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Bergen Flipperspillklubb

Bergens own Pinball Club! Contact us via the website for an invitation!

We also have arcade games.

Opening hours

By appointment or become a member to get full access!


Strandgaten 201, 5004 Bergen, Norway

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Games list

Last updated on 2019-02-11 22:14:03

The following games are listed for this location.

Bally, 1992 - Added on 2018-01-03

Plays great. All LED, mods mirror blades. and a lot more. Edit comment

Data East, 1993 - Added on 2019-02-11

Fun game! Plays fast and good. Edit comment

Stern, 2010 - Added on 2018-03-11

Original. Just GI LED and Titan rubber. Edit comment

Sega, 1995 - Added on 2018-10-01

Newly renovated! Great Shape. Fast playing silicone rubber. Edit comment

Gottlieb, 1981 - Added on 2018-01-03

FlipppK Board. Export version. Still good! Edit comment

Bally, 1992 - Added on 2019-02-11

Newly renovated. Superb playing and fun! Edit comment

Mr Game, 1988 - Added on 2018-03-11

Extremely rare. Complete and will be functioning. Now on display (only). Edit comment

Williams, 1994

Plays well. No LED. All original. Edit comment

Williams, 1990 - Added on 2018-10-01

Not a scratch. Mylar. Plays superb. Edit comment

Williams, 1995 - Added on 2018-01-03

Needs renovating, but plays well. DMD have seen better days. Edit comment

Bally, 1992 - Added on 2018-01-03

Arrrghhh. The elevator. But the rest OK. Edit comment

Bally, 1990 - Added on 2018-10-01

Plays really well. Edit comment

Bally, 1987 - Added on 2019-02-11

Rare! Plays well. Edit comment

Williams, 1992

A tournament horse. Superb play, but difficult. Titan rubber and jumpy. Edit comment

Bally, 1981 - Added on 2018-11-12

Fantastic looking game, added music from the movie and other Queen music.Must be my luck day? Edit comment

Williams, 1994 - Added on 2018-01-03

Apart from bent drop targets it plays good, but will be renovated. Edit comment

Capcom, 1996 - Added on 2018-01-03


Williams, 1990 - Added on 2018-01-03

Bad taste LED, but plays good. Edit comment

Williams, 1979 - Added on 2018-01-28

All new boards and retro LED. Original rubbers. Superb gameplay. Edit comment

Stern, 2005 - Added on 2018-01-03

Next to join from renovation. Edit comment

Gottlieb, 1982 - Added on 2018-01-03

Dreaming of rebuilding this to multiball version. Time will show. Edit comment

Sega, 1996 - Added on 2018-10-01

You will not see this in our tournaments. Everybody gets 15 minutes on this Edit comment

Williams, 1995 - Added on 2018-01-03

All original. Plays very well! Edit comment

Williams, 1995 - Added on 2018-01-03

Back and FAST. Very underrated game that has the coolest end mode.....fancy a power down? Edit comment

Bally, 1993

In workshop. Sold the mint version. Edit comment

Williams, 1996 - Added on 2018-01-03

Brutally fast. Merciless game. Edit comment

Data East, 1993 - Added on 2018-01-03

Fluent and nice gameplay. Nice jungle trees. Edit comment

Bally, 1975 - Added on 2018-01-03

In for a nice relaxed game? Try our MINT kick off. Edit comment

Data East, 1993

After a lot of work this is now playing well. Down 5V trouble, will be fixed soon Edit comment

Stern, 2003 - Added on 2018-10-01

To be in the club for tournaments. Edit comment

Williams, 1991

One of our most popular games. Plays good. Will be rebuilt to BoP 2.0 Edit comment

Bally, 1982 - Added on 2018-01-03

On the brink of being playable again... Edit comment

Europlay, 1986 - Added on 2018-01-28

The ONE and only LEFT handed Perseus! Mint condition game. Awesome sound! Edit comment

Peyper, 1985

Exhibition. On display in the workshop area. Not working, but almost. Edit comment

Bally, 1991 - Added on 2018-01-03

Way out of control! Good game. Needs som TLC. Edit comment

Stern, 2002 - Added on 2018-10-01

Well. At least some people like it.... Edit comment

Bally, 1994

A true tournament machine. This game is fast and outline risky. Mind your shots! Edit comment

Stern, 2004 - Added on 2018-01-03

A better Stern. Newly renovated. Shiny and fast. Edit comment

Williams, 1994 - Added on 2018-01-03

Apart from Eddy board instability this is a treat. Edit comment

Bally, 1996 - Added on 2018-11-12

Oh. Oh. OH. Fast and furious. Mint condition. Edit comment

Bell Games, 1986

Rare! Rare! Rare! Mint condition. Not a scratch. Looks new. The only of the 250 made in this condition? Some electronic problems will be addressed. Plays well now, without sound. Edit comment

Williams, 1987 - Added on 2018-01-03

Stopped booting, will be out of workshop area ASAP. Mint condition. Edit comment

Bally, 1982 - Added on 2018-01-03

In a lonely corner in the club....: Speakeasy. Edit comment

Zaccaria, 1980 - Added on 2018-10-01

Nice playing game. Only one display working. Edit comment

Data East, 1992 - Added on 2018-01-03

Working and playing. Edit comment

Williams, 1999 - Added on 2019-02-11

Sega, 1997 - Added on 2019-02-11

Underrated game. So much fun here. Edit comment

Gottlieb, 1993 - Added on 2019-02-11

Fun game. This has some minor trouble with ball addressing and draining count. Edit comment

Williams, 1988 - Added on 2018-01-03

Newly renovated. Superb condition. Edit comment

Williams, 1991 - Added on 2018-01-03

Good condition. need waxing and care. Edit comment

Stern, 2011 - Added on 2018-03-11

All original. A Stern Stern. Edit comment

Zaccaria, 1983 - Added on 2019-02-11

Gottlieb, 1988 - Added on 2018-01-03

One of our most popular games. Now with LEDS. Plays really well. Edit comment

Gottlieb, 1990 - Added on 2018-01-03

A bit underrated. Good fun from time to time. This game has no wear on PF. Plays really well. Edit comment

Williams, 1993

Fast and Titan Rubber. Merciless and unforgiving. If you get 3 billion on this your score will be on the scoreboard for a long time. Edit comment

Sega, 1997 - Added on 2018-10-01

Tricky Shots. Plays fast and merciless. Tournament nightmare if you get nervous. Edit comment


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