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For sale: The Big Lebowski
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Added: January 7th, 2021
Condition: As new - New out of box (first owner)

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$ 14,000

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Selling my TBL. Minty, opened by me in summer, 2020. See pics or contact me to discuss details. It’s virtually spotless. Very low plays. Cabinet is perfect. Game comes with about $1,500 in new/extra parts, including brand new LCD monitor (I use the original which has one pixel that’s always same color, but you can barely see it.) and new backup chrome lock bar, backup hard drive, mother board, right ramp, apron/target decals, and more). Cliffys installed. Complete with the tinkle rug. :) Added Tilt blades, a few little mods (decals, coffee can lamp cover, bowling balls and pins).

Really fun game that absolutely nailed the theme. Beautiful art package too. Dutch has been great with any questions, parts, customer service.

Would consider a trade + cash if minty/HUO/high end pin included, such as MMr, MBr (SE or LE), AFM SE, Beatles Gold or high end/restored CV.

Prefer local buy. Come see/play and take her home.

Will prep carefully for shipping at buyer’s expense and risk. Local is best. May be willing to meet halfway if within a few hours for right deal.

Message me with questions or if you want more pics/vids.

Thanks for looking.

Item photos

2F634958-6EB0-4CAA-B7FC-E568D7994B01 (resized).jpeg
F945573A-1DD7-4746-A5EF-0E2F87A9275A (resized).jpeg
C805E738-73F8-4A17-885F-E14027779D71 (resized).jpeg
A5C0FCC3-E202-4485-8670-135C69850A7A (resized).jpeg
4C46AC5E-0B69-44E6-9B3E-E4A8F8FD2B6E (resized).jpeg
5525A8A8-B83A-4571-9D66-91A343B17C47 (resized).png
E404C73D-E465-4D2C-8B95-6BF362710F3C (resized).jpeg
512E8751-4DC8-4FE6-AF8F-D627290E96AB (resized).jpeg
052AC3F1-FE1D-4AC4-9E0F-750A9B0D019E (resized).jpeg
1E3161AE-F1BB-42BB-96BA-A613F23CF07E (resized).jpeg
350BA6A8-B453-401F-825D-7235EEEBB228 (resized).jpeg
64A57A9B-02C3-44DD-85E9-589B6B7D7266 (resized).jpeg
6554E799-5B84-4E43-BCBE-D5020BB9FD63 (resized).jpeg
A231CE7E-DBC7-4906-8501-59DF54EB1EA7 (resized).jpeg
B429FBE3-34A8-4F8C-81B4-84F07F56F954 (resized).jpeg
BD568B73-FF46-4FE8-A384-04B3B4B2F96C (resized).jpeg
A5257CD2-76E3-4658-BBCA-2A6AC821B489 (resized).jpeg
EC826547-A303-4C5F-BFDB-318B87959CF8 (resized).jpeg
0873EDCC-4852-4F42-9122-5B60A6627FAF (resized).jpeg
89291836-552A-4C97-9304-6001D87549D5 (resized).jpeg
F03E9AB1-CEAD-4F13-9FED-AB33B3A3D5F0 (resized).jpeg
1D1A1C5F-E506-43CC-B2AE-E71068775459 (resized).jpeg
A69DFE17-6CF5-439D-B7DD-D11AFE3C0BB2 (resized).jpeg
C2184FBA-DBE6-4C8F-90EB-9143F4DFDF05 (resized).jpeg
2052CF14-E8B2-48BD-B411-AD58791C6F24 (resized).jpeg
EA22309F-63E9-4F7B-A464-15E3FA1CC84E (resized).jpeg
3F1C334F-2AF2-4A1A-BA2A-BE4804FA028C (resized).jpeg
D33EA290-243B-445A-9509-17C435387868 (resized).jpeg
96BF10A8-6C37-41A2-AA5E-9167F802B88A (resized).jpeg

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