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Game design: 7.722

Artwork: 8.441

Sounds/Music: 7.262

Other Aspects: 8.06

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There are 98 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
I like the fact that this machine has some challenging shots. I love the Juggernaut animations. I feel like the layout had good potential but the rules are just...lacking. Had one on location near me for several months. Put a fair number of games on it, but just never really enjoyed it or felt a craving to go back and play more.
6 years ago
Went over a friends house and couldn't stop playing it. Fast and fun. My first game that had magnets that altered the play. Wish I could afford one because i want one.
6 years ago
Great game
but i wish it was less multibl play...
6 years ago
Really disappointing game. I really wanted to like it because I really liked the theme. But in the end, its a game in which I wouldn't be bothered too much if I never played another ball on it.
6 years ago
I'm still getting to learn X-Men. I like it, but I like it less and less the more I play it. Not a good sign.

The Pros:
A great PF borrowed and flipped from Tron with a few extra shots at the top of the PF. This game has flow! Magneto MB start with the balls spinning in the middle of the table is way sweet.

The Cons:
This one is on me. I still don't know how to really make this game sing. The Wolvie magnet is not my favorite placement of a magnet on a PF. Standard issue hit the (whatever) shot x times over to complete mode is... uninspired. The Iceman ramp/diverter missing from this game is an improvement from the LE version... ugh.

The Takeaway:
I'm still willing to give this game the time it needs to get updated and play the way it should. Between the LE's and the standard edition, I am beginning to think that the standard version is superior (transformers syndrome) to the more expensive LE variant of this deck. We will see what Stern and Lonnie Ropp have in store for us with updated code this title... but I am losing faith with this title.

FAITH RESTORED! There are two big reasons for this. One, a friend of mine got a Magneto in primo shape and it is a joy to play. Two, I have a much better idea of what to do after reading the rulesheet and getting to know this game better. Wow! I may have never been so happy to be so absolutely wrong about a pinball game. This game just made the want list! That and a Ripleys...

Scores updated accordingly. More updates to come!

Update v.2:
Now, when I go to my friend's home to hang and play pinball, I spend an inordinate amount of time on this deck. The shots are tight, the rules are deep and the flow of the game is spot on! The strange thing is that the features of the LE are some of my favorite and some of my most vilified toys on a pinball game. I love the Nightcrawler "troll" targets and the spinning magnetic multiball start. But that damn Iceman ramp that feeds the ball SDTM (with no ball save) is one of the worst features ever put into a pinball deck. Playability goes to the pro on this feature alone. I don't care for the translite on the Pro. It's too damn busy for my tastes. For some reason, the voice acting on this game is serviceable, but not more than that. And that is a shame, because the comic book is all about the characters. I don't like adding mods to make the game play as it should, but the Wolvie messenger ball makes visibility and the shot less of a bash toy and more of a skillfully aimed shot. You still have a random reflection from the shot, but it is not the sucker shot it was before. Get it already. The rules on this table are incredible, complex and very well done. Combos, stacking modes, functions and multiballs... Hooo-eee! This game is very deep and challenging. The DeadPool rules make a huge difference in how you select and complete modes. X-Men joins games programmed by Lyman Sheats and Keith Johnson in terms of complexity, needed knowledge of the ruleset and skillful play as far as what the player needs to do to reach and complete the wizard modes in this design. This game has just made the "want" list. I grew up with the comic book and with all the work that Stern and Co. has put into this game... It's a true player for me!

The best rulesheet that I have found for this game (S/w ver 1.51) can be accessed here:

