Australian Pinball Museum

The Australian Pinball Museum is located in Victoria, Australia. It is adjacent to the Nhill Oasis Motel. Good halfway stop on the main highway between Adelaide and Melbourne to play pinball.
Most Pinballs are $1 per credit - New release Pinballs are $2 per credit.
Electro-mechanical pinballs are set to 5 ball games, while the later solid-state, dot-matrix-display and lcd-monitor pinballs are set to 3 ball games.
One of the largest selections of pinball artwork and memorabilia on display in the world.
The largest pinball display in Australia.

Opening hours

Monday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Note: May close early on quiet nights or during winter.


21/22 Dimboola Rd, Nhill VIC 3418, Australia

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Aus Pinball Museum

Australian Pinball Museum

Australia's only pinball museum and the largest pinball location in Australia. Games ranging from the 1930s to today. Gift shop with pinball museum merchandise, original memorabilia, and pinball parts

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Games list

Last updated on 2024-06-26 13:45:20

There are are 59 games listed for this location.

EM Gottlieb, 1975 - Added on 2023-10-10

SS Stern, 2012

mint condition. Back in Black LE. $2 per credit. 3 ball game.

SS Stern, 2017 - Added on 2023-01-18

SS Stern, 2020 - Added on 2022-07-22

EM Gottlieb, 1931 - Added on 2022-04-04

EM Bally, 1932 - Added on 2022-05-03

EM Bally, 1932 - Added on 2023-08-28

EM Gottlieb, 1933 - Added on 2022-05-03

SS Stern, 2019 - Added on 2019-06-21

SS Chicago Gaming Co., 2021 - Added on 2024-06-26

EM Bally, 1974 - Added on 2017-03-06

EM Gottlieb, 1952 - Added on 2023-06-27

$1 per credit

EM Gottlieb, 1969 - Added on 2017-04-09

$1 per credit

EM Gottlieb, 1966 - Added on 2023-06-27

EM Williams, 1960 - Added on 2021-02-22

SS Stern, 2018 - Added on 2022-08-24

SS Zaccaria, 1984 - Added on 2018-04-26

SS Jersey Jack, 2023 - Added on 2024-06-26

SS Stern, 2019 - Added on 2021-02-06

SS Haggis, 2021 - Added on 2022-08-20

SS Williams, 1992 - Added on 2017-12-11

SS Stern, 2023 - Added on 2023-06-27

SS Stern, 2021 - Added on 2022-02-27

SS Gottlieb, 1986 - Added on 2018-05-13

EM Genco, 1932 - Added on 2019-05-23

SS Stern, 2017 - Added on 2018-02-07

SS Jersey Jack, 2020 - Added on 2021-09-13

SS Williams, 1991 - Added on 2022-01-30

SS Stern, 2018 - Added on 2023-08-15

SS Stern, 2022 - Added on 2023-04-20

SS Stern, 2024 - Added on 2024-06-26

SS Bally, 1993

good condition

SS Stern, 2019 - Added on 2019-12-02

SS Stern, 2015 - Added on 2023-06-27

SS Team Pinball, 2018 - Added on 2023-06-27

EM Peo, 1932 - Added on 2019-12-02

EM Bally, 1973 - Added on 2023-01-18

EM Baker Novelty, 1940 - Added on 2020-01-04

SS Bally, 1999 - Added on 2017-05-04

SS Stern, 2022 - Added on 2022-06-24

EM Bally, 1932 - Added on 2018-04-18

SS Gottlieb, 1995 - Added on 2023-01-18

SS Data East, 1990 - Added on 2023-07-03

SS Gottlieb, 1978 - Added on 2019-12-02

SS Stern, 2019 - Added on 2021-07-07

SS Bally, 1978 - Added on 2021-08-08

SS Bally, 1979 - Added on 2021-04-30

SS Williams, 1988 - Added on 2019-12-02

SS Stern, 2020 - Added on 2021-02-06

SS Hankin, 1980 - Added on 2023-01-02

SS Jersey Jack, 2023 - Added on 2023-08-15

SS Stern, 2021 - Added on 2021-11-19

EM Gottlieb, 1975 - Added on 2017-02-02

SS Spooky Pinball, 2017 - Added on 2019-01-28

SS Jersey Jack, 2022 - Added on 2022-11-21

EM United, 1955 - Added on 2021-03-15

SS Bally, 1993

Excellent condition

SS Stern, 2023 - Added on 2024-06-26

SS Stern, 2015 - Added on 2017-05-04

$2 per credit, 3 ball game.

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IMG_2397 (resized).JPG
IMG_2399 (resized).JPG
IMG_2398 (resized).JPG
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new-sterns2 (resized).jpg
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20160922_201444c (resized).jpg
20160922_201451c (resized).jpg


7 years ago

Stopped by on the way back spontaneously from Melbourne yesterday. Definitely the highlight of the drive home. Nettled at the front of a Bate's styled motel, this quality man cave collection spanning 50 years, with glorious signed pinball art work lining the walls, is only starting out of what it will become.

5 years ago

We drove up there twice from Melbourne and despite it being a decent length drive the place is well worth it if you like pinball. The owner is extremely nice and very knowledgeable about machines. There are some great quality machines there and I am told it is only a small amount of the owners collection, which they rotate. Very keen to make it back there!

3 years ago

A wonderful collection of great machines common, rare and weird
from all eras that all play like brand new! The showroom is nice
and cosy and has the added benefit of being part of a motel you can stay at so
you can play longer!!
The owners are both super nice and have heaps of great pinball history trivia facts to share,
along with a great selection of pinball collectables and tasty rare soft drinks for sale!!

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