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FS: Monster Bash [1998], HUO (OBO)

Added: May 4th, 2021
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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$ 11,500 (OBO)

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Item description

Local pickup in San Jose. Shipping is possible if the buyer arranges everything.

I bought it from TreasureCove many years ago. LED upgrade. Autographed translight. Let me know if you have any questions.

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06_pf_ll-P1090396 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1100066 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1100085 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1090360 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1090360a (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1090361 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1100103 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1100105 (resized).JPG
12_pf_ul-P1090366 (resized).JPG
12_pf_ul-P1090367 (resized).JPG
12_pf_ul-P1090369 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-P1090365 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-P1090376 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-P1090394 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1090374a (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1090375 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1100113 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1100122 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-P1090345 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-P1090346 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-P1100111 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1090355 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1090399 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1100070 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1100096 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1100098 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1100100 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1100101 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100011 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100013 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100014 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100016 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100019 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100023 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100026 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100028 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100030 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100034 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100037 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100039 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100042 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100043 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100046 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100047 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100050 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100050a (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100130 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1090950 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1090975 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1090991 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1090992 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1090997 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1090998 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100138 (resized).JPG
26_extras-P1100135 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110742 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110754 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110757 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110766 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110769 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110771 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110776 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110777 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110779 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110781 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110789 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110793 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110795 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110796 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110799 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110808 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110811 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110819 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110821 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110831 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110842 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110852 (resized).JPG
27_art-P1110864 (resized).JPG

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San Jose, CA, US


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