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40 days ago
Fun machine in a larger collection, really great when you get the machine going, sounds and art is just fantastic and gameplay is decent. Overall an enjoyable game that I have no problem keeping in my collection for now.
64 days ago
Xenon sits next to Star Trek in my line up and all I can think is WOW, what a difference from 1979 to 1980! Xenon really raised the bar in terms of theme, art and sound. Star Trek while fast fun comes across as a title that just as well could have been an EM instead of SS title.

Xenon on the other hand feels to be a more integrated whole that takes advantage of the SS tech of the time period. Bally really seemed to have stepped up on this title compared to Trek. Touches like the animated backglass, flashing shooter gauge, great artwork, voices, etc which could have made Trek far more than it was.

If I have a knock about Xenon, I wish some of the call outs had more variation which isn't fair since newer machines do this too but get use to hearing "Xenon" a lot. The action is fast, the sound effects are above average for the time period and the artwork can't be beat. Toss some LED's in and it really adds to how great the game looks.
8 months ago
Xenon is quite the looker, mainly because of the beautiful artwork on the backglass and the infinity lighting complimenting it. The sounds are very cool as well.

However, this game lacks in the gameplay and layout departments. It's fun to play a couple of games on, but gets old fairly quickly.
9 months ago
As far as the look of the machine, Xenon has to be one of the sexiest prettiest looking pinball machines of all time. And the playfield artwork is truely psychedelic and deep. As far as the back box scoreboard lighting and mirror effect, it is mesmerizing and truely stands out, and eye catcher for sure.
As for gameplay.....ehhhh, it's not bad, but definately the greatest as it gets kind of old after a while, but not bad considering the era (1979-80) if you are a fan of pop bumpers, then the 4 powerful bally bumpers are a plus. The tube ramp is interesting and a first of a kind for the era. And game speed is okay.
Only issue I have is the simplicity and game rules get old kind of quick, and maybe a but boring in most peoples opinion.. But for me i like the oldschool late70s early 80s era. And love the riding of the rail when plunging the ball into playfield of the older games.
Sound oldschool sound effects and voices are okay , but the simple chime music playing over and over and over again gets real real real annoying...
The sexy female voice kind of draws you in...lol, and the orgasmic moan when you put a quarter in kind of tells you what kind of seductive woman Xenon is....yep Xenon is a gold digger, and her only motive is to drain your pockets, lmao.
Shell drain your pockets quickly as the game is over quickly if your not good at it.
All and all its decent pinball machine, but a little too simplistic as far as game play, but that's to be expected for the late 1970s to very beginning of early early 1980s era...So for the era, it is a decent game.......The best thing Xenon has going for it is The Awsome Visual Aspects....visually, it's one of the best.
11 months ago
Quite a looker, no doubt. The backglass is both magic and seductive. Interesting playfield layout und overall cosmetics. Problem is that the gameplay itself isn't that spectacular compared to other good early 80's games.

I think a lot of the hype around this has to do with its looks, rather than how good it plays. A decent table, but not something I would have to own. Especially considering the price tag for this cult item.

Update; oct -19 after some more mileage on this game. It looks cool but the play itself just isnt that interesting. Previous scores are justified.
1 year ago
Xenon is a Fun and good game. I would recommended to people that are look to get into pinball.
1 year ago
I just love xenon! Just 2 or 3 short years before EMs were still being built. Then you look at xenon and wow, she had to have set the bar high for 1980. Simple 2 ball multi ball and ramp shot makes her a fun machine for beginners.
1 year ago
One of the most artistic and cool pinball machines around. The playfield art, wow... What going on?! I can just imagine my own story. Backglass and the lighting of the infinity glass... stunning. The sounds are strange yes, but unique. The early 80s pinball 'music' is meh, but good compared to the others at that time and even after. The Xenon voice, wonderfully innovative. Game play? Well, it's simple, easy to understand, has Multi Ball and come on, one of the best 'rip the spinner's games around!
1 year ago
One of the best looking machines of all time. I've owned this a ton of time, not because of gameplay but just the overall look of the machine.
1 year ago
"Xenon" is "Pin-Bot" before there was "Pin-Bot". The difference is that "Pin-Bot" is actually awesome and "Xenon" is just plain terrible.

It's a relic of a time long since past in which women in space wear tight, sexy clothing and moan at you to score points. I think.

All while the annoying music goes faster and faster, creating "pressure" so you'll screw up and miss your shots. It's a shame it's easy to make those because the music just becomes annoying and terrible. Additionally, there isn't much to this game past hitting ramps and drop targets.

Even the art is ugly and misogynist, praised only because of its sex appeal. Don't believe me? Read the majority of the reviews for it and you'll see men fawning over sexually-tinged audio that's poor at best.

