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For sale: Nags - All original don’t see that often!!!
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Added: 2022-09-22 15:08:03 UTC
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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  • Nags Williams, 1960


$ 4,500

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Hello and thank you for looking. This is a 1960s William’s NAGS pinball machine. It is rated number one on the Pinball Internet database. This game has been re-rubbered, new bulbs added and has been mechanically gone through completely. It is all original. No touchup on the playfield. The cabinet is mostly all original with some slight touchup. The playfield turntable motor was just rebuilt by Pinball Resource - see receipt. Also the horse unit was rebuilt with brand new springs, cleaned, and lubed correctly. Those springs are always broken and need to be replaced. It has an original cash box and lid. Also new top glass, new reproduction Silkscreen backglass, new reproduction authentic line cord. Powder coated legs. It really is a beautiful game. This game isn’t for everybody you need to be looking for this game. Reach out if you’re interested, Pete

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151B38A1-8EF8-4686-B4C6-011022957FD9 (resized).jpeg
2BBE8551-9342-47D4-BBB4-C6DED6C61330 (resized).jpeg
4D64345B-E58A-4B6D-9300-CA71C6841D5B (resized).jpeg
533F4BB3-699A-45A6-BA62-6974FE86445C (resized).jpeg
6A33561B-C651-48B0-814A-73C16902AFB4 (resized).jpeg
8014C433-3789-402C-A58E-401B7AAC0AA8 (resized).jpeg
9EA5D140-1FF9-4842-AB66-063F93FE6A65 (resized).jpeg
A05672C4-D5A4-4C6B-9FDD-9EC10B9C0CFF (resized).jpeg
B005419F-0C23-4507-8AA4-22159607C871 (resized).jpeg
B159E41C-D02D-4DC7-A006-665F80317829 (resized).jpeg
C68AD990-63B0-41D4-914D-23EE6C01D9C3 (resized).jpeg
D3040F01-E502-4F65-9750-765AFEB0774F (resized).jpeg
D308838D-4872-4AEB-BC4C-38B7E89370AE (resized).jpeg
D839D649-71D6-452F-8190-773DEEFA228D (resized).jpeg
DBB7B683-953F-4572-8BA0-F5D53296207E (resized).jpeg
DCC4184F-46B2-48CE-909E-77745792FB8F (resized).jpeg
EC717D31-9F03-489E-97D2-1C0448B585DE (resized).jpeg
F9915A4D-D581-4036-95C7-A773AFB06646 (resized).jpeg

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