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For sale: Meteor in really nice condition

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Added: 2023-01-14 21:14:11 UTC
Condition: Partially restored (almost original)

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  • Meteor Stern Electronics, 1979


$ 2,598

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Item description

Starting with new stuff. Here’s what is brand new on the machine: Alltek Trifecta boardset (MPU, lamp driver, solenoid driver - all come with a lifetime warranty), reproduction back glass, flipper assemblies (including new coils, EOTs. Plungers, springs and flipper bats), pop bumper caps, LEDs (controlled and GI), rubbers, 2 drop targets, all drop target decals, shooter arm springs, spinner decals, several lamp sockets and leg levelers.

Overhaul and repairs include: reflow all headers and replace several transistors on displays, removed and soldered new header pins on power supply board. Removed, inspected and cleaned all pins on connectors in the head, installed new capacitors on sound board, stripped all parts off playfield top side to clean, inspect, buff, touch up, polish and seal w/ Meguiars synthetic sealant. Under the playfield, all mechanicals, solenoids, relays, links, etc disassembled, cleaned, adjusted and reinstalled. Rebuilt several switch stacks where contacts were reversed. Wiring inspected and all poor wire connections stripped, tinned and resoldered.

The cabinet was cleaned, touched up and polished. Legs and coin door sanded and repainted with Behr premium hammered black metallic. Coin door also has new decals, “Stern” price plates. I will ship and blanket/shrink wrap for your shipper but you make the arrangements.

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