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For sale: Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure
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Added: 2022-11-24 01:22:21 UTC
Condition: Fully restored (full original status)

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$ 18,000

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Item description

Selling an Indiana Jones 1993 Pinball Machine in most excellent/almost pristine condition.

We are relisting this, the reason is we closed out the previous listing as sold but the deal didn't go completely through in the end. We got an initial deposit, but the buyer ran into an emergency financial situation and had to back out. We didn't want the listing running while we assumed it was pretty much sold and having to tell everyone we were just waiting for final payment.

We are asking $18,000
Buyer pays shipping or free local pickup.

This pin has been completely decked out with gold coin door, brass parts, many add-ons, improvements, and restorations.

What you get, list of add-ons/mods:
+Complete clean-up: Recently shopped, cleaned, rubbers replaced, and more
+Brass plated legs, gun, glass side rails, lock-down bar and all wire forms.
+Real 24k gold ion-coated/plated coin door both sides.
+Gold Mirror Blades
+Regular DMD replaced with hi-def ColorDMD(tm) color display.
+One-of-a-kind Ark topper w/leds
+Game-field and back box LEDs replaced with new, bright, and modern ones
+Lost plastics installed
+Cabinet art + backbox sides revamped with brand-new Rad Cal (tm) decals
+Gold lighted flipper buttons
+Flipper Fidelity(tm) Backbox speaker and subwoofer have replaced original speakers.
+Monkey Brains mod included but not installed
+100 percent working with no errors on boot-up, no credit dot
+2 copies of game manual-- one with color
+high-impact plastic leg protectors
+wide body glare guard

PM if you have questions (happy to answer) and offers or you want to see more or any specific pictures.

Facebook public share of game play ########## 302229

Item photos

f67b8daabc7adc2dbd9ece570d94c612f358b5fb (resized).jpg
64e9870c284acf6d406ba4467ccfdbe681e24dbb (resized).jpg
8f02d484f480dd9fc0439fca401f01bd94435f40 (resized).jpg
0eb449913296fcf54d02eb9e5b5d6f54a9f889da (resized).jpg
8500b8b66fb38a98ca6abe04d175a69b6abf17b2 (resized).jpg
94d5da35312cba7d691cb487d256264cea6b98e6 (resized).jpg
1dcad53c331ebc8ee0352a771d431d12da99280b (resized).jpg
2923f55ebe91fb29fdb22935ed6559bfd47f4a87 (resized).jpg
2fe5ab094f94618657c9200aed3d04b80ed598d0 (resized).jpg
3ce6b676991e7575c0c001e7bd097048123e79e1 (resized).jpg
566d63a0e591397cb1a5b2745c64c7bb1a1f0fb8 (resized).jpg
5fae1d78f1c844df037fbfc587b8285a46511681 (resized).jpg
654dc1417107fd22a60f2c06abc0eb0f29950325 (resized).jpg
6598f3267a279c36f4f9902f7e864562e1c85b7e (resized).jpg
67412808f447baa76d4f35626b189e2cbd553922 (resized).jpg
6f16d1e830d5e240dc50ccc7691c480ed8e9d8bc (resized).jpg
71d18c059c791e1bc1eff2d9638578cea0170d42 (resized).jpg
75eb82d671d249d1cf2ca9bd120be2b05bb6df13 (resized).jpg
77d5e83606f638848d05e2074cef525587dd8d28 (resized).jpg
af0f5a656f35a1c364c88b8c81cd1a15c7c5eb0c (resized).jpg
bf95ae1cf03ca2bcfcc4b22c001b045660b6c5d6 (resized).jpg
c5ce34e2c9e9ebc3c3e4bd56de5549feb6cc882b (resized).jpg
fdc046eb16a5d7ef9e5d7ffd762e35c0da94bd16 (resized).jpg
226183e077b001d2867209a8d7011096b39ae769 (resized).jpg
da4f648bc86ba7c545b9cd34a7349ecf4e28a690 (resized).jpg
f3d3106464394ca88edf62d16274332c58258101 (resized).png

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