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The X Files

Pinside rating

This game received 123 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.140 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #242 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.248

Artwork: 7.006

Sounds/Music: 6.75

Other Aspects: 7.245

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Found 78 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 78 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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69 days ago
Love the show so I am a bit biased here.
Has great flow, shots are easy to make.
They cheaped out on this era of Sega pins by only putting in 1 speaker but didn’t hold back when populating the playfield so I found that a bit weird.
Love it.
72 days ago
finally got my chance to play one out in the wild, been wanting to find one for the right price but always wanted to play one first since its rated relativity low. I thought the ramps were very manageable and fun. Theming on it is great and works well with the show. The file cabinet is fun to shoot. If you like the show it really helps to enjoy this one. For the money its a pin i would get for an existing collection.
8 months ago
sadly I have to agree with most everyone else that this game is just a miss , a big time miss ,being a fan of the old show I really tried to enjoy this game but it was an effort in futility
9 months ago
The X-Files is a spooky world of aliens and monsters. This pin's primary gimmick is a filing cabinet. Talk about missed opportunities! I haven't seen every episode yet, but I consider myself a lifelong X-Files fan. I wish this pin was much, much better. I flip a few games when I find one in the wild, but I would never choose to own it. The sound clips are garbled, the tight shots make it a bounce fest, and it's just one multiball after another. I do appreciate the sound effects, music, and backglass but that's about all.
9 months ago
"The truth is out there"... that this game is mediocre.
1 year ago
Very underating game. For fans of x files a must have.
1 year ago
Still chewing on this one; purchased for my wife who is an x-files fan.

The shots are pretty brutal to make some of the ramps but this makes it satisfying when you do make them! Best have good aim. The sound quality is only so-so, you can tell the clips are encoded at a fairly low bit rate in my opinion and the single speaker in the backbox just adds insult to injury. One speaker? This is where you choose to cut corners Sega? I need to add another. The theme music does tend to get stuck in your head though. The art work is fine on the cabinet, playfield and translite. The playfield toys are middling. While the file cabinet is great you have this giant alien baby in a jar that does... nothing. Ball diverter on the right side? ditto. Someone else summed it up fairly well, good pin if you have a larger collection or an extreme fan of the series. Its ok but not outstanding.
1 year ago
Not really a fan of the show or really of this pin either. Not the worst pin I've ever played, just really don't enjoy playing it. Can't really seem to open it up like other pins. The cabinet MB mode is easy to achieve multiple times. But, for me this is a low scoring pin, even if you go into the modes or rewards for hitting multiple shots. You have to watch hitting the orbits, as those can cause your ball to drain, and the ramp shots are tight. But, the ramps are fun ramps to hit when you do get them right.
For the art. Its mostly just big head artwork. But, I think they do it right in this regard. The translite looks nice, albeit not amazing, but nice. It captures the series and the leads nicely, and even though its big head art it works. The playfield is big head art as well, but again it works decent enough. But, the real gripe I have with playfield art is its too barren. Its just too sparse, and while you can tell where you need to shoot, its just too empty. Also more lights would be nice for a better light show. This light show is only adequate. What I do like is all the sculpts and toys. Got an alien embryo in a glass jar, mud monster, and the bash toy/ball lock file cabinet. The file cabinet is a fine toy for pinball, not the most exciting, but it raises and lowers and I think its a decent enough toy to base a game around, if a little underwhelming to look at, but the integration is spot on.
The cab artwork is one of the best examples that minimalist art can be the best option sometimes. Its just the X-Files logo and it looks really nice. Normally I hate just text on the side of machines, but again this machine pulls it off nicely.
The DMD animations are good, but they lack energy or flair. They really didn't excite me that much, and really that is my problem with this game. It is decent enough to shoot a few games on, but it really doesn't excite me. From the music, to the callouts. Everything is just decent enough for you to stay and enjoy the games, but nothing gets your heart pumping or blood flowing. I don't think I'd ever want to own one of these in my personal collection. But, I will always put a few quarters into one if I see it on location. Not a bad game, just for me it just doesn't excite me. The gameplay after a few games doesn't hold my interest to want to keep trying to open it up. Maybe because it has a MB that is so easy to get many times in a game.
1 year ago
After owning this game for a while, I unfortunately cannot recommend it. I am one of the biggest X Files fans out there, and this game just doesn't do it justice. The ramps do feel good when hit really fast, but other than that, this game is just a clunk fest. Rules are average at best, and the game ends up being repetive. The callouts (or lack there of) are the worst in all of pinball, which being a fan of the show, was what I was most disappointed with. Selling this game is pretty much impossible as well.
1 year ago
This game is mainly a ramp shooter game. Not a whole lot going on besides that. That being said the game does have great art, music, lighting, some cool features, and a fun theme. If you're a kid from the 90s and want a fun pin at a good price point I'm sure you'll like X-Files. If you're a pinball nerd/elitist you probably should pass on it.
1 year ago
First off, i'm a huge X Files fan. I don't think this game would be good in a very small collection but i think it's fantastic in a larger one. mine plays fast and hard, ball times are pretty short. pretty sweet toys in it. my biggest annoyance with this game is that there is a literal filing cabinet as the main bash toy - could have been something cooler like a UFO.
1 year ago
Played this pin today for a while.
More fun than I remembered.
More shots than I remembered.
1 year ago
Fun Sega pin definitely underated. If tuned right this machine is fast as hell, decent ruleset. Actually my only complaint is I wish it had inserts or a light sign with all the modes you can get from FBI scoop. Similar layout to Tom.
2 years ago
Love it great flow fun multi -ball..
2 years ago
This is another game that delivered more than expected. Some nice surprises on the playfield with a pretty good rule set. A fun game that was a pleasant surprise to play.
3 years ago
This is also a shitfest, almost up to par with street fighter 2. Talking about putting someone to sleep while you play. This game can make that happen. I have never had such an uneventful pinball experience than the first time I played this pile-o-shit. I paid to play at a bar. It was sooo boring, I almost walked away before even finishing my game. Luckily, a speck of hope for some fun....glimmered in, when a bulb, managed to work it's way out and roll upon the playfield. Now I had something fun to shoot for, hoping to wedge it in something to bring the game down, so nobody else had to pay for such an awful experience. Trying to hit that loose bulb in something good, was more fun than what the entire game had to offer.
3 years ago
Seemingly I need more practice on this!!!! Hahaha.
3 years ago
This game is fast, brutal and fun.

