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Elvira HOH 40th / one of a kind, powder, topper, lights …
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Added: 2023-01-02 17:13:54 UTC • Re-listed: 1 time (January 13th, 2023)
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)


$ 22,950

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Item description

One of a kind build.If you want the very best example this is it.
A very low production pin, 160 plays as new.

For those wondering. I installed a pinball life separate power supply that is fused for safety and integrity of the game.

Add ons to this game
The pinstadium lights in photos of the game are on another machine now.

1. Perfectly matched powder coated coin door,
2. shooter housing powder coated to match,
3. speaker panel and apron powder coated to match.
4. The apron has a dual video mod installed .
5. along with the qr reader relocated to the coin door.
6. Leg lights.
7. Cup with cup light
8. Shooter bezel light
9. Speaker lights with remote
10. Sound out
11. Gronk house and med mods
12. Includes the topper
13. Lit flipper buttons
14. Start button
15. Tournament hole volume control.
16. Custom plexi coin door surround light. Wow purple explosion.

My collection is pristine , feedback flawless and i guarantee your satisfaction . A work of art for someone who wants the best example. I can help ship and no one will prepare for transit better than me. Thanks for looking.

Item photos

0951EE14-A5F8-4CFF-8B5F-5298580FFAE1 (resized).jpeg
1935C708-5C3E-4072-9BB4-981BD1A8F5C3 (resized).jpeg
61B4123B-DF1A-44BC-A9EC-FAB8F5BCA193 (resized).jpeg
23275658-8DA0-44AA-A5D6-8E4419E722DF (resized).jpeg
275486D5-F919-447C-8DE8-E24FF29E6155 (resized).jpeg
04703C87-117A-47AF-9EE2-2BF3DD6CB75C (resized).jpeg
C9443258-186B-4F93-B877-994B5A6EE006 (resized).jpeg
E9476C63-9CA5-494D-B2EE-DB7FD8A09A6A (resized).jpeg
C123CA40-564B-4CB1-B111-89DBE5CED186 (resized).jpeg
F24549C7-A6CD-42AD-BAB1-CA8B87151E0F (resized).jpeg
FD9C038C-B1FD-44E2-803A-3C2E83A80AEE (resized).jpeg
0B087943-3221-487D-A2CC-29D5234923D5 (resized).jpeg
0B896782-5220-4ED7-A688-BD1FE1EB72FF (resized).jpeg
554A2C8B-451E-49B4-AE16-6D317127AE13 (resized).jpeg
1071BFAE-7A1D-4E24-98FF-D22E44B2457B (resized).jpeg
21315DB7-1FF5-43D7-878D-8CA6AD39DB20 (resized).jpeg
39F8C4DF-1BAC-4BEE-916C-1F7676963CF9 (resized).jpeg
AF82344A-E504-466E-9673-851D2D52B266 (resized).jpeg
3A6089CA-3302-4553-9071-159DEA8E63F0 (resized).jpeg
9D7E3962-428C-4C02-8A36-DF5CE5EFE4EF (resized).jpeg
6023F20F-81EC-4D61-A43D-E256C4B1A97C (resized).jpeg
C02D850B-CFA5-4745-BF46-46084BF31EEF (resized).jpeg
65DDBD5A-4C6B-4057-83CC-B7F07DFCD2B0 (resized).jpeg
48EC1B7A-4EC8-4C58-8B26-64517F1B6845 (resized).jpeg
591E4F09-D66C-4A27-A058-DCE261D0CBB7 (resized).jpeg
6D2C959A-0986-4072-8199-8A7F95CDF6F6 (resized).jpeg
3862B13F-E33C-4319-8D0F-E0E59DDE539D (resized).jpeg
8C8E42F3-9C15-4190-A704-A0CA57E7EB90 (resized).jpeg
8DC7A347-70EF-4D41-8EDC-508CE0062C55 (resized).jpeg
92E9637B-12CF-4007-814F-116AA5A0B2CD (resized).jpeg
96B074C9-FFD9-4A4E-9432-E3D5F0A56D9E (resized).jpeg
9E13DEB5-22D7-441C-8239-D3D3B87D6A7C (resized).jpeg
A00D24C6-9722-41EA-809F-67F722C0D0AC (resized).jpeg
A6CF7CC1-4A52-4E25-8C5A-7469D6E76473 (resized).jpeg
A8D376EC-CC9F-475B-B7EA-376EC98776EF (resized).jpeg
AEE6A449-7F52-4EDB-962F-3BBFFBE8C4B8 (resized).jpeg
CB877003-FC16-4D78-B3A9-572814776B64 (resized).jpeg
B2A012EA-CD0E-4936-B3D5-28B8FC68D258 (resized).jpeg
B348FE30-FCDF-468C-AF25-BE279C9692A5 (resized).jpeg
063850FD-BFB7-4159-A0BB-AE4241C9BBAB (resized).jpeg
D3DB2F34-3BA1-4510-8AC1-B6088EA9941C (resized).jpeg
D6F9A5FD-7616-4C67-A4FC-A5D25597DBF4 (resized).jpeg
D9C88270-9C84-4E21-8349-E169CE4B079B (resized).jpeg
E2C5628D-5F18-4D02-AB91-02943C4DCCAB (resized).jpeg
E6DA2578-7E44-4D72-A98B-B59FCB01BF8C (resized).jpeg
EC6D7392-D91E-4E4F-9AAB-DD864996C4B0 (resized).jpeg
EF2D4F3D-FA28-4542-97B7-80C29BA940C1 (resized).jpeg
F1D14428-9009-454D-82C4-8775F22FC7A4 (resized).jpeg
FB0C1696-B2A7-4DD5-B3AB-16DDCD3A5454 (resized).jpeg
D78030B9-957F-4AF5-B152-87488C046A63 (resized).jpeg

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