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HEP White Water - For Sale or Trade
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Added: July 15th, 2021
Condition: Fully restored (full original status)

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$ 14,000 (OBO)

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Item description

WHITE WATER - For sale or trade, valued at $14k OBO.

As far as trade, looking for original (not remakes) HUO / mint condition of the following pins: Attack From Mars, Medieval Madness, or TOTAN. Will throw in extra cash as needed depending on what you have.

Please see details below:

-HEP (2013) Restored

-Restored beautifully to original like new condition!

-Color DMD

-LED's throughout


-New cabinet art on restored original cabinet

-Restored and clear coated original playfield

-All new ramps, plastics, targets, boulders

-Chrome touches under playfield and inside cabinet

-Original working topper

-Boards all bulletproofed and working perfectly

-All mechanisms new or rebuilt


Item photos

0A365D35-D5AD-49C8-B451-D81A620F91F6 (resized).jpeg
21BEA302-4C60-4354-A2E8-6DC957C9909D (resized).jpeg
27509F24-9BCE-49C8-9AC9-5ED345C90449 (resized).jpeg
2972BBE3-AC73-4471-B242-BDAFB3C14438 (resized).jpeg
29E5A269-1EAC-4FC3-A177-6B291D59EAB7 (resized).jpeg
2E460712-3272-4FC5-AA47-15D2FAACA232 (resized).jpeg
2F50F34F-7DBA-4DC9-8A71-9A20E884208F (resized).jpeg
3C4F04DE-3633-4893-8A99-A5FB771B40CF (resized).jpeg
425A03FD-0016-4679-92D3-80427F422ACF (resized).jpeg
42F9CC27-6C6E-401C-8F3A-E681908D2A33 (resized).jpeg
4634B777-5AC1-4647-9FA7-FFDE7480453F (resized).jpeg
54F53AED-4F2D-4772-BDB9-FD8CF9DDF903 (resized).jpeg
5AC3DC2D-D9D4-4939-8D73-80FA6844B6CB (resized).jpeg
6A29500D-5894-451C-B08C-526054F21C4A (resized).jpeg
6DB4EAD2-0605-43BE-9197-83E9AA0C7F3B (resized).jpeg
6EF03A21-3DE8-4524-BF8A-8644F89D646B (resized).jpeg
8E15A3A6-FC31-4C63-BE48-D48EB57EC1D7 (resized).jpeg
8F838E0F-C6E1-44E4-9193-0F3B14127D47 (resized).jpeg
94B5C4A7-C5F1-441D-8256-916A35809B70 (resized).jpeg
B81A071E-B4D6-4E0E-8799-2FADD0B96BD7 (resized).jpeg
BECC5B37-E029-41D7-BA11-15160EB989B8 (resized).jpeg
BED09FAC-D24D-4839-87F0-60E360593560 (resized).jpeg
C67118B7-6624-4FFC-83A5-507DB9A366FA (resized).jpeg
C989CB24-6C94-44FB-811E-93A51CCDE426 (resized).jpeg
D7773A77-40D5-417F-B50E-97253DFD334D (resized).jpeg
D98081C4-7E3D-4388-93D8-FBE80A3C43C6 (resized).jpeg
DC39AD53-C1DA-4B50-AD68-57E4D10D96FC (resized).jpeg
E399C358-15A5-48DB-937C-57531E6B8FE2 (resized).jpeg
E52F59CC-BD55-4719-84F0-D350D102B7EE (resized).jpeg
F03AF12E-9BDC-4C7F-B567-5857338D7CA8 (resized).jpeg
F2CB6F44-9F7D-4AA9-88EE-90701C31CB70 (resized).jpeg

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Ventura, CA, US


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