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Black Knight (LE) Refinery Edition,topper & Insider Con
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Added: 2022-09-10 02:34:23 UTC • Re-listed: 1 time (September 17th, 2022)
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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Listed at $ 14,000

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I picked this up last month while I was waiting for some new titles to be announced. It’s brutal & fun but I need a theme that I care about to make a game a keeper.

I’d be interested in a cash sale ( I can ship if buyer arranges) or trades +\- for:

Batman 66 LE
Aerosmith LE
Led Zeppelin LE
Game of Thrones LE
Star Trek LE
maybe some other recent Sterns not in my collection

Pinball Refinery #3, #233 LE. Additions include

1. Stern Factory Topper
2. Stern Insider Connected
3. All cabinet hardware, including coin door and apron, was powder coated with a killer glossy black with multi-colored sparkles, custom art on speaker panel
4. Orange Powder coated wireforms / ramps
5. Spare upper PF (what's there now is pretty nice still)
6. Interactive speaker lights tied into BK speech Interactive under-cab lighting
7. Art blades on sides
8. Interactive Knight on Horse figuring with a couple LEDs tied into lighting
9. Chrome shooter rod
10. 3D art thing on lockdown bar
11.Cliffy in shooter lane
12. Custom Rule Cards
13. All rubbers replaced with clear
14.Custom painted BK Sculpt
15. Exterior volume control and sub woofer output

Has certificate of authenticity, HD glass, shaker, and all the standard LE goodies.

Item photos

9DD8D5C2-E3D6-4E68-B10C-2C23A0C7A3EA (resized).jpeg
34D2A400-9C49-4BA1-B4DE-583110E95714 (resized).jpeg
14E78473-5C2B-4424-82B9-8C05EA38E74F (resized).jpeg
FCC51A93-4B75-440B-8695-50D81194C9FD (resized).jpeg
1D921DC3-2DB9-4B96-828A-1557BE0F8EB0 (resized).jpeg
2B1C077A-36AC-4C84-9E24-06EB575D1359 (resized).jpeg
3A88A0E7-891F-4640-BDE1-B69F776883E4 (resized).jpeg
7421E0F2-65ED-4F0A-8E0B-859395544F37 (resized).jpeg
4108CDA8-CACC-4AA7-9984-9477CC79E578 (resized).jpeg
8E63692B-3F29-46DD-8D5F-78C4717DFDB6 (resized).jpeg
8464A5F9-A88D-4537-B7C5-51E24B1BDD66 (resized).jpeg
6611538E-3B04-4606-8932-5F2724633488 (resized).jpeg
8BE14639-B5DD-40A9-B9A2-BCFD0ED28C03 (resized).jpeg
A89D9EDD-9B92-4B0F-9F44-2E667EC77651 (resized).jpeg
B2A361A4-B796-4B64-A3BF-3BAD05A50818 (resized).jpeg
B4446993-30B4-4BE5-8B9B-0014E09DEC9C (resized).jpeg
D48CF17C-4308-431D-9C0D-5BB0A9062A2D (resized).jpeg
D6457464-402D-4274-B1C2-1568CC60A80C (resized).jpeg
DB939B35-2FB4-4716-96BC-E875AA0DDF51 (resized).jpeg
DD29DC44-6A95-4A24-B354-309ED710C97D (resized).jpeg
EF2D6FA9-28C2-4BF3-BBA4-88695ECE2B97 (resized).jpeg
F434E0F6-CD0E-46A1-83D6-9CE9DA0E6A36 (resized).jpeg
ECEC68A2-9E11-4D7B-99F0-F6C948907C6A (resized).jpeg

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