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TNA (CE) w/Butter Cabinet
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Added: 2023-01-04 01:06:07 UTC • Re-listed: 1 time (January 14th, 2023)
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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$ 9,000

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TNA CE#23 with Butter Cabinet with ($1,000 upgrade) direct printed onto cabinetry then clear coated several times. Save close to $1,800(with taxes & s/h)
when ordering new from Spooky for a barely used game.

Unboxed last month. I had envisioned this being a great co-op game to get the whole family playing pinball together. After the holiday break I came to the realization that even a combination Harry Styles /TiK ToK themed game wouldn’t keep my girl’s attention for more than a game. My skills have not improved since owning last time and it’s too brutal for me to play by myself, so my loss is someone else’s gain.

I’m up for a trade or cash sale. It is a butter cabinet so I’d prefer to have someone pick it up but I am comfortable with shipping if a local deal can’t be made.
Checkout my feedback and pm me with any questions

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71B08A43-1AF0-4033-A666-6C9DD1B64347 (resized).jpeg
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870AF89A-FCE6-4B88-A7A6-A0BC9E03757C (resized).jpeg
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B4805040-8A53-44BE-B4F8-FE954E5AACF1 (resized).jpeg
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CFF753EF-4D75-449B-AF33-1E2922BD4DD8 (resized).jpeg

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Altoona, PA, US


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