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Boxcar Bar + Arcade

LEs of most of the latest Stern releases, with a few Jersey Jack LEs, Chicago Remakes (AFM, Monster Bash) and two smaller games squeezed in - Safecracker and Revenge From Mars. Older games play like it, but are good for their age.
Occasional birthday parties bring their own cake, but otherwise just drinks - a lot of rotating taps, a good selection of cans (beer and hard seltzer), and mimosas on Sundays.
Mix of old and new video games, air hockey, skee ball, etc. past the bar.

Opening hours

4 PM - 2 am M-F. noon - 2 am Saturday and Sunday.
Opens at noon on some holidays.


330 W Davie St, Raleigh, NC 27601, USA

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2014-12-23 16:40:06

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2020-03-02 23:36:51

Games list

Last updated on 2020-03-02 23:36:51

The following games are listed for this location.

Chicago Gaming Co., 2017 - Added on 2018-01-04

$1/game Edit comment

Stern, 2016 - Added on 2017-02-12

$1/credit $2/3 Edit comment

Stern, 2019 - Added on 2019-05-30

LE # $/game, $2/3 Edit comment

Stern, 2018 - Added on 2018-09-21

$1/game, $2/3 Edit comment

Stern, 2015 - Added on 2017-02-10

$1/credit, $2/3 Edit comment

Stern, 2017 - Added on 2018-01-04

$1/game, $2/3 Groot mechanism breaks/fixed/breaks again Edit comment

Stern, 2019 - Added on 2019-10-02

$1 or $2/3 Edit comment

Chicago Gaming Co., 2018 - Added on 2019-05-30

Jersey Jack, 2018 - Added on 2018-12-21

added 12/19/2018, $/game Edit comment

Bally, 1999 - Added on 2017-06-10

$.50/3 balls, no incentive for buying more. Edit comment

Bally, 1996 - Added on 2017-06-10

$.50/game, $2/5. Dispensed Boxcar token instead of magic. Awarded "Assault The Vault" replay for making it to the vault. Edit comment

Stern, 2016 - Added on 2017-04-10

$1/credit, $2/3 @ 3 balls Beautiful machine. Plays great. Upper right flipper gets weak occasionally, then fixed. Venom ramp not as flush with playfield as it could be. Edit comment

Stern, 2017 - Added on 2017-08-18

$1/credit, $2/3 Edit comment

Stern, 2019 - Added on 2020-02-16

$ or $2/3 Difficult to hit demogorgon shot - either too high or hits lower 'petals'. New playfield and balls play fast, will see how it stands up over time. Edit comment

Stern, 2018 - Added on 2018-12-21

added 12/19/2018 $/game, $2/3 Edit comment

Jersey Jack, 2016

$1/credit @ 3 balls. Goblin shot did not pop up, Orc shot was not registering hits - 5/28. Edit comment


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5 years ago

This place is currently full of MAME cabinets and LCD screens, bleh. Definitely not awesome like The Baxter is. If you're looking to play Mario Bros on a generic cabinet with 6 buttons, this is the place to go.

5 years ago

They have replaced most (but not all) of the MAME cabinets with some decent authentic machines. All the machines have drink holders which is nice. The pins seemed to have the tilt very sensitive though.

5 years ago

They have 9 pins. A few needed service and leveling. MOST of the mame cabs are gone. I think I saw 3 and one of those were off....

Jack Bot, Airborne, Xenon (WORN), Space Shuttle (WORN), Nascar, Silver Slugger, Breakshot, Cue Ball Wizard and Dr Who

5 years ago

Walked by yesterday and someone had one open (on the right as you walk in,
maybe Space Shuttle?) and was working on it. Could not go in because I was walking my dog.

5 years ago

Wizard of Oz, Jackbot, and Dr. Who played awesome! Cue Ball Wizard flippers felt a little weak, but could still hit the ramp. Several balls slid off the rails on Airborne, but that is to be expected. Xenon was working and 5 balls / 1 token, but the right flipper was weak to the point of being useless. The rest were all on but I did not play.
Some MAME games (Double Dragon), but a lot of orig. cabs, two air hockey tables, skee ball, and a foosball table in the back.

5 years ago

The 3 games from Capital Games (WOZ BR and TAF) are in much better shape than the 7 from Home Game Arcade.

5 years ago

This place is very different from when it first opened. It's full of original 90s and some 80s games now, most seem to be pretty good. On Saturday night it was completely jam packed out the door, you couldn't get on the crappy Superman arcade game without waiting. Very loud music too, can't hear any games.

Pins were a mixed bag. Space Jam was off and WoZ was broken (all lights frozen, I guess that's the LED board issue?). Flippers seemed a little weak on some games, couldn't get on TAF or BR which were LEDd out and looked like the best pins there. Cool location though, happy to see how popular the pins were.

5 years ago

I agree with DefaultGen that this place is a lot different from when it opened. Overall it has improved with the variety of games they have but the place just gets too crowded. Friday and Saturday nights are expected to be busy but the bar can just never keep up.

As for the actual tables, Wizard of Oz now has an issue with the lights freezing but the table plays well. Black Rose is very clean and has LEDs but the canon doesn't rotate unfortunately. The Addams Family is great with LEDs and the volume turned up so you can actually hear it over the music. The rest of the tables are owned by Home Game Arcade though and all have some issues such as weak flippers, bad plungers, or over sensitive tilts.

5 years ago

BR rotated out for NGG. WoZ and SJ working again. Silver Slugger eating tokens. This place really is too crowded. The table in the middle of all the pins sure doesn't help when most traffic in and out goes by the pins. I only lasted a few minutes on Friday night before I wanted to leave.

5 years ago

WOZ was locked up when I arrived, 3rd reboot finally fixed it but the Haunted Forest VUK switch doesn't register. Horrible backglass glare on NGG. Bugs Bunny was barely playable.

4 years ago

Went here exclusively to check out the new Hobbit and I was not disappointed. I was not a big fan of WoZ, so I was really hoping that Jersey Jack's table was better, and it is. When I arrived, there was a stuck ball but eventually they got the machine up and running again for play. It plays a bit slow (probably due to the wide body and very open playfield) and the flippers seem weak (not sure if this is how it's supposed to be), but I was able to make the ramp shots if perfectly executed. Ultimately, I had fun with this. It seems they removed "PinBot" in order to make room for it.
As for the location, it is a pretty good place to play pinball in this area. And they are continually changing and improving their game line up, so they seem pretty serious about being a good barcade.
As others have noted, it gets pretty crowded in here pretty quickly, so if you want to enjoy some pinball, it is good to go early. I went at noon (Sunday 3/13/2016) , right when they opened and it was nice and empty. But by around two it was starting to get crowded already, so it's good to go early.

4 years ago

according to a facebook post on 4/5/2016 they have added the following pins to their lineup: attack from mars, spiderman ve, & monster bash. I won't be able to get out there to check it out until this weekend, but wanted to upgrade this page for any who would care to know this information and aren't following them on facebook. i have added the pictures to this page that they posted on fb. i'm assuming they have removed some machines from this location to make room for these, but won't be able to confirm and update this info until this weekend. looking at the pictures, it appears that attack from mars has a color dmd upgrade. this place is continually improving so it's a pretty exciting pinball place for this area. i'm hoping they'll be the first to get the new ghostbusters also (since they now have four of the most recently released tables onsite). stay tuned for more info...

2 years ago

Tales of the Arabian Nights was replaced with Guardians of the Galaxy. Gilligan's Island is no longer there, either. The Twilight Zone machine malfunctioned several times while trying to get the ball in the launcher and the start of a new ball.

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