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For sale: Demolition Man

Added: March 7th, 2021
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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$ 2,700

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Item description

Good condition overall. I'm driving from DE to Boston on Monday (3/8) and can make arrangements to meet someone on my way up or on my way back. $2700

Here are the details:
-All electronics have been gone through.
-NVRAM installed.
-Updated ROMS
-New ribbon cables
-Rebuilt ball trough PCBS
-Rebuilt driver board (caps and rectifiers)
-Clean DMD board
-Side scoop has been re-welded (common break point with Demo Man machines)
-Handles re-chromed
-New eyeball
-New/correct cards installed
-LED's throughout
-Comes with manual/schematics

The bad:
-Side ramp is cracked, although it doesn't affect game play in any way
-Pop bumper light sockets are broken and need to be replaced
-Left plastic by upper flipper is broken

Item photos

F06BAE01-4428-4A26-ABDF-BB93C675DF01 (resized).jpeg
A3159679-BDCA-4054-BC81-3614DF9AC74F (resized).jpeg
58B09827-DDBD-4B89-B753-25EA6964CA76 (resized).jpeg
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059BB848-A174-402F-91B9-4B3136BAD063 (resized).jpeg
4F8A02A1-CF3E-4F86-B362-916075F78911 (resized).jpeg
7028FB66-48A9-4D3F-B463-831F66DADE4B (resized).jpeg
93385C07-DE50-4906-AE01-5C2BBCDA49F1 (resized).jpeg
0BA5B45C-D243-4A78-A1E8-1548DD9FE989 (resized).jpeg
30AF0E0E-6759-4FD5-B68E-60B2036CE8B5 (resized).jpeg
03B8C506-B39C-443C-B344-6991C6942536 (resized).jpeg
98666821-B2B2-4290-8F5F-57DD3EEC365D (resized).jpeg
A81D80BE-01AE-498F-ADC2-24B0CE47E80E (resized).jpeg
E3476EF0-2CFC-461E-AFF0-9158917E08DC (resized).jpeg
B57D8B68-1E1E-46FF-91BA-C43620DDDF50 (resized).jpeg
E4AB0206-478F-4041-9645-F8CF055B8D30 (resized).jpeg
FA9A937D-0221-4DC3-BAA7-C861972CE326 (resized).jpeg
37E0A82E-82AF-4947-B06D-19666AC09F37 (resized).jpeg
CAF5E766-7552-4DB6-8416-D03F0047BE9B (resized).jpeg
D9C3840D-C00B-4BC5-85A8-4F28F49BC846 (resized).jpeg
B31CCC95-21C9-4B31-ABEE-EFC6B8101DBD (resized).jpeg
93EDF054-2092-4482-8C0C-37F9CA0FD013 (resized).jpeg
3A243183-7154-438A-9119-4F3F5FE56713 (resized).jpeg
73B0A178-08AF-48D5-9273-3D2E7AB228D7 (resized).jpeg
CA765A6F-D251-46E4-91F3-CE3828B612D3 (resized).jpeg
2AA6B0E5-86F4-489A-95C3-B7A1A6F40854 (resized).jpeg
FF5A6D0A-0F3F-4886-85F2-6DF38CCB1B97 (resized).jpeg
7CF16258-725E-4B1B-8589-0C0AE9B6B0EC (resized).jpeg
2936EE05-1DC2-4587-AF7F-B2152917A680 (resized).jpeg
6FB212F5-DC42-48E6-959A-CEFC006657A5 (resized).jpeg
B5AC80E3-3F4E-4A3D-8207-C98069DC2483 (resized).jpeg
9D7BD688-E6A5-4F57-94DF-E55D0EC1F1EA (resized).jpeg
9851B211-3968-43EA-A960-BC980936228D (resized).jpeg

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Magnolia, DE, US


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