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For sale: Escape from the Lost World S/N 00001

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Added: 2023-01-17 04:33:58 UTC
Condition: Partially shopped/refurbished

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$ 5,000 (OBO)

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Item description

Here’s your chance to own serial number 1 of this machine. This was the pre-production prototype from Bally and I was told it was a retirement gift from them way back when. I’ve owned it for five years now and it is very challenging and plays great. I have all documentation with it including the serial number card. The playfield is unique and has some of the screen print colors different than the later units as well as a couple of spots where components were moved or insert decals were changed during development. The playfield is in excellent original condition and the ramps are all intact(some paint has flaked from bottom side of ramps in spots). All of the plastics are there and in good shape. The playfield glass is the original screen printed glass specific to this game and is in perfect condition. The cabinet is plain black with no artwork and has a Bally’s Aladdin’s Castle property tag. There are some scrapes on the cabinet and the top of the back cabinet was torn up around the back glass lock, but you can’t see this when it’s set up. The electronics are all original and function perfectly. I’ve never had any issues with it. I prefer cash, but I’m open to trades. Take a look at the pictures and let me know if you have any questions. It’s set up in my basement and I have a power dolly to get it outside.

Item photos

71B38434-B78A-4875-97DA-4EAAEAB87DED (resized).jpeg
E315493D-2878-44A1-A810-04695F7EE5E4 (resized).jpeg
0D31531D-CEA3-499E-94BE-925B4A3C795B (resized).jpeg
C7D7FC8D-AB52-4169-B340-F99DD842B914 (resized).jpeg
FA639340-AEDB-4B03-B60A-01E88A6803E5 (resized).jpeg
17036BF4-DAB0-4A4F-B4D3-8343234AD646 (resized).jpeg
18C3F54B-DC91-41EF-BE09-30AEDBF913F1 (resized).jpeg
14D03887-DB88-4B5D-83F2-7684007E2B91 (resized).jpeg
27DA9056-9CAE-4BCC-8841-3E42D770B2EA (resized).jpeg
2960705A-6B86-40CA-A1E2-18BB888D47D2 (resized).jpeg
09576284-5B38-4603-AA69-6AB0CF967D67 (resized).jpeg
1C92EE66-FE79-4368-BFB6-5B1F5CF7A4F4 (resized).jpeg
37393652-59E6-4146-98BE-FB0F85052062 (resized).jpeg
3BF4B6A9-BCF6-4BA4-B047-2BA19C293656 (resized).jpeg
473D7945-201A-4D38-8563-1C30F8146762 (resized).jpeg
4A9DF840-2775-4A5D-B518-1719AC372472 (resized).jpeg
57068815-5887-4098-9A6F-29D18EE2910A (resized).jpeg
5A552C30-16B8-4A57-AD60-59D024671021 (resized).jpeg
5EC59730-9342-4CE9-86B8-64EBAFA1AEFE (resized).jpeg
62F5CFA1-EDF8-48BB-83C1-E52720B6B60F (resized).jpeg
67FDE8D2-3830-44EE-BD30-471F36442301 (resized).jpeg
6868F3D2-76DF-44AA-8E79-C9A63DBD9B44 (resized).jpeg
757ECBFB-36DC-4F87-B584-1EA7962B9B6D (resized).jpeg
8B2A7793-ED96-4F50-8E5C-0ACFFA75D5B8 (resized).jpeg
9073878C-7A53-4093-ACE4-B955702965A9 (resized).jpeg
909D4C5B-CBC4-4F77-B708-B0D070AD07FC (resized).jpeg
B0034D54-37F3-4400-B0B6-62F6F746D43F (resized).jpeg
B03ADA61-F77A-4BBA-B65E-AF7099904490 (resized).jpeg
B15938FC-0558-4F80-A485-C296F9606256 (resized).jpeg
C46C241E-F530-40D3-8BE4-2A25FD4E6128 (resized).jpeg
C53BA743-0CA0-4986-80A9-D15A541AF55E (resized).jpeg
DE12DC1D-6751-4834-8372-8F0D38D4E9A7 (resized).jpeg
DE64CAD3-F658-4E11-AD36-24854415C17A (resized).jpeg
E4DF1CCE-58C1-4747-BC97-18A1FC9F6BF7 (resized).jpeg
EC5EA804-DC62-467B-B59D-2C2D099337F8 (resized).jpeg
F09B8DEC-8E43-4A10-846E-A80F49CA2FF4 (resized).jpeg
F3D1DF5E-60A2-4BB4-A831-801CC5AC7465 (resized).jpeg
F5598459-1B48-42F9-AF1A-DB504E857697 (resized).jpeg
F901DACD-8E9F-4356-AEA5-5294EBA65CE1 (resized).jpeg
FE59959B-C83C-413E-9988-FEAEA3EAE6E6 (resized).jpeg

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