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Game design: 7.116

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Other Aspects: 7.374

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There are 107 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
One of the best looking machines! Nice shots and keeps you coming. Very appealing for a early Bally game. PF and backglass is very well thought of. Reminds me of Space Invaders but its not a wide body. Fast shots and with purple/blue LEDs, the machine looks modern.
5 years ago
What a great looking game. Not too much to it but it is a really great looking pin. The back glass has to be one of the best in pinball. Very cool 70's sci fi art.
5 years ago
Personally, this is my favorite mixture of artwork and lighting on a pinball machine. Absolutely gorgeous. Gameplay is basic but fun. Great for it's time.
5 years ago
A great period piece; a must for any serious collection
5 years ago
Classic & fun Collectible
5 years ago
Lots of fond memories in the arcade with Xenon and her seductive "Ah" every time a quarter went in her!
5 years ago
I was 10 when this came out. This and Meteor sat next to each other at the local bowling alley. The grown-ups were always on the pins so I pretty much was stuck playing a beat-up Space Invaders. I would hear the sound effects from Xenon while playing SI and couldn't stop looking over. Eventually I got my chance to play it and I got in trouble that night because my Mom called my name about 15 times and I didn't hear her at all. I had already been converted by the Xenon tube....

Such a great reminder of an era. Even if you weren't alive then, this pin can take you back.
5 years ago
Was fortunate enough to play a mint condition fully restored Xenon. Artwork is second to none in pinball and it's a great fun pin.
5 years ago
okay game for its age
5 years ago
Xenon is in my collection for 3 BIG reasons. 1) Back-glass is best of all time: with LED's added it just pops - our friends at coin-taker have contrived the perfect layout for the LED's and they are highly recommended. 2) is speech: I remember my first coin dropped in the Xenon as a kid at the arcade and the accompaning ladies "sigh" - her voice is worked in magnificently through the game-play experience. 3) The art package - Paul Faris is simply the BEST artist of all time in pinball. His work on this game and Centaur is museum quality. These 3 factors make a fairly pedestrian pinball game worth owning.
5 years ago
Played this game many years ago and loved it, I would keep coming back to play more
5 years ago
Was fun 80"
5 years ago
Great theme and beautiful Art package certainly add volumes to the appeal of this game. It is a good solid player that keeps me coming back for more.
5 years ago
Overrated !!! Just de backglass is nice.
6 years ago
Again, a classic that is over rated....its not that fun to play...
6 years ago
Gorgeous game. I was fortunate enough to play a better-than-NIB version recently. Love it. There are probably better games from the 80's, but that one is a pleasure to play
6 years ago
Xenon is all about the art...the INCREDIBLE art! And the sexy lady moaning and groaning too. I love the backbox lighting with the marquee type illumination around the glass. As a player Xenon is an above average Bally from its time but not up there with Centaur or Fathom. It's also not as pricey as those two either. Nonetheless, Xenon looks so good that I could just stare at it in attract mode for a while. Kinda regret not taking a closer look at one with a worn playfield at the last Pinfest for $500 asking price.
6 years ago
I have wanted this game for decades, now I own one!
6 years ago
This is a true classic from a gone by era. This machine begs you to play it.... literally...! The lighting in the back glass is just pulling you in. It is a fun game for sure, but can be a bit repetitive. If you really get in the groove of this game you can hit the sweet shots over and over and really rack up the numbers. But again this is just an all around fun and fast paced machine.
6 years ago
This is THE machine that started my love affair with pinball. I fondly remember playing it constantly at the local pizza shop when I was 11 years old.
Great sound for the era. The overall look of this game is just amazing. The mirrored backglass just draws your attention.
6 years ago
A true Bally classic
6 years ago
Xenon is a decent player that brings the idea of "theater" to a new level. I am glad to have had the chance to play this game in good shape recently.

The Pros:
This game looks and sounds fantastic. Congrats to Faris and Ciani on a job incredibly well done. When multiball is up and running, it sounds like people are making the beast with two backs from the pop bumper sounds. The double mirrored lighting/ falling into the BG is a beautiful effect. The tube to the lock is a simple and effective means of getting the ball from one end of the PF to the other. Sorry B.o.P. This girl is older and sexier than you. Xenon is a pinball MILF.

The Cons:
Can be a bit simple at times... but still is a classic playing Bally table. Greg Kmeic's last great selling table.

The Takeaway:
This is what happens when you give very creative people license to work as they deem fit. Greg Kmeic did a great job on this game. While Xenon may not feel and play as good as other games made at the time... the entire AV package done incredibly well and cannot be denied. The whole team came together on this deck. This game defines "pinball as art" for more than a few collectors. Considering this game came out in late 1980... this game is a technical as well as an artistic achievement.

I got to play a super nice copy at dory hill 2019 and really enjoyed it. The owner of the game played it with me and confirmed my belief in it as a 2 shot game. The good news is those 2 shots are in the sweet spot of the flippers and while it is spinner-saucers/ ramps all day, it is a fun game to shoot and a hard game to control. Both the feeds from the tube lane and the saucer into the pops mean that controlling this table is no easy matter. There really are no safe shots on this game. Dial this game in and you have a player! It’s easy to see why the ops liked this game, the art/ sound package drew players in and game times were short. People may complain that the rules are too simple. They are simple. But the game’s resources may have been devoted to the theatre of the game instead.
6 years ago
It's xenon. I shouldn't have to say more but ill try to say something other than what everyone says. The blue lights suck you in to what I see as a transporter in space. The story I get out of the games grafx is the people fly into one side of the tube as humans and once to the other side your supposed to be evolved into these space people. The lights that go around the back box are supposed to be the same lights that light along the tube. When looking at the back box is supposed to be a first person perspective of yourself flying through the xenon tube. Like I said the lights suck you in and the droning lifeless voice reminds me of someone enticing you to" join them" like we have heard in many movies so many times before. Bv
To me this is not one of those cheese ball games with a bunch of toys that has no meaning. Xenon is a game that stands on its own without support of some troll movie or capitalistic rock band with finger paint on their face. This is xenon folks. It's stands its own.
Also I don't know how mr Kmiec or Paul Faris really came up with the idea of the game but I assume he was sitting around thinking of an idea of a new game and used his last name as a acronym and came up with kinetic molecular integrated evolution cylinder. The way I came to this conclusion is, while studying the artwork you see that written on the side near the drop targets.
Ha ha once again this game sucks you in. The gameplay is very smooth and nicely thought out. The game can be simple or it can be a challenge depending on how you play it. every part of the game has purpose. Dont neglect the stand up and drop targets for some killer points and extra balls. its very satisfying if the game is fully played to its potential. If your just shooting for a single kick out to get a multiball you will not appreciate the game and you should give up pinball and play some skee ball. To me thats not playing pinball. If you don't have this game. Better go and get it cause its a must have for any pinhead beginner or big dog.
7 years ago
Ok, I was about 17 when this game came out and I played it. I swear I kept hearing the female voices every night after playing her for hours. If you've ever played Xenon, then you know what I'm talking about. The game is sexy. I love the art package on it too. Lots of chrome/mirror-like finishes. Very futuristic looking. Expecially for an early 80's game. Great fun to play!
7 years ago
Certainly one of the most beautiful to look at and also fun to play.
There are 107 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 5.

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