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Game design: 7.724

Artwork: 8.444

Sounds/Music: 7.265

Other Aspects: 8.063

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This is "X-Men (Pro)".
The other version is: X-Men (LE)

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There are 98 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
Really fun game. A lot of shots to hits, very cool magneto MB. Sound and artwork are top. I really like the game a lot
5 years ago
One of the best pin ever made. great artwork from the comics and not movie. The upper flipper is the best of the third flipper
5 years ago
Crowded playfield, Big Wolverine toy too close to the flippers. The Magnet just fucked with the flow of play. Looked and sounded nice, gameplay wise I couldn't get away from it fast enough.
5 years ago
Some didn't like comment when i said, "Backglass is good and the toys stand out. Feels very cramped. Like there's too much too close to the flippers. Wanted more from the gameplay for sure." I thought it was fair. My rating was a bit low so i have upped it. It was more fun than Avengers and does look good.
5 years ago
A good an decent game ! Fast and you need to be focus all the time ! Maybe too hard in old version it's a little better now.
5 years ago
This pinball is a blast will like to own one someday .....played it again with the upgrade , and I think is pinball perfection
6 years ago
This pin does not fit me at all I guess. I just cannot get into it. Although I do not usually like Stern machines I find the lack of interesting shots and randomness of the mid playfield magnet to make this one of the machines I like playing least.

I honestly have no idea how this is rated higher than some of the other machines in the top 100 as I love the art and music but find everything else boring.

Update: played again now after all code is updated and I’m a better player. This game is great.
6 years ago
I think parts of x-men flow faster than Iron man in some sections. If I was in charge of design, i would have gotten rid of the scoop near the pop bumpers. The magnets in this game really add to some chaos. I played the pro version and the main toy does little other than to interfere with the balls path. Many shots are tight so younger plays who like to flail away with the flippers will probably get frustrated. I liked the cabinent and backglass. I'd own one in a larger collection.
6 years ago
Quite good overall, I'd buy or trade for one someday.
6 years ago
With the current code (1.3) the game is on its way to being a long-term hit. Good flow. Great sounds, music and dots.

I do really miss the LE features. This is one pro that feels stripped down compared to the LE. I love the NC mechs, LED lighting and spinner.
6 years ago
The Pro loses very little from the LE IMHO. Very fun game.
6 years ago
Didn't like this one bit, so not much to say. The game play didn't suit me as I do not like magnets that toss the ball around, and the big Wolverine toy just kinda sucked in my opinion, and was just in the way of the game. It also had it's claws broke off of one hand, so I'd expect that to happen eventually to a HUO game as well.

It just didn't play well for anyone in my party that played it, and everyone preferred Spider Man and the 2008 IJ to X-Men LE. It also had that same wobbly feeling mentioned in my review of Spider Man. Don't get that, but almost every Stern I've played in any location feels very wobbly and toy like in general.

For that reason alone, I would have a hard time buying a new Stern product..
6 years ago
Maybe the only pro I like more than the LE. The spinning disc not on this one actually makes it better. Great art and gameplay, would love to own.
6 years ago
Really fun game, reminds me a bit of LOTR. A lot of shots to hits, seems like endless combos and modes, very cool magneto MB. Sound and artwork are top notch. quality seems very good. Definitely a shooters game, but this what pinball is all about, making shots, not flailing away at anything. Code could be just a bit more polished, notable with more xball chances. I really like the game a lot!
6 years ago
played an early version and was fun, have now played an updated version and it is more enjoyable, would like to own one, but not at the top of my list.
6 years ago
The code updates have improved this game greatly. The shots are very satisfying and the artwork is awesome.
6 years ago
EDIT: 5/21/14
Gameplay is better than the LE. harder also.
Shots are tight but satisfying. Difficult game with a deep ruleset. Very fun but can be frustrating when not making those tight shots.

-Game is pretty pitch sensitive; recommend 6.5-6.7 deg
-Call outs are hit and miss. The voices are fine, but the call outs are repetitve and can get annoying; especially magneto.
-Multiball action and rules suck in this title - worse ive expereienced in any game ive owned.

- Cyclops > Storm combo is fun
- Beast > Storm combo is fun
- Xavier & Iceman Shots feels good to hit
- Danger Room is an awesome mode
6 years ago
Play field seems bare compared to the LE. I'm not a fan of bash toys on a playfield.
Ok fun game overall.
6 years ago
Played it a bunch with my girlfriend, not impressed, we left credits in it and walked away. Didn't like that you couldn't see much in the upper back of the playfield with the way the ramps are, Wolverine seemed just in the way, just not that fun of a game overall... can't see this one going up in value for sure...
6 years ago
Great package. Magneto multi ball is the ish. Not a fan of the pops setup. Almost bought one after a dozen games on location. Better than Avengers.
6 years ago
Played for about two hours. really liked game play. Flow could be better. Seemed more of a shooters pinball. Would enjoy to own.Edit: The pro version of X-MEN the Wolverine character is placed far enough over to the middle opens up the left orbit shot 'Beast' . I bought the Limited Edition and I had to remount the Wolverine figure to match the Pro . X-Men is a hard pinball that is very fun. Great music , Solid game code as of March 2013. Voice overs are good. STORM has the best voice over. Seek this pinball out and play. Even with an early code it is a blast.
6 years ago
I played the pro at starbase arcade and I think it is a excellent game stern has made not my favorite but I like the layout of the game definitely a lot of fun to play
6 years ago
Game was all around terrible. Had the LE, and couldn't sell it fast enough.
6 years ago
Played it several times at the Ohio Pinball Show. I like the X ramps and magnets, but really the game did nothing for me overall. Seems to be missing interesting rule set and the experience overall just doesn't feel like it's in the upper echelon. I didn't feel the need to play it anymore than I did.
6 years ago
I wish they had pulled the music/voice actors from the cartoon series. Fun pin, tough shots. As I learn the rules my guess is the code issues will frustrate me more but for now, it's a good time.
There are 98 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 4.

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