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My trade fell through and I am able to purchase one of the desired titles from a Pinsider I’ve dealt with in the past so I will take a cash deal. I am willing to wrap the game and assist in shipping.

HEP TOM built in November of 2019

Fantastic pictures from the HEP thread.

If you are interested in seeing the entire process.

Fully brassed including coin door
Pinduino led ramps
Color DMD
Upgraded speakers
Lighted Speakers
3D translite
Regular Translite
Unbreakable silicon trunk with an Extra
Tiger saw mod
Plastic protectors and a 2nd set included
Flame led for back-box
Brass balls
Full Cliffys
Magnetic apron and art blades
Additional power supply
Manuals ,schematics and an entire box of extra parts
Pretty much the best of everything you can throw at it.
The original owner that commissioned the game to be restored had over $20k invested in this game.

As much as I want to have some classics in my collection I hardly play them and prefer modern games.

I am looking to trade for a Guns N Roses CE, Batman 66 LE, Ghostbusters LE, Elvira LE or other Stern LE’s +/- cash.

Item photos

02503E98-7C79-43CD-B1A1-623DDFCBE162 (resized).jpeg
03052626-50CA-47D6-B569-1FFD6FB0D638 (resized).jpeg
066A815D-9F4A-412B-9F89-29A74B322FCC (resized).jpeg
0BF518D8-E6BC-4C60-86BB-CC7B0008D070 (resized).jpeg
14F9D5BC-832C-474A-955A-8C7189B5BB2E (resized).jpeg
15425D83-6FB4-4EFB-A727-4454AE9DDD25 (resized).jpeg
173A7AB2-C0FF-44E7-BF7E-103D2440FD72 (resized).jpeg
1AF0ABFB-F849-4A6C-90DE-CEAF6F1916C2 (resized).jpeg
1B40D0AD-C259-4496-8FA4-5F34D585AA54 (resized).jpeg
1DC91CDC-70AD-4DF4-BDED-C781595965BE (resized).jpeg
2EA5AF9E-4ACF-4418-9316-3BEF6EB838E0 (resized).jpeg
32D3B6BE-85AF-4C5B-9593-3A8343E60697 (resized).jpeg
34CB1A70-4DE3-4E61-91FC-00DDDE46D833 (resized).jpeg
427C96B3-2070-4FD5-9893-C08BB8EBDA56 (resized).jpeg
4A4C9B9F-2CA1-4B83-9DD1-F5966EDB2751 (resized).jpeg
50A51624-F71F-4DEF-90EB-F1608C5DE596 (resized).jpeg
52C53974-33E4-479E-8BFE-35EA1D81A4D1 (resized).jpeg
582E6301-C4D5-46EA-A9AB-164E3259AA48 (resized).jpeg
5EFAB21C-46D9-4BBC-A6D0-746528811880 (resized).jpeg
60CC31FA-4564-40AD-A4EC-81A82679C55A (resized).jpeg
68AE9479-EC57-482E-9DBE-EBF3F901B58B (resized).jpeg
69AFF6FC-0CAE-4952-ADEA-B82EBE98E851 (resized).jpeg
6B510BAF-A14F-4E9A-AD86-D052647DE499 (resized).jpeg
6BE1A4B9-6E14-4BB9-A221-D1C07CC54647 (resized).jpeg
6CFD3420-09B2-4B51-BF43-5C7EEB083D3C (resized).jpeg
8430E603-C772-4062-BEE6-FFBA8AF9E3FE (resized).jpeg
87071569-A553-481F-A154-5413DFD59D97 (resized).jpeg
897C4B35-82A2-4E82-923F-41FC2227FD47 (resized).jpeg
9037CD7A-A407-4DE9-859C-09F5382287B5 (resized).jpeg
91243D2A-8752-4AF5-885E-7097B533D8A4 (resized).jpeg
918AC852-40C0-4E4F-BEB0-DD701F970053 (resized).jpeg
978009A5-F8A7-46CC-A04B-A4A01CAA4577 (resized).jpeg
983A1222-1986-467E-AA6E-C47E0C221479 (resized).jpeg
9EA09A26-E938-4410-AC91-414EB03C4E68 (resized).jpeg
A0073A9F-EECF-45A4-A5E9-0E3F3546192B (resized).jpeg
A2D10899-90B6-413A-880B-C0A7E496C9A3 (resized).jpeg
A2ECFA63-6A6D-47E1-AAE4-84859CA93ACE (resized).jpeg
A7F4071D-F9DD-47EB-865E-FCEAB58CC949 (resized).jpeg
AEC13745-297E-4BB5-B3AF-0F3E2B9ECA00 (resized).jpeg
B2B0E7E3-FD35-4D46-B9E9-EDF5A675EF46 (resized).jpeg
BD276CCA-1CC7-4F9E-981A-20F2B5B996D3 (resized).jpeg
C28A1036-696B-4BA1-A2A3-AF9851EB0A9C (resized).jpeg
C473D4C9-5077-4339-AD78-2AA6218525AA (resized).jpeg
C73704EC-FADA-4DDC-990C-48B37B0AD50D (resized).jpeg
C9262F16-0BEA-459D-B0B6-018F304D081A (resized).jpeg
C998D5F8-AB19-49A6-B1C5-16906FC389C6 (resized).jpeg
CD3F1258-1581-4A67-BE56-00D405349BA0 (resized).jpeg
DD0FB126-7EF8-4339-B80B-6AF88A2D2551 (resized).jpeg
E214676E-14D7-4C71-BAE1-62ADF11BC264 (resized).jpeg
E9CFEEA3-2B38-4D98-A4FA-3D333BE4614F (resized).jpeg
EC1BF01A-B569-44F8-B956-44890690F66D (resized).jpeg
ED873EAD-003D-444E-BDE0-D58421803074 (resized).jpeg
EFFA71A0-A1AC-42A7-9FE8-03D7E8277332 (resized).jpeg
F59C25CF-6323-4B83-94C3-8C630CB4B2C9 (resized).jpeg
FACDD031-805D-428A-9254-8A949BA54EA5 (resized).jpeg
FE03ADBF-E61B-4832-B3AE-35B830DEDD07 (resized).jpeg

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