You want sex and pinball? Try either of the "Elvira" games or even "Bride of Pinbot". "Xenon" is a dated loser.
1 year ago
A bally classic that never get old. If you get to play one on a clear coated PF that's set up nicely, it rocks!
1 year ago
I have restored 2 playfields for this and made reproduction aprons for it, so I’m a bit ashamed I don’t know the rules better… Absolutely beautiful art on the PF, BG and cabinet. The first female voice is cool, and what guy wouldn’t like sex noise sound effects… I’m willing to bet these were a major contributor to the high number of copies sold.
1 year ago
1 year ago
I like xenon. and easy game and a great looker and if you add LEDS stunning backglass is one of the tops in all of pinball
2 years ago
Great art but that is all that its got. Not that fun.
2 years ago
A pretty face, for sure. Great backglass, cool artwork. Unfortunately, for gameplay I find it to be a bit repetitive and uni-dimensional. There's the spinner and the tube shot. The drops feel like an afterthought. Is there something else going on here?
2 years ago
I love the Xenon mainly because of its backglass, a great piece of art.
It was one of the first game having a tube and was considerer very innovative when it ran out on the market.
2 years ago
I editted my rating here as I read some of the other comments and thought I may have got it wrong.
Played it for an hour after having not played it for aaaaaaaaaaggggeeess.

It's better than I remembered. Plays like a classic, with the saucer top middle off the plunge.
It's actually a lot faster than I remembered, in multiball anyhow. The pops are pretty close to the flippers and send the balls back to you frequently so you can be dealing with alot at once, trying to get them through the spinner (which stays lit after multiball ends for the rest of the ball). The spinner shot is good, as is the tube shot - but really that is the only 2 shots in the whole game. Maybe the drops sometimes when a ball is locked and you have one on the left flipper, but even then the tube's a better option.

It's still really all about the backglass with Xenon (which is stunning every time you turn it on). The artwork is good (have a repro pf which is nice) but the game is something from a previous era. A good play if you're looking to learn basic pinball skills or just like ripping spinners. If it wasn't so cool looking, I wouldn't own one. The same can't be said for Fathom or Centaur for example as these are unique games in their own right (AND they look cool).
2 years ago
I just got this game today and can't stop playing it. Yes, there's the obvious - the back glass (es) is/are stunning. The chaser lights add a nice effect, and I like how the lights follow the music - the faster the music, the faster the lights move. And there's multiball.

The playfield is also a work of art, in my opinion. It's a little sparse, but it works well. I'll never get tired of trying a tube shot! And ripping that spinner, which of course, is my favorite pinball target. At least on this game, the spinner is a satisfying shot. I also own a Silverball Mania and that has 2 spinners, but every time you get a good spinner hit, the ball bounces right back and stops it. Not on this game - it truly is a satisfying shot for me.

Most people think the game is a little boring, but I don't think so. That ramp shot is not so easy when you're under pressure with the music and lights going faster. The drop targets are a breeze with the top arch rollovers that knock them down for you. The left and right outlanes are not too much of a problem as the ball usually bounces off the mini posts, but that center drain is a killer. The mini post located below and left of center of the flippers occasionally saves the ball, but most of the time, the longer right flipper wireform blocks the balls travel and bounces it away.

There are definite goals with this game, one of which is to achieve multiball and light the spinner for 1,000. The bumpers get some nice action as well, despite the odd layout, or perhaps because of the odd layout.

Regarding the music, I thought it would start to annoy me, but I really like it. The vocals are also spectacular for the era this game was produced.

Overall, with the backglass, lights, playfield, music and vocalizations, this is an excellent game, and a lot of fun. It is also challenging as you try to keep the ball alive.

Just my 2 cents!
2 years ago
this one is older also..but the theme is perfect
2 years ago
This is the most beautiful machine ever created. Period. The backglass with blue leds is just unbelievable, its a real contemporary art piece itself. You have to see it to believe it. The music and calls are perfect, entirely capturing the fascinating, adult, mean spirit of the early computer era. Its such a deep, strong experience playing this machine. 90' and later machines, especially if based on licensed movies, pales in comparision. It looks like pinball machines were made for adults in the early ss era, and then the age target dropped to early teenage. Or actually the taste of pinball players dropped dramatically over 15 years! Set it up properly and its great fun and fast to play.
2 years ago
Back box looks cool. Kinda a slow game no real lastability.
3 years ago
In the future, popular spacewear includes mandatory thongs worn overtop of clothing. A+ for the art.
I love it when she tells me to "make a tube shot". Not sure what the story is though, it reminds me of looking through a book as a child and only looking at the pictures without reading the storyline. Tables from this era never needed to explain themselves. Xenon is like an evil corporate alien overloard sitting atop a very tal tower and you must escape her? Who knows, drains like a b*tch but addicting a hell to play! The first table I ever owned. My girlfriend especially appreciates the proportional and very clenched buttox.
3 years ago
Nice art package but gets tired quickly
3 years ago
Hypnotizing and fun this game just gets better with age and its challenging shots and pace are better too with time. Utterly different from its peers and the opposite of all games in the top 10, it is in a place all its own.
There are 107 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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