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Added: 2022-09-06 04:31:58 UTC • Re-listed: 1 time (September 28th, 2022)
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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Item description

Up for trade is a beautiful, absolutely loaded example of a HUO Stranger Things Premium (with Insider Connect installed).

The game has around 1800 lifetime plays last I checked, but was very well cared for, as documented in the photos. Not much else to say about this one as it looks amazing and plays just as well…. so I’ll just list the mods and will happily answer any other questions you may have.

Couple quick notes on typical areas of concern:
-TK ball lock is dialed in and works fine (couple mid game photos included)
-I have been able to get the ball up the ramp and into the Demogorgons mouth on numerous occasions

List of mods (that I can remember):
-Stern topper
-Stern artblades
-Stern shooter knob
-Stern side armor
-Stern UV kit
-Stern IC kit (installed on coin door) -the only upgrade I personally installed
-shaker motor
-Steve’s bat (installed above shooter lane)
-Joyce’s lights sign (Lermods)
-spinning Arcade sign (Lermods)
-Welcome to Hawkins sign
-Speaker Lights
-Lighted flipper buttons
- upgraded projector surface material (not yet installed, but will be included)
-glow in the dark rubbers
-“Friends Don’t Lie” flipper toppers

My preference is that any trade happens here, and I’m not willing to ship or do any type of long distance trade that would involve a shipping company. Easy ground floor loadout with access to the driveway and I can assist in breakdown/loading.

Ideally looking for a trade in which cash comes my way. A few titles I’m interested in:

Iron Maiden Pro
Metallica Pro
GOT Prem or LE

But will consider most Sterns from the DMD/LCD era

Item photos

036CB853-9E36-4EED-A610-388C378B97A9 (resized).jpeg
10DDBFF5-3565-48A6-9941-332F291D19A4 (resized).jpeg
1B8A56B7-FB22-4984-A798-24CC970D02B5 (resized).jpeg
1F2C3169-60D3-4527-8C98-D73C3684CEA3 (resized).jpeg
29DDB680-0631-446A-8B43-FA9447258FAF (resized).jpeg
2FC8E4FF-5031-4437-BB89-E0A1249005D6 (resized).jpeg
43C19F35-6630-491D-924C-1E51C4ACCFD6 (resized).jpeg
459509EB-081F-405C-A96D-E6C36AB303B3 (resized).jpeg
523FD0B6-3322-401E-84B9-D180BCD75F54 (resized).jpeg
59EB405F-5925-4732-A8E6-38BC6F024EA7 (resized).jpeg
5F65AD6D-A528-461B-9CD1-0AE92E2AF976 (resized).jpeg
7227A3E0-5DD2-4515-AADD-827647D28DC6 (resized).jpeg
740AB804-365E-4FE7-A051-175DDCB12229 (resized).jpeg
764271F3-DA23-47B7-B588-51FEB36E46F0 (resized).jpeg
8A8DED52-D267-4EA9-BBEF-F51D075C76C2 (resized).jpeg
955503BB-C08C-4BE9-838C-846348231860 (resized).jpeg
97F86247-C007-4BD0-901C-E4DE790DD807 (resized).jpeg
999DFA82-35C7-4B4B-85E6-6D4BBA79E434 (resized).jpeg
9E94057A-AEDA-4DF4-A643-7B0A6D403368 (resized).jpeg
A40FF0C3-CD97-46A6-A9E9-F3019D6AF44E (resized).jpeg
B06F3D26-8416-4398-BDC0-18332EC834FC (resized).jpeg
B139731E-979C-4162-B24C-3AFBC28FC64F (resized).jpeg
B4D5428C-92C1-483B-91E1-C63761B9D16C (resized).jpeg
B66AC240-C0D7-4205-927F-45EE88EBB094 (resized).jpeg
B7AD976F-72AE-4932-B64A-A4AEC3541050 (resized).jpeg
BC2E0AB2-2268-44A2-A984-065256BDD887 (resized).jpeg
BEFCCF80-2315-4AA2-8A01-5BBABBECC47F (resized).jpeg
C1190C8D-497C-4AAD-B93E-95A801295F53 (resized).jpeg
CA3A8E23-C783-4177-8D3B-A6A3371F8639 (resized).jpeg
CD5AEBC6-C726-47CA-98CB-7491303B3A68 (resized).jpeg
D41E588B-389E-4CDF-99AC-5FBE1CE8C814 (resized).jpeg
D7689D88-7738-4907-8207-BC59490162D3 (resized).jpeg
DAEE4C33-17E9-4B4B-996A-D63107A1C836 (resized).jpeg
DC4F39D4-D7A9-4CF6-86DE-50CAB3055F3A (resized).jpeg
DCF61BDB-403B-4325-AB09-FB110EFC492F (resized).jpeg
E5991B9D-522C-4E07-94A0-47E01A51FB07 (resized).jpeg
F317245B-04CC-4E81-A477-4C01FC1B0D27 (resized).jpeg
F926FA6B-FBAF-4672-9002-8CC577EEFD5A (resized).jpeg

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