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$ 2,500 (OBO)

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for sale

For sale: Rescue 911
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Added: October 14th, 2020
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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Item description

Up for sale is a very nice Rescue 911 pinball by Gottlieb and it’s located in Gainesville, Georgia. I just finished shopping the game and everything works as it should. New parts include white rubber rings, coin taker leds throughout the entire playfield except the flashers, and new balls. I used cool white frosted leds in the general illumination and color matched the inserts. The condition is excellent and comparable to a huo machine which it maybe. I’m asking 2500 or best offer. I will consider local trades, but I prefer to sell.

Item photos

D94171F6-49FE-4096-94DE-D551F35BCB41 (resized).jpeg
DC2224EC-330B-402C-A543-E0B07C021143 (resized).jpeg
E23D59AE-6A69-4E49-9704-E427F4EE4B0F (resized).jpeg
56672FE6-065E-4729-ACB4-227CD7EFCC42 (resized).jpeg
25CD7668-607C-46B6-8FD8-B72F9C8CAE8C (resized).jpeg
F2E5A671-5E9D-4FF5-AF49-DC1F84529754 (resized).jpeg
0B82050C-EF93-4A31-A544-F2760E140859 (resized).jpeg
9D0B6064-A112-4268-9D5C-2565F5BB5669 (resized).jpeg
41E0144B-FA32-49CE-ABA4-112B456286CF (resized).jpeg
47EA78E7-8CC2-4852-A40B-A221B6933CB7 (resized).jpeg
7F0ABF44-8712-4AB0-862F-B524FB7A6C68 (resized).jpeg
BD0874F6-88B1-48C1-AC13-9B3717F7E363 (resized).jpeg
734ECED0-2B0B-44CC-914A-F97A2397507B (resized).jpeg
CE5D52E2-2387-476A-BC7D-A493CD212A4D (resized).jpeg
740B2E48-8CCC-4B71-8F25-D68A5D362BA5 (resized).jpeg
66114229-F138-4344-B96A-CF5CDAA14D90 (resized).jpeg
7CBC92DD-577B-425C-9E10-D66FF2752A21 (resized).jpeg
696D351C-7C63-4E8B-9D1A-8493CB162608 (resized).jpeg
54042FF8-1CAE-440F-9C21-6CF6ABAD3613 (resized).jpeg
D9E7693F-9373-4508-AD8E-C8FC51AE9F44 (resized).jpeg
A99A6FD0-933A-424D-B9D7-CBA485FA5FFA (resized).jpeg
347A6D64-A005-4C1D-A3D3-7B4079C66810 (resized).jpeg
CCC6E0B7-65F3-4A86-A052-26FCDE8391D9 (resized).jpeg
1F582D98-8F24-4655-BBC4-B24DA063DF83 (resized).jpeg
7EF96E57-AB77-473F-9E48-BB2506CDC95E (resized).jpeg
6C44802E-292D-45B3-9117-1BA2F4E6818B (resized).jpeg
CAEB3A60-7B79-4C3E-BBD9-F2E17DC48B06 (resized).jpeg
E89FC6CC-079A-42C6-949B-D404643FB803 (resized).jpeg
99FA91A8-0F88-4377-8498-82EB64B62E79 (resized).jpeg
E7285CD4-1762-4D5F-A8DB-49743EA7AADA (resized).jpeg
2310497E-5BE2-463D-807E-ECD904EB9F84 (resized).jpeg
FF9DF41E-5374-4294-AF44-B71A7638FD46 (resized).jpeg
E8F46D3D-B7D0-4A50-B432-E38DAE7B84EB (resized).jpeg
6E6421BB-0F42-4A5C-A992-9745B7FA1D13 (resized).jpeg
77477B2B-517B-410E-A206-A29ECAD756E8 (resized).jpeg
3E4EF1BC-9D08-40A9-AF95-F0EF6F62E0B9 (resized).jpeg
1FC3E960-D36B-4F94-82B5-DB914FDB468D (resized).jpeg
E36F48B1-F562-4041-AB1C-767F670B0995 (resized).jpeg
AFCF6257-F2E4-4094-9C30-3113F70A4C39 (resized).jpeg
906EBCD5-37D1-4EF0-B8A4-8984813A743D (resized).jpeg

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Item location

Gainesville, GA, US


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