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For sale/Trade: HUO RollerCoaster Tycoon

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Added: 2022-10-12 00:06:33 UTC • Re-listed: 1 time (November 24th, 2022)
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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Listed at $ 5,250

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Item description

FS or Partially trade-in on a Deadpool, I have an HUO Rollercoaster Tycoon
I am the original owner of it,
And only played in our basement. Everything seems to be working fine. Has some mods and a CDMD.
Just looking to change things up a little.
Looking to sell locally as I am not set up to ship them. But would consider it if you pay and arrange it.
Make me a offer. Looking for a Deadpool.

Item photos

015EFD21-9E68-450F-B6F7-2C6524E5E219 (resized).jpeg
04C3946D-DC24-42C9-BDB1-189791DEAB2D (resized).jpeg
1FF4BC5C-CB4D-4280-A79D-9C8C948DC594 (resized).jpeg
4DE70744-731E-44E2-A7F9-8E1DF9EAB3BA (resized).jpeg
5AE42532-1F22-4216-B734-18C545A00502 (resized).jpeg
73BF7EE8-FAED-4B01-82C1-C1F636168453 (resized).jpeg
9DB6ED98-FAC5-4C3E-A2C2-C517345DB24E (resized).jpeg
B19ED73F-3220-4CEA-BBE2-8C61EBC0CFAF (resized).jpeg
7AFD93D5-ADC7-4B3A-805E-1A6D1DC6FED5 (resized).jpeg
B1AC26A8-A15D-4AF2-AF08-0445DA1BA639 (resized).jpeg
A0EAA27C-7007-4478-AFC8-623998940A06 (resized).jpeg
A2254EE1-4636-4EF8-835F-C4F8F66C7FD0 (resized).jpeg
6B5B482E-5836-4FE2-8205-B5BED11B5682 (resized).jpeg
9BEE1CF1-ED74-4E0D-9F39-E4D6D43EF3A2 (resized).jpeg
A5506861-3DE7-4447-899F-8E4E2BB9DF6D (resized).jpeg
BCA711B9-F2C1-4125-8E3E-0253FDC357AB (resized).jpeg
DAAAA61D-53BB-4C45-B97D-132A08CE43A8 (resized).jpeg
E0F09178-33FA-43EE-9C1A-3C25D403AFE3 (resized).jpeg
E88B8AD9-7173-44B5-AA4D-11CA3C6C0FA9 (resized).jpeg
D674BB3A-9956-4C5F-80E7-E95097670AF6 (resized).jpeg
D051EB2A-1047-4966-8041-120E3ED327FF (resized).jpeg
F7176BED-E073-4A5F-87A4-233D79B69752 (resized).jpeg
F935563B-AA09-4DE2-B986-0D0DBCD1EBA2 (resized).jpeg
6FDCF117-0E41-4FA5-BEE1-1616B0F93CDC (resized).jpeg
FAEF33CE-14F5-4225-904D-22EB8CF0D720 (resized).jpeg

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Roswell, GA, US


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