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$ 6,400 (OBO)

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for sale Sale pending!

For sale: Theatre of Magic
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Added: October 10th, 2020
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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Item description

Up for sale is very nice Theatre of Magic pin ball by Bally and is located in Gainesville, Georgia. The machine was just shopped so everything works as it should. New parts, include rubber rings, sleeves, flipper rebuilds, balls, remote battery terminal, a few connectors, and leds throughout the entire game. The game has several mods including the moving tiger saw, magic hat, wand, trunk chains, target decals, and a color dmd. I will sell the game with or without the color dmd. With the color dmd, the price is $6700. With a regular orange dmd, the price is $6400. The game overall is very nice. There is some damage on the back panel of the cabinet which is shown in the pictures. I will consider local trades, but I prefer to sell. The games (the getaway, rescue 911, and Monday Night Football) you see in the background are also available. Please message me directly about those. I will consider local trades, but I prefer to sell.

Item photos

2EB380F4-8393-4507-9712-164039F2B763 (resized).jpeg
95EEE7E1-C26B-42E2-A335-4AA0C0972D22 (resized).jpeg
A2F233FF-6BF6-43DE-9DE6-205F388AD267 (resized).jpeg
E7FA1263-5477-4D98-8860-3EE82EE9CAE1 (resized).jpeg
D2CEC36F-BD57-40E1-BE61-CAEB3333C9FC (resized).jpeg
80B33CB6-E548-4612-8DBB-4BFDFBE30DEB (resized).jpeg
2CFFCC7B-9152-441D-A6D0-27B420A05E5D (resized).jpeg
92733A06-E8DD-4D22-9BD4-4F02466E5674 (resized).jpeg
6196ED55-8407-4FC4-9C03-0FC5FBC6AD2E (resized).jpeg
E87E0687-F4DD-459A-95CC-49930B8EA311 (resized).jpeg
2ABC0644-8385-452E-BB28-18BFEAAC0096 (resized).jpeg
BF127A96-7C48-4CAD-95D5-AD1FD5CFF147 (resized).jpeg
FA267151-E021-49BE-9A74-42FCBC13F7D5 (resized).jpeg
7B1B513F-6E12-4ECC-81E5-A3430FB19C43 (resized).jpeg
331CD974-7083-4CBE-BB96-9530E819C943 (resized).jpeg
ED6F3025-44A4-4606-A21C-A590FE8940B4 (resized).jpeg
E5CCB23D-2A6E-4AA7-9BC1-747B64FA5511 (resized).jpeg
40BB0780-A19C-499E-B5EE-D99E43D94D83 (resized).jpeg
89ECD1B2-C453-41C8-BD78-B8BB48939B53 (resized).jpeg
7048DF88-AA7A-4063-B7A3-7FC8FEB5CF3F (resized).jpeg
6F896A45-71A9-4ED6-8A89-43778CC8258A (resized).jpeg
08762EE5-A7C4-4C31-905E-C4399128AEF3 (resized).jpeg
0C1D7090-A13E-4E78-9D1B-CF378BAAD9EA (resized).jpeg
3413C138-5841-4305-9E65-3B0DAA6AA2BB (resized).jpeg
78E6D165-D02C-46B5-866D-AEFFF98E0B03 (resized).jpeg
E360A16F-DF37-4179-877C-1BE5E7821E0A (resized).jpeg
F366CAD4-3762-42C7-A52E-E8BDF8411E8D (resized).jpeg
CE80C006-3517-402E-AC92-D433589EC869 (resized).jpeg
6050F0AC-316A-4348-A87A-FC5B3788C408 (resized).jpeg
1DC3093E-54EE-4BB4-BA68-7342D4C40F6F (resized).jpeg
99EED30E-F7AB-4476-A8D1-607938C96181 (resized).jpeg
FCD667E9-2480-44D1-A75B-121B7F3AA0D9 (resized).jpeg
B83EF391-3FA8-4A31-BDBB-1E38B1A640D6 (resized).jpeg
2C2A0398-05BA-48A4-BFDE-756ECB1A23EC (resized).jpeg

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Gainesville, GA, US


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