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Other Aspects: 8.144

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Found 163 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 163 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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28 days ago
This game seems extremely underrated to me, probably because it's tough. I've yet to make it to either wizard mode and it's not for lack of trying. This game absolutely keeps me coming back again and again. It is annoying when you lose a ball off the iceman ramp, but that's pinball! Storms voice is annoying, but I hear there's a sound mood I might just have to get!
39 days ago
This is a seriously underrated game.

The layout is one of John Borg's best and has the most flow I've seen on a game of his. Another thing is that no shot feels clunky for a change. Wolverine does obscure the layout, although Uncle Fester's Chair on Addams Family and the bumper area on Twilight Zone do likewise. I generally think pop bumpers belong in the upper third of a game's layout though.

The LE version has the Iceman ramp which I hate as it obscures the entire playfield when moving. Neither do I really think the popping up Night Crawler blocks from underneath the playfield are that enjoyable. The spinning disc makes a real difference though and it is in my opinion the best LE exclusive feature.

The ruleset is really good. Battling the different villains has a nice feel to it and the rules make the game pretty replayable. The Magneto multiball is a real highlight, especially on the LE as a result of having the spinning disc.

The artwork on the playfield is alright and on the cabinet, backglass and animations it is superb. I actually prefer the Pro's backglass over this one's.

All in all, this is a very good and underrated game with a lot of flow, good rules and a high replayability factor. I actually prefer this machine over most Marvel themes (except for Spider-Man or Iron Man). Everybody who is familiar with the X-Men or Marvel in general will have fun on this game as Stern quite clearly focused more on capturing the spirit of the comics.
64 days ago
Great game! Don’t hesitate to grab one if you can. Great shots and rules. I’m not crazy about the red screen, so I just ordered a color dmd to replace it.
3 months ago
My rating is based on the magneto LE version, if it was the wolverine version it would be tad lower (based on art package)
I'll be the first to admit comic version x-men would be a top 3 theme for me and this pin hits all that nostalgia for me.
Art work on the magneto le is simply the best imo out of any stern le to date. The artwork is based in Jim Lee style art which is the style I grew up on. I'm not a fan of the wolverine le artwork if I'm being honest I would rather have the pro art package.

For layout I think it's one of borgs best, maybe a tad clunky when compared to Rush, but still a flow monster. I think the slight clunk is due to the mechs and toys not to the layout. The le is loaded to the brim with toys and mechs. Honestly, it maybe the most packed game stern has ever made. Captive ball lock with spinning magnet slinger, wolverine bash toy with magnet, 2 pop up nightcrawler targets from under playfield, moving ice man ramp. Ect.
For the time the rules are solid and easy to follow. You have your heros and villains. Collect all your heros play danger room wizard mode. Collect all your villains and play dark Phoenix wizard mode. Game also has 4 different multi balls.
Animations are solid, some things taken from the 90s animated series. My only negative with the game is callouts and music. They are average at best. There has been a couple custom sound mods to come out over the years that I think improve it, but there are certain things I'm not crazy about with those too. Maybe one day I'll try and figure out pinball browser and make it my own.

Long story short, I think the x-men LE is the best bang for the buck pin you can buy.
5 months ago
Wow, finally picked up a X-Men LE and game is just fun. Changed out the Wolverine and added the sound mod and game really opens up after that huge wolverine is downsized. The shots flow well, good variety, enjoy the depth of rules but pretty easy to follow and know what you are shooting for. Light and sounds are great. Cool toys with Night Crawler popping up from playfield and Ice Man moving ramp! Art is a little busy on the cabinet and backbox but I like it. Good fun game and so much pin for the current price compared to other LE and Premiums.
8 months ago
hello I have a xmen magneto it is a very nice pinball machine and very well equipped they like the ramp that moves the ball capture is excellent I also like the target coming out of the board I haven't had it for a long time and I'm super happy of his games. the 2 criticism is that the game is difficult with the wolverine figurine which reduces the left loop and which dampens the ball when we hit it by hitting the ball with the upper batsman and which makes us lose the ball the side exit lane are often marked by the ball deflected by the likes which is frustrating an improvement in the code with the possibility of saving the ball in the 2 exteriors would have been great aesthetically it is very beautiful in terms of atmosphere I find it very good and the theme is well respected the dot animations are very good on mine which does not have much use the board at the capture level is starting to be damaged on an LE it is rather average for a huo I recommend freaking out for experienced players to finish collecting the personal and the missions of the villains is a hard task fortunately that the multiball are there to help us he brings a lot to the game and makes it a top
10 months ago
Overall, X-Men is a great art piece and a fun time to play!

Great layout by John Borg: sure, it was refined a bit for Rush, but I think this game stands on its own along with Rush.

Fantastic art package that effortlessly recreates the comics. Nothing to complain here.

Animations are solid, about on par with what Stern was doing at the time.

Rules are well thought out and cohesive. The game also communicates well, and there are little times of confusion playing the game.


