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For sale: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Added: November 20th, 2020 Re-listed: 2 times (May 4th, 2021)
Condition: Partially restored (almost original)

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$ 6,000 (OBO)

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Item description

This is a very collectible 1993 Star Trek The Next Generation pinball by Williams. Recently put a lot of work into this machine and it turned out pretty good. It is still pretty much original. The cabinet art is in pretty good shape. The are on the side of the back box has the typical wear marks that most STTNG have. So the game is not perfect. I would still consider it a players games. Message me if you want more pics.


• playfield torn down, cleaned and Waxed
• new ramp
• new titan rubbers
• new balls
• fully LED’d
• Pin Gulp cup holder
• new cabinet/leg protectors
• new LED speaker lights
• new LED flipper buttons
• new LCD ColorDMD
• new rails
• new cliffy

Powder coated armor includes:
• coin door and coin door bolts
• shooter handle
• legs and leg bolts
• lock down bar
• side rails
• hinges and bolts
• back box lock plate

Will consider trades for other pinballs or arcade games + or - cash. Also, I would consider a nice pontoon and would add cash other other arcade games.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for looking!

Item photos

0470F5AB-4815-4BC8-84A2-A50C6E58BA49 (resized).jpeg
04CED3FC-0F84-48A4-9801-2C540AFAE802 (resized).jpeg
07BA47AF-EDD4-4F82-B680-89DD6173DAC2 (resized).jpeg
0B7BC318-B2FF-4C49-A08A-2492BB315D43 (resized).jpeg
132CA61F-5CD8-46F6-ACA6-C76A9C04878B (resized).jpeg
19A5B143-4F2A-42B3-A085-A92013D52B9F (resized).jpeg
24A5D661-54D6-4CF9-AE5C-425F406635D4 (resized).jpeg
2677EB54-60D4-41CF-A09A-2310FD607BEB (resized).jpeg
2AC2F2F4-49C5-4055-9DAC-74257C947111 (resized).jpeg
31C47AFF-2F3B-414B-BDCD-6CEFCA27922C (resized).jpeg
3C86A9E6-3382-4334-9992-524E797F00B9 (resized).jpeg
3EC5E528-ACFD-4E23-879D-C5776F5298D1 (resized).jpeg
41129D2C-FEEB-4E45-84E0-474A11A2F2AE (resized).jpeg
45F240F1-93B7-49D5-8E71-87BCD293A5C8 (resized).jpeg
4C1DD393-0340-45D3-8520-F5731BE3D8FF (resized).jpeg
4F92091B-CC88-4EF4-8014-94DCA654B221 (resized).jpeg
5022C009-CD36-44B1-8E5C-919399C6A053 (resized).jpeg
5F69A28B-25AE-4B55-8247-C4AF7C71D572 (resized).jpeg
68FAFA35-8DDF-4BAA-B264-EA32CAA715C0 (resized).jpeg
6B18AE43-72AA-441B-8252-957242D35B7F (resized).jpeg
6F38B6FC-A2D3-4907-BC71-00DC500C4A2B (resized).jpeg
758E7060-CBF1-467B-A10B-4A9BA3DD87FE (resized).jpeg
76AAE7FB-DE46-4D03-B8ED-86D3A8C2500B (resized).jpeg
7BD6AB51-E6DA-4E31-8C93-A8928D5481BC (resized).jpeg
7CAFE683-0C30-4BF1-BD56-2C675BD84EA2 (resized).jpeg
7E9D29E0-6770-427A-8C2D-2B126012D3FC (resized).jpeg
80789643-4BDA-448F-8615-9D656E200D58 (resized).jpeg
85AF2A49-7B70-4EE4-8719-1CD0FF8B110E (resized).jpeg
8C691DE1-1D98-4C32-9AFB-C7293FC437EC (resized).jpeg
8E76CDDC-0994-4892-8410-398C62CFA410 (resized).jpeg
9BBA90B8-7D30-478A-B729-86B8FF2FDE81 (resized).jpeg
A8424808-F8CE-46FE-BEFB-1801ADB3EAF6 (resized).jpeg
AB9B3AE1-B0E5-4FBF-9C6E-0514018B22CA (resized).jpeg
AD3BEDEC-8F31-4A62-960C-2410C57252E4 (resized).jpeg
B086843D-EB93-46FC-94F9-C90FD38B4618 (resized).jpeg
B0948190-FE40-40A1-B808-55F2A1F968BD (resized).jpeg
B523509A-1C7C-4F3E-B506-E0A800C02157 (resized).jpeg
C93E9702-A201-412E-B8F1-71BB8237BB41 (resized).jpeg
CD4A12F4-00FB-42AA-A2F0-2FB29D2D7E6E (resized).jpeg
D629A63D-5BEC-4C51-8EE8-2B77657C9A1F (resized).jpeg
DE8FB4EA-FFB3-4D81-BE3C-02E3CCF7613E (resized).jpeg
E67D54E8-654D-444E-B29A-D03069D8817A (resized).jpeg
E6E5A0A3-87EB-48CC-A5A0-22E46E3877B5 (resized).jpeg
EF64A86D-41A3-4A89-8996-20D0D963A768 (resized).jpeg
F1C3FD83-831C-46AC-B4AB-264E34BD67A5 (resized).jpeg
F838F691-73F9-4DBF-8DAB-92DB53F3BDF6 (resized).jpeg
FBE5D3A4-B218-49EF-8B7F-01B944CA40EE (resized).jpeg
FFAB0F40-1321-4B7A-98F9-A35660214EBB (resized).jpeg
FFF33B27-EA8E-48AF-8922-5D7262A5069A (resized).jpeg

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