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For sale: HEP Medusa
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Added: 2022-08-14 23:09:48 UTC
Condition: Fully restored (full original status)

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$ 7,900 (Firm)

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Item description

This is my HEP restored Medusa. Chris did this restoration work for me back in 2016. Here is a link to the incredible work that Chris undertook bringing this game back to life:

I’d like the extra space for the hopefully upcoming Venom release, so cash is preferred but I’d take a couple things in on trade: White Water, TOTAN, a blinged out CREECH, Deadpool Premium, Cactus Canyon, and Guardians of the Galaxy any model +/- cash. Any trade would need to be semi local where we could drive.

The game has one frustrating issue you will see in the photos. The coin door does not close the entire way to be perfectly flush against the machine. The door does close and it does lock (so it’s perfectly functional as a coin door), but it is not perfectly flush. The reason for this is back in 2015 when CPR ran these playfields (this is a CPR gold) they didn’t size the Medusa playfield perfectly, the playfield was just ever so slightly larger than the original. If someone was motivated to shave down a little bit of the playfield they could fix this issue that has plagued this machine.

The powder coat on one of the legs has a scratch also. I’d recommend getting some touch up paint from Chris on that front or put that leg on the back of the machine like I have done.

I’m happy to do a game play video with interested purchasers, but the video would need to be sometime between 8am-5pm as I keep this game at my office and not at my house. The game plays great and is brutally fast.

I will only take cash or a check, sorry no PayPal or similar method will be considered. If payment is made via a check the check must clear before the game is picked up (and there is a difference between funds being available and a check clearing).

I’m fine with having the game picked up by a shipper but buyer must make all arrangements. I cannot pallet. It is easy in and easy out to get the machine, it is on the first floor.

Item photos

00CFA412-CB74-40E6-B09B-BA4D35DD8FB8 (resized).jpeg
04F9AA49-44AC-4E95-AEB2-606381B2DF56 (resized).jpeg
05D1620A-7AE0-4BA0-AEF8-2909ED40BAAD (resized).jpeg
0B1B2234-ED77-44B5-A4D7-311CB9BEA74C (resized).jpeg
125FAE5F-0986-48C5-84D4-EBFA74E6AF2E (resized).jpeg
13A14FDC-C384-4D79-9DF6-D96318FAA931 (resized).jpeg
14420726-1531-4F15-AECE-19D5DF4260D7 (resized).jpeg
2C5AD138-E816-4348-BF12-373A5F6C1BBC (resized).jpeg
322FCFC2-EE7B-49E5-9709-40370FD5CD1B (resized).jpeg
382F5366-9B65-4937-9053-E47F5A81BD3A (resized).jpeg
39F1B722-2E3E-4665-80D7-6DEBD0A7080D (resized).jpeg
3BBFC302-5359-44D8-AE36-9BBD32328576 (resized).jpeg
3F374C22-28E8-4679-AAB1-B188EAF21D4E (resized).jpeg
45806085-F9AF-4BF9-8FBA-CE8D9D8C95DD (resized).jpeg
4D70EB09-8AED-4438-86BA-DF0C133F09B2 (resized).jpeg
51AA712A-51A5-4BF5-B2E3-E9FBA7CEE5E5 (resized).jpeg
5878D66F-811B-4F77-BE77-8B1378074A88 (resized).jpeg
5C2C8608-4155-4110-AD0E-4B5CEC67D0A7 (resized).jpeg
5CBB26EF-4985-4B4B-A71F-4DCF52F64338 (resized).jpeg
5DB90BB9-3466-47BC-A992-BC3E2B53E845 (resized).jpeg
5FCCD75C-D728-4830-B77B-D4B4F1AECA59 (resized).jpeg
63204BA7-D7B4-4510-AA6A-87220BFF8FE2 (resized).jpeg
6C4E0D7D-E69C-42BB-9A77-6E619E918DAB (resized).jpeg
6FC36BD2-F417-4A02-B7F2-38DEFCD3EAE2 (resized).jpeg
768F057E-6208-4637-9E82-98D239424009 (resized).jpeg
7D988D7F-2044-4636-90E1-859501AC98F8 (resized).jpeg
969D03F5-4CAD-492E-98D5-B00F94C08F4A (resized).jpeg
9D144B4F-09DE-46AF-BA64-DB8C01FAEAC1 (resized).jpeg
A1364152-0F9F-41FF-BB66-68A65DEF9071 (resized).jpeg
AA178570-5348-4E97-B98F-9CFE3EC60F2B (resized).jpeg
AC28F049-0AF2-4B58-9D7D-34704752DA37 (resized).jpeg
AF839CC3-2E90-4966-A05C-6CC84CE39878 (resized).jpeg
C4FF2C3B-65E4-4336-8FA9-B64F0DCB3C29 (resized).jpeg
C7520FBC-B4B6-4E29-8D33-43B2C4F39C7C (resized).jpeg
CC719B89-E430-4647-A39C-CEB99ADD57F2 (resized).jpeg
D6730760-D69C-40D0-84EA-FDDFF52ED37A (resized).jpeg
D9C5F689-9EE2-429B-901F-CB3B0B033C88 (resized).jpeg
E1F447A2-AC4B-4CA8-A11B-043A024C4D66 (resized).jpeg
EB5D0AA1-DCCE-4BE9-9CD7-058DBF72FEAF (resized).jpeg
ED255179-3F2C-4592-9382-34A703818DC9 (resized).jpeg
F0EF1141-E9C8-47EA-A4C1-7EEF9B799A43 (resized).jpeg

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