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For sale: Cactus Jack's

Added: September 14th, 2021
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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$ 3,000

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Item description

For sale is my completely rebuilt Cactus Jack’s Pinball. The game has been completely disassembled; the playfield was buffed and polished with high speed buffer, all ball guides were polished along with the legs, lock-bar and shooter housing. The cabinet was cleaned inside and out. Every bulb on the playfield is a premium LED (GI, Inserts and Flashers). The flippers were fully rebuilt with all new parts including linkages, sleeves, bushings, stops, etc. The translite is in near perfect condition. There is factory mylar on most of the playfield. There are a couple small touch-ups that look good and were covered with mylar. The ramps have some repairs where they were previously cracked. The boards are all extremely clean with no visible repairs or hacks.

Additional new parts include:
- Translucent Silicon rubbers
- All plastic playfield posts
- Upper playfield plastic cover
- Plastic lane guides
- Flipper bats
- Balls
- Leg levelers and leg hardware
- Shooter rod, shooter bushing and rebound spring
- All acorn nuts
- Cactus decals on pop bumpers
- Right ramp sign decal
- Drop targets
- Drop target decals

The game plays fast and error-free.

The only trade I would be interested in is a Gottlieb Excalibur.

Item photos

D724F840-A1AE-41C4-AF14-B6198EEE50E5 (resized).jpeg
IMG_2858 (resized).JPG
IMG_2847 (resized).JPG
5B62EFB1-2F8E-4E63-9D15-1FF73023AA24 (resized).jpeg
IMG_2857 (resized).JPG
DEFFB269-37B6-41CB-9B4D-7FFE0865E4DF (resized).jpeg
9EB7FB8B-E588-42EE-B6E2-DE61DBC6EFEC (resized).jpeg
E00F2F25-20C7-47E0-92EC-C667491C8801 (resized).jpeg
E43510E4-AA3B-49B3-84F5-66AF74419E8E (resized).jpeg
AD0138AE-1812-42E5-81F0-B8778E1BFBC8 (resized).jpeg
B78CC94D-A8CE-4D98-A9EE-A774FCFF0DE9 (resized).jpeg
D45FB75E-8C62-4B19-B2C8-3A8C826E3C0F (resized).jpeg
9C0892A3-A34C-478B-85BF-D04ABE78BE1D (resized).jpeg
A4BD9955-3CDA-4BA6-8B96-1961DC07D0F8 (resized).jpeg
CB8C92EC-087A-47D4-990C-0CF9C2B9F58F (resized).jpeg
1611B2B1-006E-4F44-A63D-C70E851A2FF3 (resized).jpeg
ED2B1472-609B-4E73-AF6C-5C497830FEFB (resized).jpeg
03E66122-B332-4253-BBED-8B7BD506B3D3 (resized).jpeg
90D97443-3EB6-47DF-87C8-0E536BA02EC8 (resized).jpeg
236EEEB9-567E-4038-8CF9-74E3A995982F (resized).jpeg
4EC0551F-DB1F-4BCA-8C6B-B0BE78EACCC7 (resized).jpeg
C03540B0-C50E-4337-A2D7-A0411AED0442 (resized).jpeg
D8E9C193-8B3D-4041-AEF7-42F116A22890 (resized).jpeg
DA01CE77-A278-4214-A5B2-476BFEEC1560 (resized).jpeg
0F69651A-0DD3-47F0-A693-562619EF0F89 (resized).jpeg
DC1B4E2E-A11E-4443-B7D5-641102B88E90 (resized).jpeg

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