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Game design: 7.13

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Sounds/Music: 6.896

Other Aspects: 7.396

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Found 109 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 109 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
Ok, I was about 17 when this game came out and I played it. I swear I kept hearing the female voices every night after playing her for hours. If you've ever played Xenon, then you know what I'm talking about. The game is sexy. I love the art package on it too. Lots of chrome/mirror-like finishes. Very futuristic looking. Expecially for an early 80's game. Great fun to play!
7 years ago
Certainly one of the most beautiful to look at and also fun to play.
7 years ago
This game gets high marks from me. You have to grade it based on the era its from and in 1980 this one captured many a young mans quarter. She is still the hottest female robot on the planet.
7 years ago
Le xenon a veillit.
Trop bien classé...on fait mieux depuis.
7 years ago
Grew up with Xenon...ah the memories. Sounds seem to rule in this one, wow. Love playing and listening. Sweet 80's game!
7 years ago
This game is a classic, try a tube shot is the most recognizable sound this game makes. Great for its time.
7 years ago
It's cool in a lot of ways, but ultimately not fun to me.
7 years ago
Great early Solid State. Beautiful artwork. Early 'rail' tube that was ingenious for the time. Fun game of the era!
7 years ago
The artwork and sounds alone make me want to add this pin to my collection. the actual gameplay is somewhat lacking, but still enough there to be entertaining for a while...the best insert quarter sound effect in the history of pinball!
7 years ago
Xenon started the pinball sickness for me....way back when I was 4 years old my papaw ran a little pub here in KY. In the corner was a xenonm I hadto stand in a ashtray just to play it. This game has stood the test of time with me, back when most games was flat with just bumpers...this one has the tube shot...cool effect, some of the best artwork to date....as Mr. Bucchi says "Tigs at the ol heart strings"
8 years ago
Great looking and sounding game, but not the best player, somewhat repetitive even for this era.
8 years ago
why is this game is so high?
game does nothing for me, but i do have to say artwork is pretty damn good!
8 years ago
A classic that I proudly own. The Youtube Suzanne Ciani video from OMNI showing how it was created is a must-see. Way ahead of its time, and a satisfying multiball. Sure, you can criticize some aspects, but quite unfair to do so considering the state of computers at that time.
8 years ago
One of the all time great art/sound packages from the early solid state pinball era. A good simple mix of drops, stand-ups, one ramp, and rollover shot. The audio features a very suggestive moaning female robot voice, and has some awesome sci-fi sound FX as well. There is not a ton of variety, but for it's generation it is top notch. The gameplay is nice and simple fun, but not really easy. There isn't a ton to do, but damn if it isn't fun for a few quick games! And have I said it's f**ing beautiful?!
8 years ago
High marks for: Theme, lighting, artwork, speech, ramp & tube w/ lighting.
I also like: the spinner, multi-ball, sounds, pop bumper placement & action.
Good example of a machine that is still enjoyable/appreciated/collectable.
This machine has some uniqueness -- not just like every other machine.
8 years ago
Game is gorgeous but it is dated and very slow.
8 years ago
This was the first machine I ever bought and it was a really fun pin for it's age. The playfield has some of the coolest artwork although mine was pretty blown out. Everyone should own one at least for awhile.
8 years ago
Truely beautiful machine... I remember seeing this as a kid for the first time in an arcade in the Isle of White (White Sands I think it was called). I was so excited to see it that I was speechless... if I was prone to prostrate problems I'd have probably wet myself! The only thing that lets it down id the gameply... it is quite weak!
8 years ago
Old fashioned, for sure, but nevertheless, it's a good time, especially considering it was $.25 a game where I was playing. You have to get it in the trap up top off your plunge, otherwise your down 10,000 points off the bat! The back glass and theme is pretty sexual, but very of its time.

Overall, pretty slow paced, but wide-open board leaves you susceptible at times.
8 years ago
I am sorry to throw cold water on this pin but it is massively over rated. The rating seems to come from the naked female forms in the art work. It is getting to the point when a review states "the art work is amazing on this pin" I read "there is at least one hot chick to look at". The game was made in the early 80s and may compare favorably to this era but relative to a 90s or 2000s game it is antiquated.
8 years ago
Played a near mint Xenon today...What an amazing piece of machinery!!! The quality that Bally was bringing to the tables was incredible...couldn't stop playing the game, even though I knew others were waiting...This pin is like a classic rock album you haven't listened to in years, then you hear it again for the first time and are like WOW it's a classic for a reason. The tube shot? That voice? The art work? what more can I say that other's haven't said already...I'd love to find one in decent shape for my collection
8 years ago
I was about ready to buy one of these to put next to my Barracora and Space Invaders but I lost out on a local sale. How about that combination? Game play is typical "classic Bally" with the addition of the lighted tube ramp. But the speech/sound/artwork/infiniti backglass package are exceptional. What can I say other than "nice tube shot"?
8 years ago
"That backglass!", A real stunner, probably the best looking pinball out there.Audio is also fantastic . A real classic! If anyones selling let me know! ;)
8 years ago
Beautiful game. Play is very slow and shots are very repetitive. Wish I could give it a higher rating. I bought it because I remembered enjoying it in my teens, but it doesn't compare with similar games that play faster and have more shot variety and difficulty.
8 years ago
This is one of my favorite Classic Bally games. The artwork and overall theme are mesmerizing. The speech that is used in the game was pretty advanced (high quality) for the time also. Bally really went the extra mile on this one. I hope to own a Xenon of my own one day.
There are 109 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 5.

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