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Reduced price! IJ Indiana Jones: TPA

Added: October 25th, 2021 Re-listed: 1 time (November 19th, 2021)
Condition: Partially restored (almost original)

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$ 12,990 (Firm)

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Black Friday sale!! Lowered to 12,900. I don’t think you’ll find one this nice in this price range. Really nice IJ up for sale. New Playfield (Mirco glitter) and Path of adventure (maybe 100 games max since). Brass plated by the late great Mike Chestnut. Full LED. ColorDMD. Pinsound plus speaker upgrade with the only mix you’ll ever need. Lost plastic add on. Full RadCals. New or excellent condition ramps and plastics put in when the playfield was swapped.

All works perfectly. I removed the scoop plate and mode hole sticks very well but it will also include an uninstalled Ricochet Antidote (google it) if you prefer the metal sound!

Some tacky mods that need removed but I keep forgetting. I’ll leave them for you to decide.

It’s not perfect, but the important parts are. Coin door sticks a bit. I tried to get photos of anything that’s not great. Maybe a little touch up paint or art blades to cover some spots.

***update:price lowered $200 so you can buy a new coin door! It needs it! Thanks @cosmokramer for pointing it out.

Item photos

01106C3E-CA90-4E11-A7FD-F21DF6DEF0C2 (resized).jpeg
0A701C3B-B29A-441B-B0FF-0E32E1D47669 (resized).jpeg
0EAFD707-B582-4E5B-B744-2BDBEA27A25E (resized).jpeg
12B63FD7-1600-483C-819C-F917FC31ADAF (resized).jpeg
1326FBA2-F089-4878-B307-8FB2E243AA28 (resized).jpeg
153040E9-AA82-496F-90CC-A6112E6042F5 (resized).jpeg
21CF2A54-69FB-4C89-9F55-95C727FCB7B1 (resized).jpeg
2833221B-2A3C-4876-9F66-5B0162BBC78D (resized).jpeg
3666F28D-6496-4FD4-BE74-35685849BD7D (resized).jpeg
42B5CC68-F87E-4396-B28C-60BFEF568FAF (resized).jpeg
47BC0B22-D601-4716-912A-5BCD535FE85B (resized).jpeg
5D4CB0E0-BA4D-4F16-8E42-6588045001AF (resized).jpeg
6271E16F-B384-495A-A656-BECD9F8AD8EF (resized).jpeg
6B2894A8-BB39-43F0-AC80-B0FB70CAEBCE (resized).jpeg
88DC6234-EC88-47FF-B8D5-09AB7FF3BF3C (resized).jpeg
9D2C400A-9738-4F2F-A15A-5C94D0F349CA (resized).jpeg
9FBEAB7F-F031-4F6C-BB96-FAAB9AEDCDA6 (resized).jpeg
A14EB25B-177D-4D3C-A291-5500ED716896 (resized).jpeg
A9B3AC31-CE20-4B25-BE91-93830C9C4280 (resized).jpeg
AB2D6B82-7F11-49E0-8663-FCFC83CEA2BB (resized).jpeg
B9B2DA27-10FA-4258-B3EE-D7A1C4DA8729 (resized).jpeg
C3443319-77B5-41DA-801A-865FDDFBEEF4 (resized).jpeg
CC6D31EB-B3A9-4C1D-A4E6-A136CC5FC3EE (resized).jpeg
DD396028-19F6-4FF6-848C-11F281ABB1C5 (resized).jpeg
E317F052-1CC6-4A5A-9898-CFC6383A8F95 (resized).jpeg
F40F4441-5A4C-4FA9-BBC9-15B97DA3F185 (resized).jpeg
F52D6598-32D6-445F-B5D4-8ECBA1E21F93 (resized).jpeg
F99356DB-0574-4C7D-B3E4-882C12E6EB55 (resized).jpeg

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