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For sale: TRON: Legacy (LE)
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Added: June 28th, 2021
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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$ 18,000

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Item description

I'm selling a Tron LE. This pinball is in near-mint condition with absolutely no issues.

Game is located at my brother's house in Alpine, Utah.

It is 174 out of 400

The cabinet and playfield are virtually perfect (see pics).

Tons of mods, including:

- Metal Stern leg spacers - zero wear around legs on the cabinet
- Mint Shooter Lane
- Completely redone all Chrome from Mike Chestnut with chromed leg bolts
- Lighted Lightcycles mod
- TRON Arcade Scoop Mod
- HOOKED Chrome TRON pop bumper dress up kit
- Colored Sling and lane plastic protectors
- Flipper Fidelity Full Speaker Kit
- Lighted backbox speaker kit with "DISCS" also have Lightcycle inserts
- Cliffy on scoop
- Lighted Flynn Sign Mod
- Shaker
- Working OLED Tron mini cabinet by Jeremy and Mark
- Customized moving Recognizer with dual-brightness LED
- Ramp wall protectors
- Guards to eliminate ball traps
- Character figures
- Cup holder
- Framed certificate
- Service manual
- Schematics
- Adjustments guide and play booklet
- Spare LED bulbs

Item photos

79DB4B14-15DC-4F31-91BA-789E5EA54EF7 (resized).jpeg
EBBCC884-4396-4929-AE21-B918DD97BCED (resized).jpeg
FABAADFB-0EC2-4B8B-8577-83BFF18DDCC2 (resized).jpeg
4D0387C2-8485-4AFF-A3E6-65E4FC03D33B (resized).jpeg
45CD6665-056F-4BD0-9E07-352051C5B496 (resized).jpeg
5E839AE9-52F9-447D-8F8B-649B45022914 (resized).jpeg
F4E95B8F-BC8E-4AE7-B455-81C9EE4C11E0 (resized).jpeg
FBC43954-4A35-439C-9EDF-D1A740B09226 (resized).jpeg
C190D6EA-93A0-43EB-9390-F957DCC2AF4B (resized).jpeg
448B69D7-97AF-4CDC-9224-9E3302182FCD (resized).jpeg
12D979A0-DBC7-484B-86AE-84F2E4A6E518 (resized).jpeg
469B8AF6-62C7-4B0C-8129-1E095549C8EF (resized).jpeg
AA913E7A-D242-4052-9866-798ABBFBB9D3 (resized).jpeg
11CAEC52-CA58-4EF8-8B1B-5F2969447B60 (resized).jpeg
21D45CE5-100C-4099-8FBE-1B3E7D67409F (resized).jpeg
75C3004F-B982-4319-B09A-688F522DCD71 (resized).jpeg
2515FB7A-1EE8-4894-98FF-D151FBF6B14F (resized).jpeg
01F2B29C-225B-4BF7-924F-8E9F0E15C53B (resized).jpeg
24F220A1-598C-4972-B389-3AFC322608B2 (resized).jpeg
CCDDA88F-1379-4CB8-B2F8-4BBDEC746533 (resized).jpeg
DDFA2F86-7313-49EB-8506-12F1C83F945B (resized).jpeg
E2219F95-EC04-4B9E-A126-1F99BF391686 (resized).jpeg
FF06A92E-4A0F-4441-8EA7-4EAB95D5B4AF (resized).jpeg
E851A299-C005-4ED4-83E5-86172BA5781D (resized).jpeg
CD38478D-C503-4ACD-AC55-D2896A60CB8C (resized).jpeg
399E3083-7957-442C-BD88-8D042529E1EB (resized).jpeg
49672722-EDC8-46B6-9E35-B0F971CC21B9 (resized).jpeg
8D3CA97E-DC65-4FDD-90C3-A116DCDCAC6D (resized).jpeg
7E4401F9-9034-430D-9F1E-8258E649D869 (resized).jpeg
E4A8244E-6680-454A-940E-0554DFB321F5 (resized).jpeg
186FEE75-5AF6-4CB0-BE47-F0F1139DD036 (resized).jpeg
E3A16656-CDC0-439F-8D7C-B476D1CC60A5 (resized).jpeg
13E7E388-587B-4FB2-A197-D4E7F474E0EF (resized).jpeg
8C3456A3-91D5-4086-8FE8-802EEDD78F8A (resized).jpeg
5C8C4802-3DAC-4F81-BB32-72276ECFA9EA (resized).jpeg
A8B3C62B-12D7-44A4-BE26-2083D24B7559 (resized).jpeg
8BACE631-A02D-48FB-B256-FDD63AAD5C26 (resized).jpeg
C1D8386B-72F9-4821-A7BB-FE0181F39BD7 (resized).jpeg
1F283E7D-FD34-4FB3-9788-018FA8F5E293 (resized).jpeg
46E98453-80B4-4CD2-B08B-D01ACB9CE8AD (resized).jpeg
5680228F-28A2-4DC2-8CB6-A5DE2BB40DC3 (resized).jpeg
A5178943-BBD8-4617-A4A3-B43E82D45960 (resized).jpeg
65E9A51F-F7EA-4FF2-AECE-AADCE3222E23 (resized).jpeg
1BB404D6-8A99-4006-A765-6A67AE243F37 (resized).jpeg
78B42ED4-E21A-4A39-A0C9-EC3679787E37 (resized).jpeg
3EF67E42-F7A9-4A62-94B3-C0AB6D2BE67E (resized).jpeg
32540438-CDA9-4A7E-A0AE-EDFE57AC5E9C (resized).jpeg
A500AA9F-66D5-4DB5-B36E-6C367865919C (resized).jpeg
40B558A8-C415-4019-8775-501024714837 (resized).jpeg
215326BB-C90E-4BEA-BC92-5389C0A282EE (resized).jpeg
6E4CA6FC-617C-4A70-B029-DBBB87F39EEB (resized).jpeg
7A08021C-A688-4CD5-9D79-EEEDC644C6EC (resized).jpeg
14E9EE56-5B7C-4D6D-B3AF-ECCF8FC4CB4C (resized).jpeg

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