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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "X-Men". The group itself ranks #74 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 7.642

Artwork: 8.367

Sounds/Music: 7.222

Other Aspects: 7.907

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Found 103 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 103 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
Wolverine-shaped plastic brick ruins the whole left side. Cluttered. Obscured in the upper areas. Might be okay if you just removed Wolverine, but I wouldn't know. Walked away and left credits in.
5 months ago
This game knocks it out of the park with layout, easily one of my favourites from Borg. Theme is not strong though nor are the callouts.
5 months ago
Original Owner and still have it.
5 months ago
Bash toy gets in the way too many times and the heavy breathing noise is a irritant. Not a keeper by any stretch of the imagination.
1 year ago
I love the beautiful theme and cabinet with a few good different shots. But the code of the pro seems not complete with the the fact that there is no spinning disk.
As mentioned by many the VOICE Calls out are horrible.
1 year ago
Pas gardé longtemps, gameplay moyen, pas fun, loin des SPIKE2
2 years ago
Review based on 1.51 code.

This is the most recent pin in my collection and the only one released after the Smashing "Pumpkin's Siamese Dream" .

Game Design:
A well populated fan layout. Both the Wolverine and Magneto molds are oversized and don't really seem to fit in well with the machine aesthetics. Wolverine as a bash toy wont last forever and I'm a big fan of the newton ball mod that replaced him. Game rules are great, the default settings are a great way to play the game but there are plenty of changes to be made to make the game more newbie friendly or tougher for more veteran players. Game play is fast and fun with lots of fun shots, and some tough ones too.

The pro package has the best art of the 3 variants. Villains (and Deadpool) on 1 side and the heroes on the other. The translight has a mix of both. The playfield is clear and colorful, with shots being well defined. The DMD animations are stellar and makes me a little sad that LCDs have taken over the traditional DMD area..... now I know how segmented scoring people feel about DMDs.

The one major knock on this machine is some of the voice acting. Beast is the sore thumb of the bunch , he sticks out in a big way. Overall the voices are good enough. The music is really good but man do I wish they licensed the theme from the animated show.

Everything Else:
The lighting is really good, easy free mod is to rewire magneto's spotlight to GI lighting so that the back of the machine is always lit. The one thing the Pro has over the LEs is that the villain light colors are easily swapped out. I've had this game about a month, so its too early to judge its lastability, but I find myself frequently wanting to play "one more game" The theme is great and the rules and layout all make sense; my only real complain is the lack of bad guys being represented on the PF, they pretty much all are huddled around the light above the flippers and no where else (except magneto)

This is the most fun pin I own and I wish I could afford more newer games like this.
3 years ago
I like the wolverine bash toy and the ramps. The art is pretty good too. I'm not much of a comics fan, but it is a nice pin I wouldn't pass up playing on location.
3 years ago
I have owned this title about 5 weeks and I traded it out. That damn Wolverine figure is a pain in the ass. The artwork, sound etc...is great....can get repetitive thou. Not a keeper for me. Traded it for a Mustang Pro.
3 years ago
The comic book style artwork looks great if you are into that, the variety of shots make this game a real challenge.
I really like the way you have to battle and defeat the villains and collect x-men for your team (deadpool is a great addition). DMD animations are top notch, music and some callouts are not.
Take out wolverine and put in the newton ball for a much better playing game. Change the music and callouts for a better sounding game.
4 years ago
I will add this back one day. Great rules - once code was completed. This has weighted to the overall rating for the game too low IMO. Possibly the greatest bang for your buck in the top 100.
4 years ago
We have owned X-men for around a year. It is a super fun pin. You fight villains, collect the heroes. Has a lot of borg feel and play. If youre able to find one in the wild I would recommend playing it. I think this pin will surprise a lot of people if you give it a couple chances. Its very fast and fun.
4 years ago
Spectacular and colourful pinball based on the famous marvel comics.

This is a densely populated playfield with a high number of possible shots and different paths through the game and its characters. The gameplay is very entertaining and this is one game where I felt that the sync between playfield action and DMD info/effects was rather good. Music here came across as cool and fitting to the theme, followed by a steady stream of call-outs. All in all the sound of this game doesnt get too repetitive or corny.

Its a game that keeps your adrenaline going, although the ball returns are not quite as fast as on Star Trek or Spiderman for instance.

The only negative thing that could be said is that the location of the Wolverine figure looks a little strange on this playfield- blocking the view of more interesting parts on the upper playfield.