Pros: Great fan layout with super fast shots (especially that middle orbit!). The shots are tight and tough to hit, which may turn some people off. But, I find it enormously satisfying when I hit them. The ramps are fun, and there is a diverter to send the ball to one flipper or the other depending upon the mode. The toys are cool, with the centerpiece being the filing cabinet -- a great take on a bash toy -- with a magnet in front.

Cons: The artwork is kind of ugly. The rules are fairly shallow, though the scoring is very well balanced. There is no stacking of modes, and a lot of the modes are over too quickly to really get into them. I am a fan of the theme, but because of the shallowness of the rules, it is hard to feel like the pin really incorporates the theme well. X-Files trivia questions, though, are a nice touch; you get one every once in a while.

Overall, this pin is great bang for the buck. If I want a quick play that is really fun, I turn it on and play.
3 years ago
One of my least favorite Sega Pinball Games, was glad to see it replaced at my local barcade with Popeye. Yes, that is true! It just does not flow great, the filing cabinet is the gimmick they came up with from a show based of the paranormal?
3 years ago
An underrated game with an awesome vibe, with many ways to enhance it with various mods and speaker upgrade etc.
3 years ago
I believe it's a great .. Challenging game to play with cool artwork and toys..A true Sega classic that never gets old
3 years ago
I love this one. At first few plays it was kind of frustrating, but after a dozen or so plays, this thing really provides non-stop action. Also love the theme... good toys, and file cabinet is a fun one to hit. Not sure why people are complaining about the tight ramps... if they were easier, I think this game would be rated much worse, or they would have to drastically change the rule-set since the goal of this game is primarily to hit those ramps.

Half of the fun of pinball for me is modding the games, and this one has unlimited possibilities to mod due to the theme, so another gold star in my book.

This is also probably one of the biggest bargain games out there. these can easily be had for under $2000 which is crazy since apparently there were only 1500 made.
3 years ago
I own this game so I can comment more than some of the haters out there. Yes, sound quality on this game is bad, the sound is scratchy but the sounds are good and flow with the game not annoying. You have to upgrade the cheap crappy Sega single speaker system they put in and if you really want to go up put the components for both speaker channels. This game could really benefit from a Pinsound upgrade.
This game benefits from some tweaks like a LCD OCD board to stop ghosting and some bright LED's. I love the theme and I like the showcase cabinet many people do not but I think the it's different factor works.
It's a sleeper game it is fun and challenging many people think the play is off because of ramp placement but I think that's what makes this game good. It is not easy the multi ball is great and there are a lot of levels to progress through.
I recommend this game if you can pick it up definitely take it. It's a value pin usually cheaper for a DMD game I have not had any issues but it is a game that needs extra lighting it is a bit dark in the center.

Don't trust the hater reviews they do not own it most likely.
3 years ago
Despite bad press, I really love this pinball.
3 years ago
Great theme and in a bigger collection a great game to have providing you love the theme you can over look the games short comings of which there are not many (sound is pretty poor & the rules aren't amazing) but due to the SEGA badge again it gets a much worse rep than it deserves. A dialled in X-files is a good shooting game, the inner orbit shot is super quick and the bookcase is a great toy not to mention the custom molds of the flukeman and alien are great, dial an xfiles in and spend a few $$ modding and adding to it and its a great game!
There are 78 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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