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For sale: The Hobbit Smaug Edition
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Added: 2022-12-19 14:46:13 UTC • Re-listed: 1 time (January 30th, 2023)
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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$ 10,500 (OBO)

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Low play JJP Hobbit Smaug Edition up for sale in mint condition with some great upgrades. I took this as a trade a few months ago to bring to the office but the game times are way too long for office use so need to move this on to a new home.

Only blemish is the right side art blade is ripped in a couple spots due to a previous owner rubbing them while lifting/dropping the playfield (see picture).

Mods included:
* gold flipper covers
* Arkenstone start button
* powered topper with remote
* lots of extra toys/figures included in the coin box
* 9,000 page (roughly) behemoth of a service manual and book about the making of the game, etc.

Prefer local pickup and can help load this beast. Our office has easy elevator access and I can help pack and bring it down on a cart and load.

Item photos

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