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Elvira's HOH (40th) includes topper/custom/ trades +or-
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Added: 2022-11-20 19:27:58 UTC
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)


$ 24,900

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Item description

The very best example of a very low production pin, 160 plays and as new . Trades + or - considered
1. Perfectly matched powder coated coin door,
2. shooter housing powder coated to match,
3.speaker panel and apron powder coated to match.
4. The apron has a dual video mod installed .
5.along with the qr reader relocated to the coin door.
6.Leg lights.
7. Cup with cup light
8. Shooter bezel light
9. Speaker lights with remote
10. Sound out
11. Gronk house and med mods
12. Includes the topper
13. Lit flipper buttons
14. Start button
15. Tournament hole volume control.
16. Pinstadium neos

My collection is pristine , feedback flawless and i guarantee your satisfaction . A work of art for someone who wants the best example. I can help ship and no one will prepare for transit better than me. Thanks for looking.

Item photos

86F604DA-DBB2-454C-AF3A-DBFF0E99F283 (resized).jpeg
54ADD66A-F72B-43C3-8CDE-E77F0E763139 (resized).jpeg
F5CF433A-9855-4EA1-A806-A60A10F2653D (resized).jpeg
8125F4D7-4940-4529-ABA4-BA5F9898D314 (resized).jpeg
617E0A28-0254-44A1-A705-E9872F4FC605 (resized).jpeg
9E064940-D93D-42FB-9456-A7157727C71D (resized).jpeg
95650E3D-1074-4900-9AD5-D1A8C3C67EAC (resized).jpeg
40103A69-50CF-49C0-9B01-5C35AF79F14D (resized).jpeg
B6368D97-73FB-4A89-A3A0-BF2721B5C4D6 (resized).jpeg
03186013-6D55-4F9B-A6C8-0CE50C25C847 (resized).jpeg
8A52F45B-F82E-428A-AEDF-963DE3914B15 (resized).jpeg
9453A5E5-2069-402B-849E-7D068EC1A2B2 (resized).jpeg
AEA37701-5877-4247-B595-39BD8380DE67 (resized).jpeg
CF7B7B77-2200-4D57-858C-5C3C16D7C484 (resized).jpeg
E675D1AD-55C3-4FB8-8768-AEAC2BCE3C1F (resized).jpeg
E3D39AF9-5C8A-4C68-B639-ED47B74F04B3 (resized).jpeg

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