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The Big Lebowski : copper edition / trades + or - ok
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Added: 2022-11-20 20:05:54 UTC
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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$ 19,750

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Item description

Newer build. Only 119 plays and looks as new. Full copper
Trades + or - ok also. collector quality only.
1. Copper door
2. Copper legs and leg bolts
3. Cooper Lit starry apron upgrade
4. Copper side rails
5. Copper back box hinges and bolts
6. Copper playfield wire forms.
7. Gutter balls topper
8. donny spotlight mod
9. bowling balls
10. custom start button
11. custom launch button
12. Doobie mod
13. Lit bowling mod
14. Lit starry lanes mod
15. No parking mod
16. Bowling pins mod
17. Lit Creedence tape mod
18. The dude custom painted cup holder
19. Cup light
20. Leg lights
21. Lighted speakers includes light remote
As new accept 1 scratch under right side flipper button, picture included / full set of new graphics included with game .
Absolutely stunning in all copper
Includes rug also. I can wrap perfectly for shipping no one will package it better . If picking up i can have ready to go on ground level. Check my feedback you can buy with confidence.

Item photos

0C559970-2D57-4E51-81E4-607F3F2E3699 (resized).jpeg
18AEB7BA-FA05-43F0-AF83-1E6610331FCA (resized).jpeg
1D986BD4-DA8D-4013-8E23-3E931CB90E7F (resized).jpeg
200764F0-F335-4230-8512-D8EBD760CB75 (resized).jpeg
215A0AAC-C24A-4ED0-AEBC-A35B7978ADA9 (resized).jpeg
29A7AA35-5C07-442F-9AC5-EC16A2AC4ADC (resized).jpeg
2B2C028B-33D7-4AED-ACC5-6A3E44E4B20C (resized).jpeg
2B92512A-2729-4EE9-B18E-4EF6096C1134 (resized).jpeg
3606F931-01F7-4303-89DE-2310A36F0532 (resized).jpeg
40814012-FA00-4030-8E43-FE39CF208296 (resized).jpeg
4949E7EC-CD23-4FBC-8517-03C603A2A5FA (resized).jpeg
5AB3EC96-482B-4A70-ACEA-4129282A134D (resized).jpeg
61B5305C-106E-48FC-8D5C-F4FD89BC7000 (resized).jpeg
72DC3125-C423-428B-A636-7CF36CF81A6C (resized).jpeg
7AA747D2-28E7-4C49-9AE6-3EC99DAE0AE2 (resized).jpeg
84D5D34E-8BFA-4622-9D70-865D399F46E0 (resized).jpeg
903D14F2-42AA-429C-A7C0-738C6E2DCB0D (resized).jpeg
A7EA56C0-CE74-43B7-8877-F92621B94E7B (resized).jpeg
AF7EAC8E-0D7C-436C-8BC2-588A4CD1A60C (resized).jpeg
CAF77E44-CEFD-4FE2-A49F-A4FE3C3AEEAD (resized).jpeg
CE8B5A26-2BE4-41AB-8CE5-97D539DCC8B9 (resized).jpeg
D5C83A29-0DE5-4B76-9151-EBD080F4DDD5 (resized).jpeg
D7C206CC-1981-4F60-9E64-841F2636D064 (resized).jpeg
D90B8A4A-61F6-43BD-994B-B9F3ACC95FCC (resized).jpeg
DBE6EDF8-243B-4FA0-A920-44DF7689EA35 (resized).jpeg
ED52E713-A7E0-472D-BA15-BE4C155417C2 (resized).jpeg
F4797E45-2031-4E0E-9E8A-9B1BD9B7AEF7 (resized).jpeg

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