Einsteins Pub

A neighborhood pub, up and running since 1996. Serving a vast selection of Beer, Wine and Liquor. Over 20 beers on tap and with new seasonal microbrews. The majority of the staff has been in the industry for 5+ years. Plenty of seating, 2 bars ( the second is only open on Friday and Saturdays.)

I'll do my best to rotate at least one or more games every month, so I'll try to update the map as to what is here.
I have other tables that I'm currently trying to restore or upgrade, that will be added to the rotation as they become available. Most titles that have been rotated out will more then likely make a reappearance at some time in the future.

The Space City Pinball league has tournaments on the second Sunday of the month starting at 1pm. Newcomers are always welcome. For specifics please visit http://www.spacecitypinball.com/

ll games are cleaned daily and inspected once a week or more.
If you have a game malfunction to the degree where you can't fix it by reset, please turn the game off (if you know how), grab a payout from the bartender, and let me know what the issue was.
If you see something wrong with any of the games, pin or not, please feel free to contact me.
pinside pm: (hocuslocus)
text: (281)216-2259
email: [email protected]

Opening hours

Mon - Sat = 11:00 am to 2:00 am
Sunday = 12:00pm to 2:00 am


873 S Mason Rd #360, Katy, TX 77450, USA

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2016-02-04 01:19:45

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2022-05-30 22:54:36

Games list

Last updated on 2022-05-30 22:54:36

The following games are listed for this location.

Stern, 2012 - Added on 2020-03-06

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 1.70 Edit comment

Chicago Gaming Co., 2017 - Added on 2017-08-20

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 1.0.0 Edit comment

Stern, 2020 - Added on 2020-10-16

Cash: .75/1, 2/3 -------------------- V 1.03 Edit comment

Stern, 2016 - Added on 2021-03-07

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 1.06 Edit comment

Stern, 2019 - Added on 2019-06-12

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 1.12 Edit comment

Bally, 1998 - Added on 2020-01-03

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 1.6 Edit comment

Stern, 2018 - Added on 2018-10-19

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 1.06 Edit comment

Stern, 2019 - Added on 2020-08-20

Cash: .75/1 2/3 -------------------- V 1.03 Edit comment

Stern, 2015 - Added on 2019-04-19

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 1.36 Edit comment

Stern, 2021 - Added on 2021-10-16

Cash: .75/1 2/3 -------------------- V .97 Edit comment

Stern, 2018 - Added on 2018-07-25

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 1.10 Edit comment

Williams, 1995 - Added on 2019-03-10

Cash: .50/1, 2/5 -------------------- V 1.0R Edit comment

Stern, 2019 - Added on 2022-05-30

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 1.05 Edit comment

Stern, 2020 - Added on 2021-03-04

Cash: .75/1, 2/3 -------------------- V 1.15 Edit comment

Stern Electronics, 1979 - Added on 2019-03-10

Cash: .25/1 -------------------------V- Factory (no overflow bug) Edit comment

Williams, 1997 - Added on 2020-01-12

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 1.3 Edit comment

Spooky Pinball, 2020 - Added on 2021-05-19

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 2022.4.21 Edit comment

Stern, 2022 - Added on 2022-02-04

Cash: .75/1, 2/3 -------------------- V .97 Edit comment

Bally, 1994 - Added on 2020-01-03

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V LX 5 Edit comment

Stern Electronics, 1978 - Added on 2019-06-20

Cash: .25/1 ------- V Factory Edit comment

Stern, 2018 - Added on 2019-10-11

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 1.20 Edit comment

Spooky Pinball, 2017 - Added on 2022-05-30

Cash: .50/1 -------------------- V 1.4.2 Edit comment


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6 years ago

Just found this location. Games were in great shape and had a lot of fun playing.

5 years ago

Went and played WoZ and GoT there last week. Was upset to see MMr gone but glad to hear that it'll be back once repaired/upgraded. Not sure why but the RFM was powered down.

5 years ago

If you use the payrange app plays are 50¢ each.

5 years ago

Awesome bar with friendly staff. Games are in immaculate condition. Highly recommended pinball stop in Houston.

4 years ago

Great pinball stop where the operator of the machines actually caeea about their condition, playability, and appearance. No cheap games here only premium editions in premium condition. Games are pristine and atmosphere is laid back with good pricing on food. Its a must stop location anytime in even remotely close to katy tx. Hocuslocus thanks for being an example of what operators should strive to be.

4 years ago

You will not find pins in better shape on location than these! The brand new AFMR is stunning. Can't wait for the future additions.

4 years ago

Just played here this week and HOLY COW. These machines are immaculate and as always super fun to play. Very surprised there were no other pinheads here enjoying these pins. Great job Einsteins/whoever keeps up the machines!

4 years ago

Love this place. Favorite pub in Houston.

One comment to @hocuslocus , I really loved the WoZ game. Hope to see more JJP in your rotations.

4 years ago

This is THE premier place to play pinball in Houston/Katy, TX. 12 machines, always play great. Check the Space City Pinball league facebook page for info on Tournaments held every month. "Einstein's Drainiacs"

4 years ago

Without a doubt, a premier place to play pinball in the Houston/Katy area as Tombstone mentioned. Games are in immaculate shape. Most are newer Sterns, but there are others (TNA/AFMR/Paragon) are also currently there. You can really tell that the operator cares about pinball. Several LE's and mods on these games to boot! So lucky to finally have a great place to play pinball close by.....if you are in the area, stop by, you will not be disappointed in the selection and/or condition these machines are in. Using PayRange on most of the games is also great.

3 years ago

Looks like a great location -- if I'm ever in the Houston area I definitely want to stop in!

3 years ago

Pins are in excellent shape...this is how pins should be maintained any/everywhere. Good collection as well. New to PayRange...was interesting, never used it before but I understand they’re phasing it out? All good, pumping quarters is probably the way it should be anyways!

My one gripe about Einstein’s....the smoking. People still smoke in 2019?? Apparently Katy is one of the few locales around the Houston area that still allows it in restaurants/bars. A shame because it’s a disgusting habit that permeates the entire place and kills the experience/joy of playing.

1 year ago

Always a great time at both of these locations. Same operator takes care of his games at both locations. I look forward to pinball tournaments coming back strong.

1 year ago

Visited 5/5/21. Pins were in beautiful condition, games were all high-end versions, and cost was .50-.75/credit. A great place to grab a drink or bite and play some excellent games!

11 days ago

Up to 22 pins now! Amazing place.

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