Flip Side Retro arcade

$12 adult/$10 child free play all day. Flip-Side is a family friendly vintage arcade and museum where the bulk of the games are from the 80’s and 90’s, but range in age from 1931 to current models. Most of the games are sought after by collectors and are very rare. The pinball lineup boasts 25+ titles in the pinside all time top 100, providing limitless fun. The classic video game collection includes top earners from the 80's golden age and other unique games from '70-'99. Jackie Rhodes and Jeremy O’Neal met through a common lifetime love of classic arcade games and pinball. After meeting at a church in Bristol to play Bally's “Nip-it” and spending time playing each other’s personal collections in their homes, they decided to open an arcade showcasing their combined collections in Bristol, Tn. Welcome to the "Flip-Side" of life where it's all play and no gray!

Arcade is now beside Bristol Golf and Club Fittings, behind Burger King on Volunteer Parkway. The new address is 1393 Volunteer Parkway, Bristol, TN.

Flip Side offers Pizza potato chips, candy, canned soda and premium bottled soda. Ask for the items at the front counter.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 4pm-10pm (Closed Tuesdays)
Sat 2pm-10pm
Sun 1pm-6pm


1375 Volunteer Pkwy, Bristol, TN 37620, USA

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Games list

Last updated on 2023-02-26 03:19:32

There are are 41 games listed for this location.

SS Stern, 2012 - Added on 2018-05-28

Polk 10” powered sub

EM Williams, 1967 - Added on 2017-11-21

Enjoy playing this classic game which has been modified with a neat Apollo program history music video which plays during your game!

SS Sega, 1995 - Added on 2018-01-25


SS Sega, 1995 - Added on 2020-08-25

Off on 10/05/22

SS Williams, 1993 - Added on 2017-11-21

Off on 10/5/22

EM Bally, 1936 - Added on 2018-09-09

Ask to play this incredible 80+ year old game with automatic scoring!

SS Bally, 1992 - Added on 2019-07-27

SS Stern, 2004 - Added on 2017-11-21

Come on by and play! Elvis would appreciate our jungle themed games too! Thank you. Thank you very much!

SS Gottlieb, 1994 - Added on 2022-06-11

SS Williams, 1990 - Added on 2022-01-03

SS Pedretti Gaming, 2021 - Added on 2022-06-11

SS Williams, 1992 - Added on 2017-11-21

SS American Pinball, 2017 - Added on 2019-07-27

SS Williams, 1981 - Added on 2018-03-28

A Steve Ritchie experiment rarely seen operational! It's like firing a machine gun! Lot's of fun for the younger set as you fire pinballs toward letters to spell words while shorting out the attacking lightning bolts!

SS Data East, 1992 - Added on 2021-08-25

SS Data East, 1994 - Added on 2017-11-21

EM Bally, 1973 - Added on 2017-11-21

Currently on location at South Bristol United Methodist Church

SS Williams, 1995 - Added on 2021-10-23

SS Stern Electronics, 1982 - Added on 2023-01-22

SS Williams, 1989 - Added on 2019-12-01

SS Bally, 1994 - Added on 2017-11-21

Color DMD!

SS Bally, 1999 - Added on 2017-12-18


EM Chicago Coin, 1973 - Added on 2018-03-28

Currently out of service

SS Williams, 1994 - Added on 2022-05-15

SS Williams, 1990 - Added on 2019-12-01

SS Williams, 1991 - Added on 2021-10-12

SS Williams, 1984 - Added on 2023-02-26

Full restoration. Hardtop

SS Data East, 1991 - Added on 2019-06-30

SS Williams, 1993 - Added on 2019-08-24

SS Williams, 1999 - Added on 2019-12-01

SS Sega, 1997 - Added on 2020-08-25

SS Stern, 2019 - Added on 2020-12-20

EM Williams, 1974 - Added on 2022-12-12

EM Williams, 1969 - Added on 2023-02-26

SS Williams, 1988 - Added on 2022-10-22

SS Gottlieb, 1993 - Added on 2020-06-22

SS Jersey Jack, 2016 - Added on 2017-11-21

Has a ground pounding Polk Sub

SS Data East, 1988 - Added on 2022-05-27

EM Williams, 1955 - Added on 2017-11-21

One of only four known! You'd have to go to California or Paris, France to see one elsewhere! Currently for display only.

SS Stern, 2015 - Added on 2020-04-10

SS Sega, 1997 - Added on 2019-12-01

DMD didn’t work

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DSCF0003 (resized).JPG
DSCF0002 (resized).JPG
DSCF0029 (resized).JPG
DSCF0028 (resized).JPG
DSCF0022 (resized).JPG
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DSCF0001 (resized).JPG
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0C168D35-0963-46EE-88C9-7A2598F42BAD (resized).jpeg


5 years ago

Flip Side now has a multicade pinball machine. This machine has 76 pinball games on one machine. The graphics and effects are awesome. Many games are based on Marvel Comics characters. After you finish a game, you have the option of continuing the game with some bonus features. The games play like real machines. You can even shake the machine. The Ant-Man game has an odd feature: you can have two-ball multiball where one ball is clear and you can see only the outline of the ball. Another game, Captain America Civil War, has a point where the playing field turns red. This machine is yet another reason to visit Flip Side Retro Arcade.

4 years ago

The new location is excellent. It has more space, and the walls are painted with a black light scheme. When the black lights are on, the walls look cool.

3 years ago

I finally got to meet Jackie and Jeremy. Both men are passionate and knowledgeable about pinball machines. Jeremy fixed one machine on the spot after I pointed out a bad flipper. They gave me some info on some of the pinball places in the area. Jackie and Jeremy are responsible for the machines at Depot Street Brewing in Jonesboro,TN. They also had machines at Elderbrew in Bristol, but the machines were recently taken out. Also, they have the Apollo machine in the arcade on display.

3 years ago

Always a great time visiting Flip Side Retro Arcade. My kids and I love playing pins and arcade games and they have a great selection. Jackie is a really great guy and a true pinhead. I like to spend time learning rules / discovering new pins and Flip Side Retro Arcade is a great place to do both.

1 year ago

They have a really good selection of pins. I was excited to be able to play Houdini (suck it haters). The ball continued to get stuck in the stage and would not get pushed back out. You couldn’t play or finish modes. Eventually ball search would kick in and the ball went to the scoop. It took 4-5 tries to get the ball out.
This was an indicator of what was yet to come on most machines there. I know pins are mechanical and upkeep is challenging but… I hope more attention is paid to the machines and please think about getting rid of those LED flippers.

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