Crabtowne USA

Very family friendly restaurant and bar complete with retro arcade. There is a good mix of machines with around five modern Sterns, ten 90s machines, ten 80s machines, and 10 70s machines. They have a nice retro arcade with 50 or so machines ranging from Tetris to San Francisco Rush. I think all video games are from 1980-1999. They have excellent seafood and beer on tap. You'd feel comfortable hanging out here and drinking a beer while playing pinball or taking your 3 year old.

EMs .25 per game
80s .25 per game
90s .50 per game
Lcd pins .75 per game

Opening hours

Closed Wednesdays. 11 to 11 every other day, except they close at 10 on Sundays.


1500 Crain Hwy S, Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA

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2011-07-29 21:32:48

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2021-08-04 02:35:49

Games list

Last updated on 2021-08-04 02:35:49

The following games are listed for this location.

Williams, 1987

Williams, 1988

Stern, 2018 - Added on 2018-09-04

Williams, 1995 - Added on 2018-07-27

Williams, 1992

Stern Electronics, 1980 - Added on 2018-07-27

Bally, 1976 - Added on 2018-07-27

Stern, 1999 - Added on 2018-07-27

Williams, 1986 - Added on 2018-07-27

Williams, 1995 - Added on 2020-01-30

Williams, 1988

Bally, 1979

Stern, 2015 - Added on 2018-07-27

Stern Electronics, 1979 - Added on 2020-06-19

Bally, 1991 - Added on 2020-01-30

Williams, 1986

Bally, 1978 - Added on 2018-07-27

Williams, 1989 - Added on 2020-02-28

Williams, 1990 - Added on 2019-05-10

Stern, 2017 - Added on 2018-07-27

Stern Electronics, 1978 - Added on 2018-07-27

Bally, 1978 - Added on 2021-03-14

Stern, 2003 - Added on 2018-07-27

Stern, 2018 - Added on 2019-01-06

Stern, 2021 - Added on 2021-06-16


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8 years ago

Maintenance is done every Friday. It's been my experience that at least 2-3 tables are out each time I visit. The machines aren't in top condition but they are taken care of.

4 years ago

Date visited: 8/3/18. This was 4th time to Crabtowne in the last couple years, only stopping in when I travel for work in the area. Not much has changed since I found this place and I mean that literally; with the exception of a few pin placements, not much has changed. Crabtowne USA, while not the worst place I have ever played, is well, pretty darn close.
- UP SIDE: Pin selection/variety, especially older machines; a few even for a quarter. That pretty much is it, sad to say.
- DOWN SIDE: Maintenance, lighting, noise.
Likely the most irritating dimension to pinball is lack of maintenance, and Crabtowne has this down in spades. Pins I played here two years ago still have the same lights not working (Playboy, KISS), weak plungers (Pinbot can't even make it up the Vortex ramp), or dead/weak flippers. A few of the modern Sterns ($1/game of course) just didn’t feel right either, mostly due to un-level play fields. Bottom line failure is the games are simply not maintained very well. Whoever is responsible for the work should be replaced immediately, no questions asked. Many play fields are worn and the leveling on nearly every pin I played was outrageously out of balance. I love Eight Ball Deluxe and Playboy, an early Bally SS era games in fact, but both are so poorly maintained that they are nearly impossible to enjoy. I loved finding the EM Night Rider added to this location, but again, it played so poor it took all the fun out of it. The entire place is lit way to bright, and the noise level from the jukebox can be quite irritating, especially on the bank of pins underneath the speakers. I played for at least six hours and stayed till closing on a Friday night. Lots of people so thats a plus, but it’s there’s to make money and nothing more. I feel sorry for the league and weekly tourney’s they have at this location as the quality of these machines would drive me crazy if this was my home location.

4 years ago

New Deadpool pro spotted 8-4-18.

3 years ago

Beatles Gold spotted 01/06/19

3 years ago

A crab shack with a ton of pinballs is pretty much what im hoping heaven will be like.

2 years ago

Arcade is open again for business as of 6/19/2020 with masks required. Reduced seating in restaurant. Great time!

1 year ago

I'm so happy how much this place has changed since I added it to the map just over 10 years ago!
Many games were wrecked and didn't work very well back then but now the place sounds grrrrreat!

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