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For sale: Guns N' Roses (CE)
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Added: September 11th, 2021
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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$ 16,750 (Firm)

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Item description

I have a beautiful HUO Guns N’ Roses COLLECTORS EDITION that I am putting up for sale. The game is Home Use and has ONLY 51 plays. I am the original owner. The photos should speak for themselves. Lots of extras included:

Invisiglass (standard with game)
Art of Pinball BULLET Shooter Rod
Art of Pinball Shooter Skull
Art of Pinball Action Button
Complete set of Cliffy Protectors installed
Complete set of Titan Rubbers installed
Cymbals with Zildjian decals
Mod Couple Pop Bumper drum kit
Mod Couple Illuminated Shadow Box #199
Signature Card error as #199 of 200.

No playfield issues as shown in the photos. This Game is GORGEOUS.

All manuals, paperwork, etc. that came with the game are included.

Additional photos can be provided upon request.

Cash on the glass preferred. No trades. Pick up only. I will wrap the game for transportation upon pick up.

Item photos

4548B857-B205-46FC-9951-6142D2EE0A36 (resized).jpeg
435BEC45-C99E-4A1E-BFB0-0889D33B3A08 (resized).jpeg
7DFF2DA7-5437-4974-8F85-21F657116327 (resized).jpeg
7A9C2AAF-F937-4D43-9D03-1B8D632F4D63 (resized).jpeg
DB5B39EC-C50E-4F8B-8C46-28BD1B763EA5 (resized).jpeg
6E787AB0-0C85-493C-890E-733501904BC0 (resized).jpeg
C7732F6A-6717-421A-8C29-CBAA6028CC57 (resized).jpeg
8A1F3291-D822-4E91-850A-C30D75A69795 (resized).jpeg
7EC6C375-8A5F-4924-B31F-8A10BD648654 (resized).jpeg
59C83E95-13A2-4A4B-B02A-55852E7EB8AC (resized).jpeg
D9E277EC-98F9-4E33-A5F5-3594C36B4E18 (resized).jpeg
01E999F2-C3B2-4640-8915-2607FB1BCF03 (resized).jpeg
14269844-96AF-45D5-A61F-1F6F81BFD221 (resized).jpeg
34E827B9-0B8D-4C8C-AD01-95A020E6EBF5 (resized).jpeg
35EEAEEF-A859-4D38-AC7C-62849ECA1B4D (resized).jpeg
8DBC23BF-2298-4158-AC34-B561488690B9 (resized).jpeg
02B55446-BB20-44F0-A47C-45AFBA3AB631 (resized).jpeg
4C04CB9A-7A20-47A1-A1A1-782A98FC2A57 (resized).jpeg
71423071-E7E1-4A49-9A3C-678FFDCFD6D1 (resized).jpeg
8F42ACE3-1F09-4671-90DB-000DCC82110F (resized).jpeg
80C07714-866C-4496-B22A-74E24EC48544 (resized).jpeg
1AEB0840-1EB8-49EE-A556-28BBDB33BA54 (resized).jpeg
0942C905-60B3-4C49-A674-E8192E721996 (resized).jpeg
1967B18B-BDEB-44D3-B803-F7EBE42AA40F (resized).jpeg
3F17CE8F-FC8C-40C4-AC33-0E4092662EEF (resized).jpeg
0D699ED1-B4D6-46AC-B0F1-21FCA2594A99 (resized).jpeg
2C5C4E1A-71CA-4640-95AF-802A2A11FF64 (resized).jpeg
4A8CE315-10D3-47D5-B5D0-BC42DEEB6E3C (resized).jpeg
5180DA76-447D-4379-93F6-CEA7A04D8039 (resized).jpeg
5F7AAD6C-2317-40F5-BBCC-953E434E8DDD (resized).jpeg
A22A5857-010C-436F-852D-B10311896A95 (resized).jpeg
B19BC6D8-D64F-4A2A-B4A8-576AC2616A54 (resized).jpeg
CD0A501A-971B-42AE-B52C-E6C2EACEBA25 (resized).jpeg
DDCF1A0F-0F26-47F9-A2D9-C77067C5506F (resized).jpeg
806033D9-03B2-4442-8C0B-44775BDBD740 (resized).jpeg
F000173B-B572-42D7-A422-147CF227BD14 (resized).jpeg

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