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FS: Prototype MM #13 [1997] (What is it worth? )

Added: May 4th, 2021
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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$ 25,000 (OBO)

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Honestly, I’m not sure how to price this. In general, when you want to know what something is worth, a typical price-checking strategy is to find out how much it would cost to go buy one somewhere else. But I don’t think I would be able to go out right now and find another autographed original MM prototype for sale, at any price.

Actually (and I don’t really know), it seems possible that there has never been another autographed MM prototype like this posted for public sale, ever. I bought it from TreasureCove decades ago, just by word of mouth, and I think a lot of games like this are just sold by word of mouth, and never posted for sale to the public.

UPDATE: Current best offer starts with a "2", so I won't be considering any more offers that start with a "1", sorry. Thanks for all the interest!

Local pickup in San Jose. Shipping is possible if buyer takes care of everything.

This Medieval Madness is one of the 15 original prototypes. It was given to Greg Freres, the game’s art designer, for his private home collection. The game is autographed and has a prototype playfield with artwork different than the production version.

The circuit boards under the playfield are red. Software 0.99 is installed. In various places around the game, there are extra holes where the design was adjusted. Some ball guides were welded by hand. The manual is autographed by the game’s software designer, Lyman Sheats. The coin door includes an informative plaque about Prototype #13.

See full set of 113 pictures in their original size here:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Note: THIS IS NOT A SCAM! If you want proof that the game is real and in my possession, let me know, and we can do a facetime call or something like that. I assure you that this game is real, and I have it.

Item photos

00_Overview-P1100292 (resized).JPG
01-intro-0a_intro1 (resized).jpg
01-intro-0b_intro2 (resized).jpg
01-intro-1_PF_diff (resized).jpg
01-intro-2_boards_diff (resized).jpg
01-intro-3_under_holes_diff (resized).jpg
01-intro-4_popper_post_diff (resized).jpg
01-intro-5_catapult_diff (resized).jpg
01-intro-6_card_diff (resized).jpg
04_pf_overview-aP1100413 (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1100406 (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1100407 (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1100408 (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1100409 (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1100499 (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1100504 (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1100505a (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1100505b (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1100505c (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1100507 (resized).JPG
05_pf_lm-P1100492 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1100384 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1100415 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1100418 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1100422 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1100427 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1100435 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1100439 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1100445 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1100452 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1100454 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1100530 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1100694 (resized).JPG
11_mm-P1100793 (resized).JPG
11_mm-P1100797 (resized).JPG
11_mm-P1100801 (resized).JPG
11_mm-P1100807 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-aaP1100648 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-aaP1100656 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-aaP1100662 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-aP1100635 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-aP1100637 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-aP1100644 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-bP1100628 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-bP1100628a (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-bP1100673 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-bP1100677 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-bP1100678a (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1100542 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1100596 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1100618 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-aP1100480 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-bP1100538 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-dP1100525 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-fP1100575 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-hP1100580 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-P1100584 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-P1100587 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-aP1100476 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-cP1100463 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-dP1100458 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1100394 (resized).JPG
21_art-P1100553 (resized).JPG
21_art-P1100557 (resized).JPG
21_art-P1100565 (resized).JPG
21_art-P1100574 (resized).JPG
21_art-P1100608 (resized).JPG
21_art-P1100614 (resized).JPG
21_art-P1100685 (resized).JPG
21_art-P1100698 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-bP1100714 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-cP1100762 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100724 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100766 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100775 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100778 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1110372 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1110378 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1110379 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-aaP1100344 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-aP1100301 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-bP1100311 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-dP1100314 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-eP1100316 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-fP1100321 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-ggP1100357 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-gP1100355 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-hP1100363 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100325 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100327 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100350 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100363a (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1110364a (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-qIMG_1421 (resized).JPG
25_sw-IMG_1298 (resized).JPG
26_extras-aP1100815 (resized).JPG
26_extras-bP1100820 (resized).JPG

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