Update v.3:
The voice actor for Magneto sounds like Mister Magoo.
6 years ago
Just ok. I have well over 200 games in on the pro edition and a handful in on the LE. Even if the software wasn't botched I think this would still be just an ok title. The addition of hand-drawn artwork (even if Stern hacked it) makes this a very attractive game, which is detracted by the gaudy wolverine and magneto figures on the playfield. Wolverine might be my least favorite thing on this game as it also seems like something better could have been done with the left side of the playfield if he wasn't there. Balls are also always getting stuck under his elbo and draining down the center. On the plus side, the shots are tough and it is rewarding when you are able to loop together a few shots as the game can have decent flow.
6 years ago
This game is much better than it is rated. I rated this prior to loading the version 23 software. Bt nit is a fun game that kicks your butt. Fast, furious, and fun. The magnets really make this a wild ride. The voices are a little annoying but I can look beyond that and have some great games.
6 years ago
Great game, gives us hope as pinball grows into the future. Great game, gotta love the theme, can't wait to play other version and avengers.
6 years ago
Better than LE (3000$)cabinet and translite very nice than other version and better reseller than other version,just add some leds and some modes,don't need moving ramp,don't need the nightcrawler that you never seen on other version
This game is fantastic,good luck with your sale LE owner
6 years ago
Wolverine on the playfield is not in a good spot. Not fun for me.
6 years ago
Really sweet pin. The game is months old and every one i play lately looks like it's been on route since the 90s. Voices are a bit lame.
6 years ago
XMEN is a decent/good layout that is affected by a sub-par rule set. Going for a great score usually means timing out villain and hero modes.
6 years ago
without extra feature from prem/le, x-men pro does not distinguish itself.
6 years ago
I will write more on this once the code is updated (hopefully soon). I have played the PRO many many times as a friend owns this. I love this machine out of the box and it will only get better w/ code update(s). She looks very very pretty, the art is wonderful. Dots are amazing.
6 years ago
Couldn't get into this one. Feel (sturdiness if that's a word etc) better than some recent Stern games I've criticized - don't even mind the plastic lock-down bar. I admit the one I played suffered from poor room lighting = glare, but the playfield just had a cramped, crowded feel to it. I usually like quicker paced games, but will pass on this one.
6 years ago
Fun game that I didn't initially think i'd care for. Great layout with lots of shots. I liked the magnets a lot. Only thing I didn't care for were the huge figurines incorporated into the game.
6 years ago
Nice game by stern I like the random ball movement created by the magnets it keeps you on your toes
7 years ago
i love this beautiful pin , played it more than 15 hours ( not in a row ! )

In my top 8 Stern ( with Lord Spiderman AC/DC Metallica Transformers Tron Simpson ) and i owned a Lord and a Simpson

Nice playfield artwork
Fun multiball many difficult shots solid stern perhaps better than AC/DC ( i like it too but sometimes unfair )

Beautiful pin and not boring like Batman Indy or Pirates for example

However i think the wolverine toy is too big and takes too much place on the left part of the playfield
7 years ago
The more I play it the more I like it. A ton to do and many shots to hit. The giant ugly Wolverine doesn't help its cause though.
7 years ago
Very fun. Interesting ramps and shots. Weird magnet thing, that added a bit of fun. I really liked this machine for the get go!
7 years ago
REALLY fast game with plenty of tight shots. The Magneto and Wolverine figures seemed ridiculously huge on first glance, but with more plays I got used to them and Wolverine doesn't block my shots or view like I originally thought he would. The under pf magnets are amazingly responsive and Magneto's mag really flings the ball around well. The artwork is great, especially the cab and translite and the DMD animations are good too. The game also has plenty of modes, so getting to a wizard mode is no easy task. In it's current form, the code still needs a bit of work. Aside from Beast, the voices don't bug me too much as I understand the over-dramatics due to the comic book theme. A major gripe I have is with the factory ramp posts causing way too many air balls. It's an easy fix with changing the posts and rubbers, but it's something that should have been originally addressed.
7 years ago
X-Men was a lot of fun! I played it right after it was taken out of the box at my local arcade and was pleasantly surprised throughout the entire experience. It's probably not my favorite Stern, but it's still really good!
7 years ago
This is a shooters pin in that the shots are very precise and require great accuracy. When you put in the time needed to hit the shots regularly it rewards you with some fast and furious play that is really exhilarating. The two magnets close together just whip the ball around the playfield making it very unpredictable.

The art, dots, and music are very well done in this pin and integrated well into the theme. The dots are in a class of their own. Latest code 1.3 is flat out fun with the implementation of combos in a way that breaks up an otherwise linear ruleset.
There are 98 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 4.

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