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For sale: Fan-Tas-Tic EM conversion

Added: November 17th, 2020 Re-listed: 1 time (January 14th, 2021)
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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$ 1,200 (OBO)

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4-player EM machine which has been converted to run the Mission Pinball Framework (MPF).

* All original wiring, relays and transformer replaced
* Custom controller-board based on a Tiva-C LaunchPad, reading all switches and controlling all solenoids and LEDs
* Raspberry PI 3, which runs MPF, handles the game-rules and sound-effects
* All light-bulbs replaced by RGB LEDs, which can be individually controlled from software
* The mechanical roulette wheel assembly was beyond repair. Replaced by a 32 x 32 color DMD panel
* The mechanical score wheels are under software control and 100 % operational
* New playfield glass (the old one was in pieces)
* Back-glass in pretty good shape for its age, little flaking
* New set of feet
* Playfield was deep-cleaned and waxed. Many internal metal parts were cleaned and re-painted
* Coin acceptor works, but only for the no more existing French Francs (I bought the machine in France). It seems to be modular and exchangeable.
* Tilt is wired up and works, but hasn't been added to the MPF game-rules yet
* Cabinet could use a paint job
* Lock cylinder for the back-box metal cover is missing

Preferably for someone who's used MPF and linux before or isn't afraid of diving into it. I'll provide a known good SD card image as a starting point, if you want to customize it.

All low-level hardware features (switches, LEDs, solenoids, DMD, sound) work reliably and are fully integrated into MPF.

I based the current game rules on the info from the manual of the original EM machine. All of its original features should be there.

Of course there is still a lot of potential to add more shots, sound-effects and animations. Everything can be modified and unlimited features can be added!

Gameplay video:

Note that the camera picked up a lot of mechanical noise from the back-box. It's not that loud in person.

The PCB layouts and all code for MPF and the microcontroller are available on my github:

Some blog posts:

DM me if you're interested of have questions.

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