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Welcome Neo Pin Stadium "Atom"!! (VERY LIMITED FIRST RUN)

A completely redesigned light bar that is 60% thinner than the Neo Pin Stadiums. .  Now you can watch them virtually disappear onto the sides of your pinball machine Now you can watch them virtually disappear onto the sides of your pinball machine.

Based upon a "dream list" of features the Neo Pin Stadium "Atom" was created to fulfill your hearts desire.  Already love the Neo Pin Stadiums? Well it gets better from here.  Can it really get better?  YES!!!  Try them and you will see.....

This is the DREAM PRODUCT of the Pin Stadium product line and they are going very fast so be sure to ORDER TODAY!  Neo Pin Stadium "Atom" has the amazing features of the Neo Pin Stadiums that you have come to love and now but SO MUCH more!!

The Neo Pin Stadium "Atom" has the first of it's kind New and Improved cutting edge custom designed RGB LEDS and 33% more!!  This allows for the deepest and richest color illumination ever possible to deliver the highest quality lighting to your pinball playfield.   There is also a brand new Photon Merger 2.0 Technology that blends the LEDS together for the ultimate natural smooth factory appearance that has never been seen before in any of our product lines.  This NOW INCLUDES the famous UV+Glow into the Photon Merger 2.0 technology for a smooth continuous laser space beam embedded on the lightbars.  The UV+Glow now has Micronized LEDS and more of them!! As always, the Atoms are controllable with our free IOS and Android app.  Auto syncs with GI/Modes!

The color wheel gives you over 16,000,000 colors to choose from along with some very popular presets for ease of setting up.  NEO also gives you the ability to adjust to any color of white spectrum also: Warm White, Cool White, Sunlight White, Natural White and all new Diamond White.

Quick FAQs:

Why Atom?  Simple, it's one of the smallest particles in the universe and simultaneously makes up everything while delivering "life" size results!!  Likely one of the biggest features is "Side Art Reveal" now that these disappear onto your cabinet wall for a true factory look that shows off the side art now too!!! When you receive these you will be blown away about how they also able to deliver such a powerfully brilliant GI illumination to your playfield with such a small footprint. Definitely ahead of any other product Pin Stadium has made to date. The UV+Glow is next level too, just when you thought it could not get any better

How thin is it in comparison to a Neo Pin Stadium?  Click Here to compare

What is UV+Glow?  This is a set of UV colored flasher that add dazzling effects   

Simply type in the name of your machine and we will know what specific kit you need. Compatibility: Our kits work on any standard pinball machine new or old. We have tested and fitted these extensively on Stern (SAM/Whitestar/Spike 1/Spike 2), Bally/Williams DMD, Data East, JJP, Gottlieb, Spooky, Sega, Chicago Gaming, Dutch Pinball, Heighway Pinball, System 11, System 6, American Pinball etc.

This kit is fully loaded and includes the UV+Glow Flasher along with Invisi-Shield 2.0 and comes complete with easy Plug & Play installation instructions (10-15 minutes), no tools, and is easily transferable to any pinball machine.  Powered by the all new Neo Plasma power supply for incredible eye boggling results.  Get ready to be blown away with this kit ;)


1x Pair of Neo Light bars
GI/Flasher Cables
Alcohol wipes
2x Cable Clamps
Plasma Power Supply
Installation instructions

Free IOS and Android app for download

Remember we have 24-7 Customer Service!!  *Please note that due to high demand for this product, please allow approximately a minimum 0f 10-15 business days to ship

Item photos

01a1_neo_atom_pinball_mods (resized).png
01a2_neo_atom_pinball_mod_before_and_after (resized).png
01b_neo_atom_diagram_pinball_mod (resized).png
02_a_1_neo_atom_pinball_lights_pinball_mods_ (resized).png
02d_a_neo_atom_pinstadium_pinball_mod_diagram_1250 (resized).png
02d_neo_atom_pinstadium_pinball_mod_diagram_1250 (resized).png
chicago-gaming-bally-williams-cactus-canyon-pinball-mods (resized).png
chicago-gaming-bally-williams-medieval-madness-remake-pinball-mods (resized).png
chicago-gaming-monster-bash-pinball-mods-williams-bally (resized).png
creature_from_the_black_lagoon_pinball_mods (resized).jpg
dialed_in_pinball_mods_jersey_jack_pinball_jjp (resized).png
jersey-jack-pinball-the-hobbit-pinball-mods (resized).png
jersey-jack-pinball-wizard-of-oz-pinball-mods (resized).png
neo_pinball_mod_before_and_after (resized).png
neo_pinball_mod_before_and_after1250 (resized).png
pinball-brothers_alien_pinball_mods (resized).png
pinball_mods_stern_avengers_infinity_wars (resized).jpg
spooky-pinball-alice-coopers-nightmare-castle-acnc-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern-batman66-bm66-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern-deadpool-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern-game-of-thrones-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern-godzilla-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern-led-zeppelin-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern-lord-of-the-rings-lotr-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern-metallica-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern-munsters-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern-rush-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern-star-wars-comic-art-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern-star-wars-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern-the-simpsons-party-pinball-mods (resized).png
stern_elvira_house_of_horrors_pinball_mods_ehoh (resized).png
stern_iron_maiden_pinball_mods_before_and_after (resized).jpg
stern_iron_man_pinball_mods (resized).png
stern_mandalorian_pinball_mod (resized).png
stern_stranger_things_pinball_mods (resized).png
stern_tmtn_teenage_mutant_ninja_turtles_pinball_mods (resized).jpg
stern_tron-pinball_mods (resized).png
the-big-lebowski-pinball-mods-dutch-pinball (resized).png
williams-whitewater-pinball-mods (resized).png

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