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For sale: Goldeneye

Added: July 22nd, 2021
Condition: Partially shopped/refurbished

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$ 3,800 (Firm)

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Item description

Up for sale is a pretty nice Goldeneye...Brand New Magnet processing board, that controls the magnet on the Sat Dish and the Bronsan’s Crotch Ball Save.. Playfield is definitely above average..NO WEAR ON BONDS JUNK-appears that the mag board didn’t work for quite some time, but now it is :-). Game Runs 100%. Batteries are off the board (no acid damage btw), and in a remote battery case, far from the board. Cabinet is in ‘better than average condition’ for this pin—minor fade, but I’ve seen much worse. I placed some vinyl laminate on the right ramp, only because the mulitball flashers were really blinding me..can be easily removed -I like it, for what it is. Mostly LED’s comet NG bulbs, but I didn’t do the inserts..probably a few oem bulbs still under some ramps.
A full teardown on the playfield is recommended, but not necessary atm. Ramps would benefit from a cleaning though. Rubber kit was partially installed, and the rest of the rings will be included in the sale. Satellite insert is bulging up a tad..that’s the only insert I can see with that issue.
This is a great pin, and only 2200 ever produced. I wouldn’t sell if I wasn’t going to buy some land. Buy with confidence...shipping is on you, but I can help facilitate. PayPal is okay, as long as you pay the fees (if you don’t feel comfortable doing F/F).

Item photos

08EB090F-F9FD-4A5D-A079-EBFC2FABCB59 (resized).png
0A49E825-83EC-448D-B73B-5880C0F53CF4 (resized).png
0CB195AF-7A2B-4033-95DB-0196DA284AB5 (resized).jpeg
14A16BEC-839B-49A5-B179-83A653F0177A (resized).jpeg
1DD1CE4A-A2B2-480E-AA61-C2C7600D91CA (resized).png
2435555B-CDD9-4C5B-B150-768C89450734 (resized).jpeg
278DB8E6-52A2-471C-B92D-64BB8BA84A34 (resized).png
28AEDCBC-2346-4456-8879-2C59DEE6DD48 (resized).jpeg
30CCABCF-625E-44DE-AD71-39D709122522 (resized).jpeg
34301184-A3FF-4290-A600-3374938F7726 (resized).jpeg
39E9E8C3-4176-42CB-AE24-8487D953DE48 (resized).jpeg
418D0B79-FFB5-4B31-AEED-68CC3E1B67E8 (resized).jpeg
4E8EA807-6C19-4A93-BE27-29764EF9E1F3 (resized).jpeg
5AEFC32A-07FA-4F2B-9487-F3C1FAF1A741 (resized).jpeg
6010E50F-72AD-4D28-9952-203927ADECDB (resized).jpeg
655B348C-FFC7-44DC-9C99-9C268A4A7308 (resized).jpeg
6FA10AC0-65F1-4E1C-8D9F-B32630AE8A2D (resized).png
75E346EB-F69E-4606-B1B5-9293359278EF (resized).jpeg
8F02CD06-74C0-43F5-BFE8-1517ED0914AB (resized).jpeg
901D2A99-C1B6-4BC5-AF3E-99E9720BA9DF (resized).jpeg
99546C4F-C20D-4910-AA47-DFC254182648 (resized).png
9D8EFACB-F2C4-4805-95AA-1C5EF6C72CBB (resized).jpeg
A26F233B-C6F2-455F-967B-273B57843F21 (resized).jpeg
A36A65B7-77CB-40F2-9B4B-1EDDE49CCD5A (resized).jpeg
B072825E-1944-432D-8349-95806A1527BA (resized).jpeg
B8971784-B19A-4F63-9F7A-5A7F05390195 (resized).jpeg
BD213CE5-424B-43FF-B567-8A46BB523521 (resized).jpeg
BD46D1B5-5AAA-4238-A05B-F174ADD38596 (resized).png
C2917376-0A2F-44AA-A9E7-4ED6AB081A10 (resized).png
CA1E0AB1-71D8-4F7A-8816-B28277821036 (resized).jpeg
CB020AAF-A421-4F63-90F1-D62344A75769 (resized).png
DC04CE36-0DA6-4210-AC63-584B85E6544D (resized).jpeg
DF750E9B-238B-4F8B-B650-7A1C3BD2C6B1 (resized).jpeg
E3C8E4E4-C232-4F8C-9660-F33D07ED4F5D (resized).png
E8E5E587-7E7F-4786-A112-598EEBA3F92A (resized).jpeg
EC74FB27-AE9A-472D-B876-EF3F2464014E (resized).png
F9F33EB4-B750-4E3C-B5C3-FF787D12A37B (resized).png

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