I’m not a huge fan of the Professor X shot. I think it’s a little clunky, and not my taste.

Sound gets a little repetitive, and the callouts are fairly bland which I was shocked by

Iceman Toy is stupid. All it does is stress and annoy the player.

Overall, great game! Not the best one out there, but definitely enjoyable!
1 year ago
If you're an X-Men fan and know the story lines this game will amaze you with how in-depth they made the combo shots based on the characters involved in each storyline. Great modes, awesome multi balls, easily understandable rules, and the magneto machine looks incredible! It is a bit one note collect X-Men, battle villains, then Magneto multi-ball, but trying to get everything collected to maximize scoring is definitely difficult to make sure you're hitting the right shot to the right time.
1 year ago
I can't say if the LE version are different regarding the playfields (or. Wolverine version vs. Magneto version).. as I've only played the Magneto version. So this is a rating for Magneto.

The game play on this table is very enjoyable. I found myself coming back time and time again. The callouts were well themed, and the game modes were a lot of fun ( especially getting to cycle through and choose which mission/villian you'd like to play against) As for being a Magneto themed table, I can't say I saw anything other than the backglass which themed it specifically Magneto. Both versions seem to have the spinning magnets in the centre ( which are a lot of fun) and a Magneto toy at the back, with Wolverine toy in the centre. The shots weren't as challenging as other tables I've played.. but it's a great table for anyone to play. I'd definitely like to own this table. I don't like all of Stern's modern tables, but they did a really nice job on this one!
1 year ago
Is in an arcade in a seaside town not too far away from me. Big Marvel fan so loved this one.
2 years ago
Very underrated game, lots of cool shots some very hard to make but that's what makes it a whole Lotta fun. Great color graphics inside and out. Once again though I wish Stern would make a new update on the game so the nightcrawlers would come up more often but besides that I love the game.
2 years ago
I was not in on the earlier code, so I'm rating based on 1.51. I avoided this game, based on ratings, and finally played a Magneto LE at Pinball Showdown a couple years ago. I've finally gotten my hands on the Wolverine LE, and I am blown away by the replay factor! I love the shots, the callouts, and the rules! This is definitely one of those games that seems to have been plagued with bad early reviews. With the newton ball mod (removing oversized Wolverine), it opens up the playfield a ton, and improves that shot. This is a game that greatly benefits from modding (colorDMD a must, alternate sound packages). I plan to find something to replace the oversized Magneto, as well.

What an absolute steal for an LE. I see this one sticking around for a long time!
2 years ago
I owned a Magneto LE and was impressed with Borg's design. If you like Tron, this feels similar but the playfield is reversed and it features more shots. The Magneto ball lock is clever and the ice ramp adds a twist. Add in 2 pop-up targets and this game is pretty busy. The ramps are fun to shoot, and the artwork is good. I'm not sure why exactly, but I prefer Tron to X-Men despite Tron being a bit simpler. Maybe it's the theme. X-Men is a good game. The giant Wolverine and Magneto are maybe a little silly, but it's just pinball after all! The spinning disc multiball that throws the balls in every direction is pretty cool, and came back later in TMNT. This game probably would be a keeper now, but I was eager to try other pins and let it go.
2 years ago
could have more LE features. but all in all nice game. a little bit underrated, i mean.
3 years ago
I love this game, and it is very hard to find... I might just have to put this on the wish list!
4 years ago
Wolverine HUO--I wanted to wait for at least 100 plays before rating this completely underrated game. Ton of code here and numerous great shots, modes, villains and heroes. Beautiful machine and with the newton mod it opens up the left side of the playfield. 4 multiballs, 2 wizard modes, moving ramp, magnets, VUK, etc. This is a great table for home use. It has so many shots, combos, modes, etc. that the lastability is off the charts. Great light show with changing colors. The DMD animations are excellent. For what you can get one of these for---it is one of the best deals to be found. Powder coated, backglass, nice cabinet art. Playfield art is done right. Call outs are average at best--some better than others--only negative I see. Much better than many machines rated higher--believe it.
4 years ago
One of my favorite pins has endured the test of time still loving it after years of play.
4 years ago
It has a lot of elements I like, but it just doesn't do it for me. It lacks the "one more time" appeal. The shots and layout just aren't the best.

Its a game I would play at an arcade it a friends house, but I don't see myself owning it.
4 years ago
This is a great 3 flipper game I love it. ramp shots have its challenges but not as hard as Ghostbusters. I'm a big fan of the Xman comics and playing this with a color DMD would be freaking awesome. Never was a fan of Magnito so playing this to defeat him seems satisfying. Nightcrawler is a tough shot and that's a blast hopefully they hold up and no need to fix. I'm in a crossroads of buying this game of buying a new shed for the yard. One Xman game i played the owner really nerded out the game and had RUSH playing as the new music for the PIN neat but something else would be better. I really dig this game and it would look good in in basement.
4 years ago
it’s an alright game, the character modes are al too similar and the shots aren’t that satisfying. The geometry of this game just feels off. The code depth is there but just didn’t give me the fun factor.
4 years ago
Such a disappointment. Great theme and nice artwork. The wonky layout, idiotic magnets and cheesy voice acting kill it for me.
4 years ago
## Update ##

After spending a lot more time on this - it's even better than i initially thought. Once you've had some practice, can progress through some modes and dialed in your shots, it's amazing. Don't fully understand why it's not higher in the rankings it's one of the best machines I've played there's an absolute tonne of things going on in this pin. I also added a sub, and its a revelation for the sound.


