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For sale: NIB Halloween Collectors Edition BUTTER CAB

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Added: 2022-10-12 20:56:27 UTC
Condition: NIB - New in box (distributor/business)

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USD 10,999

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NEW New In Box SOLD OUT Spooky Halloween Pinball (Collectors Edition) Butter CE GIFT. Buy it now in time for Halloween!

Limited to only 1,250 machines that SOLD OUT on the day they were made available to the public, and with even fewer Collector's Editions, and even fewer "Butter" art editions, this is the ultimate Halloween gift! Whether you love and collect pinball machines, or love and collect items related to the classic 1978 John Carpenter horror classic, this functional piece of art that is fun to play will be the centerpiece of your collection. Manufactured by Spooky Pinball, with amazing original art by Jason Edmiston, this is the horror pinball experience you've always wanted. 

Spooky Pinball got access to ALL the assets when creating this one of a kind machine. You'll hear the iconic John Carpenter theme and other Carpenter classic Halloween pieces from the movie score while you're playing. In addition, Piggy D (of Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and Haxen fame) has composed original additional music to augment the game experience. There are clips from the original movie all throughout the game. PJ Soles does callouts as Lynda! (In fact, there's an 'adult' mode of the game where Lynda's 'see anything you like?' scene is included in one of the modes.) There is a Donald Pleasance sound-alike voice actor who shouts instructions to you during the game as well as his iconic lines. In addition, Blue Oyster Cult's classic "Don't Fear The Reaper" is included in the game as well! 

This game has an amazing, challenging layout. Perfect for a home game. You won't master it overnight. With 3 upper playfields (including the Strode House and Smith's Grove Sanitarium) in addition to the action on the main playfield, an interactive hedge toy where Michael Myers pops out, four custom stainless steel ramps, a sculpted Judith Myers tombstone lock ball drop target, lighted drop target banks, A sculpted pumpkin with a 360 degree LED flasher over the scoop, dual spinners, RGB lighting around the upper playfields, 150 color changing, interactive mood RGB lights that flash and pulse and strobe and change colors depending on the mode you're in in the game. Plus seven physical ball locks and dual inlane lifters that make the ball appear out of nowhere like Michael Myers when you least expect him. This game keeps you on your toes! This game is packed! It also includes orange plastic protectors featuring the likenesses of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and Donald Pleasance as Dr. Sam Loomis, game blade inner cabinet side art, a physical knocker, a shaker that will blow you away during tense and scary moments in the game, an Interactive RGB speaker kit on the backbox, jack-o-lantern protective armor, custom gold-vein powder coat, custom laser-cut side rails, coin box, numbered collector's edition plaque, and an amazing interactive topper with the classic Halloween knife and pumpkins logo only available on the Collector's Edition. The motorized knife actually stabs into the backbox! Also included is a special Collector's Edition only butcher knife handle plunger!

This machine has the sought-after "Butter Cabinet" edition with a special printing process used to put the cabinet art directly on the wood. You've never seen art look like this on any other machine. Glossy and beautifully saturated - it makes the best cabinet artwork of all time by Jason Edmiston 'pop' even more. Not all Halloween pinball machines have the "butter cabinet." That was a special addition that cost an additional $995.00 at order.

Animations matching the feel of the machine accompany the multiple modes. The wizard modes are fantastic! You will absolutely lose it the first time you hear "I shot him six times!" and the knocker goes off six times! The best part is, Spooky is STILL updating the game and making it even better all the time. There are new animations and upgrades to the existing animations, new modes, new callouts, and all kinds of fun that Spooky keeps adding to the game. Easy to update. This game, which is already a fun, HORROR experience, will keep getting better over time. New code and animations are expected to drop in October - get this game before the new code drives demand and prices go up!

This is an incredible pinball experience and a once-in-a-lifetime gift for the horror/scary movie/Halloween fan in your life! 

Will ship anywhere in the continental United States. Can arrange local pickup if you're in Southern California. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me.

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