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$ 7,000

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for sale Sale pending!

For sale: Lord of the Rings
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Added: November 13th, 2020
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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Item description

This is a really nice LOTR that has a ton of mods, and it plays really well. Everything works as it should.

I've had this pin for just over a month, and I've realized that the theme just isn't for me.

Mods/upgrades include color display, sword shooter rod, all LED bulbs, Path Of The Dead mod, Palantir Orb mod, trough light, lit flipper buttons, shaker motor, LCD Eye Of Sauron mod, target decals, speaker grill ring acrylics and backlighting, inside art blades, back box eye of sauron flasher, individually numbered sword flipper toppers, lit topper. It also has NVRAM installed.

The sword shooter mod is a bit fragile - the handle was glued on and broke off during shipping, and I'm including the original shooter rod as well.

The one major flaw is an approx 1" bit of the backbox that was damaged during shipping. I've included pics to show this.

There is no coin box for this machine either. But the manuals are still with the machine.

I'm interested in cash or trades. Here's a few +/- cash:
- Total Nuclear Annihilation
- Rick & Morty
- The Addams Family
- Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure
- Dialed In
- Whitewater
- Theatre of Magic
- Tales of the Arabian Nights
- Avengers Premium / LE

There probably isn't another LOTR this loaded that you will see for a while.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Item photos

075ACFFE-0EEE-4F3F-82D3-1922D9422AE6 (resized).jpeg
03761099-FB16-4B73-AD70-3D525219FB33 (resized).jpeg
137215B2-B773-4327-97DD-6590BDE09204 (resized).jpeg
186FB5D9-E350-4DF7-AE15-9F62F95BCB22 (resized).jpeg
2954277A-297E-4B99-A48B-45BCF37FCD15 (resized).jpeg
3DF16B6A-FA13-4832-9730-0D9D738EC5FE (resized).jpeg
4204A55C-F6EA-4F38-A261-F5646ABA4465 (resized).jpeg
5948025F-5FA2-48AF-889B-C981ADEAE3F9 (resized).jpeg
68D5CD56-F04C-45AC-8EAC-D211C995E842 (resized).jpeg
74793A19-990D-4DEE-ADF9-1E5BDDC5DFAC (resized).jpeg
795E4DE8-BCDA-4A54-B217-14BF8E9B60D4 (resized).jpeg
84441BED-A498-4689-B9E9-401DE6FBDF91 (resized).jpeg
8D55DBA8-09FB-4122-962E-FCB82E5868C2 (resized).jpeg
95E1FFB5-22A7-419F-8A9D-4B1CF375411D (resized).jpeg
A3A6EAA6-EC46-4F0E-BCB8-5C83AD0F6345 (resized).jpeg
A84007CB-1159-493C-8E4E-A6233B240100 (resized).jpeg
BE9F884C-3655-4FAB-8E70-1FDF1F13D1EF (resized).jpeg
CFE18379-F36E-4D86-A8AB-636F918D6A0F (resized).jpeg
E7D3E1C4-BCB5-4F66-9DEB-9189BA69DF40 (resized).jpeg
E9547B41-4EA8-43E0-AD76-A7DE3063062B (resized).jpeg
EDCEFB24-5969-4032-A5C6-2588745CCFD1 (resized).jpeg
F4124495-D9D7-42D3-B271-460A3D0B47D6 (resized).jpeg
F6938F91-643C-476F-8F44-A28633873BB1 (resized).jpeg

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Lakeway, TX, US


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