Exciting and fun game from Stern. Not unique or insanely fast - but a really entertaining title nonetheless.
4 years ago
Pros: The cabinet art is gorgeous. X-men is a great theme. The upper flipper Storm shot is very satisfying. There's a few different shots to be made with the upper flipper. I also really liked the professor X shot and the physical ball lock.

Cons: I had only played the LE version of Xmen when I bought the pro. The absence of the spinning disc is a big loss on the pro. IMO stern didn't adequately change the code for the pro. It just dumps the balls from the ball lock, catches them on the magnet, then releases them all at once.
The voice call outs are awful and were the number 1 reason I got rid of the game in under two weeks.

Takeaway: I think the LE is the better value in the used market. It's probably worth the time and effort to change the callouts. I still might throw a buck or two in this game on location but I haven't missed having it in my collection.
4 years ago
Somehow this seems to be one of the machines, that are hit or miss with the community and I can see why. The great anticipation vs. reality when it came out just ruined it for many people.
But I wish more people were willing to give it another chance, once the code was not the once pale bare bone anymore.
This game rocks! The variation of shots, multiballs and strategies it has to offer, really make it stand out in my opinion.
Look beyond the first code experience and the callouts (for those that get entangled with that) and you will have a blast!
5 years ago
Rules are fun, shoots are satisfying, there's different ways to play the game, collect Xmens or defeat Vilains, or both if you're really good, two Wizard modes hard to get. The cabinet is really beautiful, the playfield and translite too. I think it's a good game, with an accessible price, better than some of newer Stern. The Mezel newton ball for Wolverine is a must, and of course good leds instead of incandescents.
The layout is really intersting and you can have awesome flow when you begin to master the shots.

EDIT: after many plays, with leds, Mezl newton ball and a custom code i made myself, i think the game is really great, fast, fun and very exciting. Better than i expect at first. A true game for players and shooters, a very challenging pin, i love it more and more.
5 years ago
I think the scrunched up layout is the only real negative to this game. The left side of the pin is awful. If you can look beyond that, it is a beautiful fun pin.
5 years ago
Fun shooting game with decently deep rules. Good dmd animations and fun gameplay. If you are a fan of the theme then this would be a great game for you.
6 years ago
Not a fan of the third flipper. The Wolverine toy is too imposing and in the way. Not a fan of the magnet spinner either. But it does have a good theme and a lot of shots.
6 years ago
Beautiful cabinet, backglass and playfield art. Wolverine scale a little off but Magneto looks good. The rule set is excellent after some seriously needed updates which tarnished its reputation early on after release. Some call outs are aweful and completely over the top but others like Deadpool are hilarious. Everyone loves an upper flipper to ramp shot and this one is awesome. Overall very good and I'm probably in a minority of one but I actually prefer it to the similarly laid out Tron!
6 years ago
I lot of game packed into one machine. The dots and cabinet graphics are top notch. Most call outs are good. A variety of challenging shots, lots of hero and villain modes and a challenging, deep code keep me coming back for more. It's a great value compared to what you will pay for newer more stripped down games.
6 years ago
Xmen is a really fun game with lot of shots to hits. It seems like it has endless combos and modes and some very cool multiballs. Sound and artwork are top notch. The quality of the artwork is great compared to previous stern photoshop efforts. I really like this game a lot!
6 years ago
I really like X-MEN. Very fun game to play.Voices get a bit annoying. The only major issue I have with X-MEN is the placement of Wolverine. I just think it's too close to the flippers. I think if it was situated in a different spot, or even smaller this game would be top notch. Overall I do like and recommend it.
6 years ago
Love this game. Of all my pins this is the one that brings me back more than any other. Fast, hard and fun!
6 years ago
One of my favorite games, and one I can't see leaving my collection anytime soon.

Having played both the Pro, which I own, and a Magneto LE, at the local Pinball Hall of Fame, I have to say I'm more pleased with the layout of the pro over the LE. The only feature I really wish was on both is the spinning Magneto Lock area. I can do without the Nightcrawlers and the moving right Iceman ramp; both are prone to mechanical failure from what I've seen. The ramp especially seems more akin to failing, and ending up loose, not providing good drains coming off of it.

If you're a comic book fan, I would rate the game as a must-have, as it's not based on the films at all.

One thing to note: The game is NOT easy, and I would hesitate to recommend it to someone who's just getting into the hobby. It's definitely what I would consider to be a slower "shooters" game that rewards painstakingly accurate shots. Don't buy this and expect it to flow like it's a Richie!
There are 103 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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