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For sale: The Hobbit

Added: June 6th, 2021 Re-listed: 2 times (June 14th, 2021)
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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$ 9,500 (OBO)

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This is a le #890 Just gone thru replaced the rails and hinges. The rails had a little dent on both from where the head layed on them and the hinges had a few minor scratches so swapped them out too along with one leg that had a scratch on it I'm very OCD with my machines as I'm sure a lot of you are. It also comes with #22 out of 50 elite pinball topper never installed. Please let me know if you have anything I might swap for but I'm really looking for cash for the next machine. I have it wrapped up right now to go back in storage but can just as easy put it on a pallet and strap it down for shipping I've used sti a lot and they can come pick it up no problem. Also will sell machine without the topper for 8600. But will not sell topper without the machine selling first that way whoever buys it has the choice.

Item photos

060802A7-9F7B-41C3-8549-C4C57B8E80EA (resized).jpeg
0899B002-D045-4666-9D94-28ABEFCF8C51 (resized).jpeg
0FC9B9FA-0625-4AB5-9C3C-C0F0E3006A0A (resized).jpeg
127A5C53-3143-4B88-94F3-01A45F069D4A (resized).jpeg
152C9DE8-1FE8-483C-83DC-D65F7C2B61E5 (resized).jpeg
2F9DAF30-6C21-419D-9084-563D4BD5259C (resized).jpeg
33EF4359-6EE9-4213-8929-96D8C236A8F3 (resized).jpeg
34999176-C92A-4B9F-AE35-CD90B70B415D (resized).jpeg
3634C309-5DE5-4776-9297-83E4E47C0ADE (resized).jpeg
3EE90019-7308-41B7-AB97-A531DF2F9877 (resized).jpeg
4B93FD3A-148E-4525-8214-DC5AC97A622D (resized).jpeg
518F889B-142A-485C-A387-59374A517293 (resized).jpeg
56630532-9FF0-45F8-8FB3-54BA2AC9D822 (resized).jpeg
56E254B3-627F-45CE-A150-CCD3F4FE3672 (resized).jpeg
636BD790-CF74-46D5-A69B-550BB7BD02EF (resized).jpeg
7B14238A-ED41-42F2-B684-849C795859A6 (resized).jpeg
7E6BA9FD-97ED-4BF7-9625-51F4A1E5D024 (resized).jpeg
816035B8-149D-4FC7-B328-98D41B9A8775 (resized).jpeg
943AABA5-D065-4A5C-84EE-2E3C3FCAE9C3 (resized).jpeg
AC76E586-37DC-4C56-9256-677E37A33E33 (resized).jpeg
ECCA2393-A3B7-4C35-9284-DAF249A62CB4 (resized).jpeg
F34382BE-3A22-4F5E-AF2D-9B3C729B7BC6 (resized).jpeg

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Mt Vernon, IL, US


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