17-A3C4FAF8ACBA (resized).jpeg
D8D5C535-BA37-4190-B76E-C32062CC58A0 (resized).jpeg
F31E815C-5670-48BB-992B-97E837BDEFEC (resized).jpeg

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