Seems like a lot of people are less than enthusiastic about this one... However, I love the Xmen theme so hunted down a LE Magneto machine and absolutely love it!

It has to be one of the most difficult pins I've played, which probably explains the many criticisms and frankly if this one was on site, I agree it may be too frustrating to feed it many coins. As a home pin though it's excellent, I've had it now for around 8 months and it's my most played by far (along with Theatre of Magic, The Shadow and Ghostbusters). I have heard how the early code was terrible - but don't let that put you off, it really has a brilliant rule set, and the 1.51 code seems to be pretty great to me. It's fantastic how they have incorporated activating the Xmen and fighting the villains. The machine is pretty damn gorgeous too - artwork on this is absolutely off the charts - I currently have this sat next to a Ghostbusters, so it pure pinball eye candy in that corner of the room. :)

It's got a pretty nice flow when you can be a little more precise with your shots - although I have to say I have also added the Mezel Wolverine Newton mod and would definitely recommend this. I found it quite playable with the stock Wolverine, but this mod does open up the left side of the playfield quite nicely, and it's a simple enough mod to install.

If I have one slight criticism it would be the sound quality which doesn't seem to be that great, however the music and call outs are superb. I know this one gets a lot of hate for the speech but I think it fits the game really well.

If you are looking for a pin at home that will last - I would give this one a go.
4 years ago
So I know there are issues with the wolverine toy. But, the place I play at fixed those issues, but sadly the iceman ramp was permanently disabled. The artwork for the cab and backglass is amazing both LEs look great, but the Magneto really pops. Playfield art is a bit too sparse for my liking, and also just bland. The top of the playfield is too dark, but that might just be the pin I was playing on. I'm not a big fan of the layout. Or its rules. They're clunky rules and I really still don't know how to light villain... And I've played this many, many times. It tells me when I've lit it, and I know how to do everything else. Mostly I just go for Weapon X multiball. So far I've never really made this game explode, as its just the type of ruleset/layout that I just can't seem to really get big scores on. That's my fault... The code I do think is deep, as lots of different modes, both the X-men modes which you unlock doing the shots and the villain modes. I like the sound effects and the voice actors. I think they do a great job sounding like the 90s fox cartoon. I also really enjoy the animations in this game. Sadly, this game just doesn't pack too much of a fun punch for me. I play a few games of it and I'm content. Its just not a layout that I personally like, and I don't like the ruleset... Not saying its bad. Just not my thing. You got a lot of different ways to play this pin and things to focus on. Magneto MB is pretty cool, but I seldom get it because I never focus on it. The toys are cool, but again... Good luck utilizing most of them as I think I've only done nightcrawler mode a few times. If I had a 50 pin collection I'd like to have either the Wolverine or Magneto LE in my collection. It is a fun pin to play. And I think its a nice pin for a small collection as its a deep rule set. Just not my cup of tea, but if I owned it I think I would do better at understanding how to shoot it and better game strategies. Which might cause me to like it more.
5 years ago
X-Men drives me crazy. The playfield is basically a bunch of ramps you have to hit...including one that moves around and gets in the way. Those ramps are hard to hit because Wolverine, the table's bash toy, gets in the way constantly. And Magneto's the other hinderance. Neither does a damn thing. Wolverine tosses your ball around occasionally and Magneto does the same -- sometimes, right into the side drain. The game hates you, draining your ball left, right and center, making nudging a necessity to keep things going. The rules aren't clear here, either. I guess you have to hit a certain ramp or ramps to grab heros and occasionally pit them against villains you get from other ramps(?) and it isn't even clear how you finish those stages. It doesn't matter because both Wolverine and Magneto always get in the way, even if you're aiming your shots carefully. It's beyond annoying. Skip this one.
5 years ago
This rating is for a Magneto LE. Probably Stern's best art package of all machines, including recent games like Maiden and Deadpool. The Magneto art package is gobs better than anything before it and rivals Stern's latest offerings. The layout is fun with several different shots from the upper right flipper. The game rules is where this machine shines. Each of the different heroes have different things to shoot for, with nice nods to the comics and animated TV series. The lighting effects are amazing. Stern could have done great things with RGB lighting, if it was commonplace at the time for this game. The game suffers most from two poorly voice acted characters. The others are passable and mimic what we know from the animated series well enough. Again, lots of thought was put into the rules, modes, and character relationships as found in the stories. A great shooting game!
There are 163 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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