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For sale: Dirty Harry

Added: October 18th, 2020 Re-listed: 4 times (January 18th, 2022)
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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$ 5,950 (OBO)

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Dirty Harry cleaned up his act. PF completely torn down to restore, have pictures. All coils disassembled cleaned and sleeves replaced, boards all clean/no hacks.
All 3 flipper assemblies replaced, switches cleaned or replaced and adjusted, all inserts and light boards cleaned (lots of Q-tips involved), all rubbers replaced with blue translucent, brand new ramps and some decals, new barron balls, all lights replaced/LEDs throughout, back city line and side blade decals, trough lighting, new flippers, new trough optos. PF cleaned with Novus and waxed, cliffys on holes, new target decals, all chrome ramps disassembled and polished, gun shoots perfect, clean shooter lane. Pinstadium lights with WiFi (change colors with your phone) police car mod, color DMD.
Game is fast, clean, well lit, and everything works perfect. PF in amazing condition (one minor imperfection on one insert)
Classic Williams game that doesn’t come up often. Game plays awesome and has great call outs... Very well lit and can see complete PF brightly in a dark room. Cabinet could use a little touch up or new decals if you prefer, but overall in good condition. I do not believe this game was ever routed, I purchased from HUO seller many moons ago.

Easy pick up, no stairs, back up to garage. No dolly or cart needed. I can prep for shipping also.

Can send more pictures or video if needed.

I will not be selling this till after my Super Bowl party unless I get an offer I can't refuse. I'm trying my best to beat the game by then, so close to lighting up the whole PF for Crime Wave mode. Very fun!!

Thanks for looking, Dave

Item photos

0B7DAA90-5D99-4D6C-8008-621B863EE464 (resized).jpeg
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83EFBD17-A03F-46B5-A43C-5CCA6204337D (resized).jpeg
85E1C0D8-5186-4F64-AD25-8BE273EF1915 (resized).jpeg
8A921677-E876-4981-90D3-00E3D9A8918E (resized).jpeg
8EA1C0F5-567B-4310-BEFF-6A4A00F7AFE4 (resized).jpeg
928E430E-D46F-4ECF-A567-EAC6BAAF01AA (resized).jpeg
95FA4165-96FC-42E1-99BA-B48241306BE7 (resized).jpeg
970BA8F7-69C9-4CF6-A267-8EC6533B435D (resized).jpeg
9E80CD70-F6E8-4150-A83A-F742456E0ED3 (resized).jpeg
A0116F3E-A262-4D1C-ACE7-3C82CF3F16A3 (resized).jpeg
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B34387E4-0904-494C-88CD-1B21D70389EE (resized).jpeg
B44AC6ED-3AB4-469C-9F33-758987B206C8 (resized).jpeg
B703EA89-FADF-48F7-9750-998DFEA5EF1F (resized).jpeg
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BE44AD67-0447-4036-B8B2-04E3A972918E (resized).jpeg
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C4741751-24E4-4DD0-ADB7-16B20D7AB6A6 (resized).jpeg
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CB75FC83-A751-4F99-A3FB-5ECA71DBF884 (resized).jpeg
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D23B87EC-C25E-415D-AB61-7A42F9ED2386 (resized).jpeg
D2B8EEF4-64CE-442E-83E6-D659658C6C40 (resized).jpeg
DFC26C83-3A11-4968-8D89-C790F14D4B17 (resized).jpeg
ECCE49E5-49E3-4054-9A2D-7F704A9E9F83 (resized).jpeg
F610C07B-D6FD-4C14-AB6C-8295477C76ED (resized).jpeg

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