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For sale: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (CE)
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Added: August 23rd, 2021
Condition: As new - New out of box (first owner)

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$ 15,500 (OBO)

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#355 out of #500. 259 plays. Making room for an Ultraman. Cash on glass only.

Playfield protector went on after those first few "I have to play it now moments." Note in the center it looks like water under the protector--it's just static cling.

PETG or silicone washers have been installed under star posts and other posts. I haven't gotten to the ones in pop bumpers. Check out the posts yourself in the photos and decide whether the clear looks the way it "should" for JJP playfield pooling. I'd recommend looking into the at-cost playfield offer in Summer 2022. Would make sick wall art if anything else.

Comes with:
Playfield protector installed
Hallmark Collectible Wonka (on jets)
Cameraman Wonka Bar captive ball mod
Mushroom grass mod
Some lame gumdrop mod on right ramp, along with a lollypop.
Hallmark ornament oopa loompa (behind Wonkavision)
USB hub
Bluetooth dongle
Wifi dongle
Plastic protectors on slingshots
Cliffy on Wonkavision is installed--other shooter lanes included but not installed.

LCD panel that will replace the JJP factory one. I looked at putting in a darker display with more color drive. You can finish the project if you want to get into it. I'm including the driver boards and panel. The replacement JJP is $700, so I think there's a secondary market for the panel & driver if one is so inclined.

You're going up some stairs, or down some stairs---my place is on a hill. I like going up and had better luck. There's one tight turn right near the driveway, but the pins and fridge get in so it's doable. I'm including pics of the stairs that lead to a streetlevel driveway that you can park in. ~20 stairs. Once the cash goes on the glass, I'm doing a basic bill of sale where it's yours to go up the stairs because I'm too weak to help.

Pics also at this link:

Item photos

PXL_20210822_221151832 (resized).jpg
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PXL_20210822_221338217 (resized).jpg
PXL_20210822_221341388 (resized).jpg
PXL_20210822_221354652 (resized).jpg
PXL_20210822_221442350 (resized).jpg
PXL_20210822_221537051 (resized).jpg
PXL_20210822_221637045 (resized).jpg
PXL_20210822_221643982 (resized).jpg
PXL_20210822_221808033 (resized).jpg
PXL_20210822_221818091 (resized).jpg
PXL_20210822_221830230 (resized).jpg

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