World Poker Tour

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Other Aspects: 7.685

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5 months ago
I played this yesterday for the 1st time in years. I was confused by the game because there was no rules card on this machine. For example, I would hit a playing card drop target, thinking I would have earned that card on my opening hand but you don’t. I couldn’t quite figure out how to do certain things, but I had still fun. I liked there were lots of shots to pick from. The upper mini playfield did not excite me like some of other reviewers here. But overall, I think I would have liked this pin more, if I understood the game’s rules.
1 year ago
WPT is not the best looking pin, but its a pleasure to play. Shots are great when you make them and its overall a good playing pin. I will keep this one around for awhile
1 year ago
Once I first started playing this pin I was very impressed by the depth of the rules. I wanted to keep playing and playing this machine, but after some time it started to feel really slow.

Because of the big open play field, all your shots are 'long' and there are no 'timed' shots. You need to stack your mode with your multiball to get some points and since you have to keep setting this up it will not be as entertaining for the occasional player. For a tournament player this machine is very challenging
1 year ago
Very fun and adictive game, not a beauty but good lastability and again, very fun.
1 year ago
This does not feel like a Ritchie pin at all. Wide open playfield with tons of drops, and upper playfield with an interesting toy. Game has a lot going on, and can be a turn off for casual players, as the rules are very deep, and time to understand what is going on. Translight is not the best, rest of the art is ok, lighting is serviceable and call outs and dmd animations get the job done. Multiple wizard modes is a big plus.

Game is definitely geared towards players.
1 year ago
Unrated game that grows on you with time.
1 year ago
First to mention: I love the Ace in a hole like no other toy in pinball ...
The rules are top notch and the colours on the playfield are fresh while playing. The callouts on WPT give you a real feeling of a Poker Tournament. WPT plays fast and defly has the one more game feel to me ...
2 years ago
Bad art but very deep rules. Probably the deepest ruleset for a pin of this price and I love deep rule sets.
2 years ago
Not something you can just jump on for a quick game, complete opposite. Very deep rule set. May not appeal to everyone - variation for the win.
2 years ago
a different theme but has lots of quality
2 years ago
I'm not into the bar room / casino themed pins, so the theme is already unattractive to me for WPT. However, the game play was really limited and it seemed like there should be more action on the playfield than I could actually muster. Just a bunch of dry shots that focused more on playing poker and less on being a great pin. Not a great game, but I know I'm biased against these themes anyway. Give it a shot if you're into poker - but I think you'll find it lacking too.
3 years ago
I am a poker player and have been to 2 WPT tapings (in early seasons) so maybe I am biased as a result.

It does look like they ran out of time to make the top starting area with the ACE IN THE HOLE, better, so I do think beauty wise it's lacking, but I find the random hands and such a lot of fun.
3 years ago
Bought one in January 2017. Sold it two years later. Liked it very much, but got tired of it... not a 10/10. Better with Cointaker LEDs and Blades.
3 years ago
I acquired a WPT approximately three months ago & our entire family is extremely pleased w/ this gem. There is so much to do on this fantastic playfield layout, that it takes many plays before comprehending the overall complexity of the rules. There are so many variations rule-wise when playing this title, as the strategies are virtually endless when approaching this machine. There are many main objectives & a layer of subtleness that make this title unique! There is nothing more thrilling when stacking Change The Gears mode & Super Chip Trick w/ All In Multiball, & Ace In The Hole. The machine completely lights up, as the call-outs & light show is fantastic! As personally experiencing this title extensively for the prior three months, one thing is for sure ~ WPT is fantastic! I wish you well in YOUR pursuit of the perfect machine.
3 years ago
I play Hold em and wanted a poker themed pin. I bought this game used and replaced the back glass with a very 'R' rated version which looks great. The pin plays well, has a deep rule set with excellent stacking. If you like Poker, this is the best of the card themed pins. Plus, it is a hell of a lot of fun. Out of my 50 or so pins, I find myself returning to this one often to play. It will never leave my collection. As for others... like WOZ, X-Files and Lord of the Rings.... yeah, u can have em.
3 years ago
Tried it several times on location recently, and this may honestly be the "saddest" machine I've ever played. First, the backglass is terrible. Did nobody at Stern said before they manufactured it: "Wait a minute... Isn't there something wrong with the girl's head, and neck ?" Looks like it was alright to them, as she is also depicted as is on the cabinet. Not fair to this great-looking lady (according to the flyer).

Then, the playfield. Everything feels cheap and flimsy, and you can't help but thinking that the main priority when designing this machine was to keep the cost as low as possible. And it makes me sad that such an incredible designer as Steve Ritchie can't use all his talent and imagination.

I then played it, but the cheap feel of the machine ruined the experience. I also find that the display showing your hand on the playfield was distracting, and hard to read at a glance (Is that a club ? A spade ?... Not sure... Oops, I've lost the ball). I'm sure the ruleset is deep and interesting, but I didn't have enough fun to keep playing, and kept my coins for another pinball. Which was quite a shame, as I love both pinball and poker. But the mix wasn't as tasty as I expected.
3 years ago
I recently had the chance to play this game for the first time, and I have mixed reactions...

The game has the cheap feel typical of Stern machines, and the art is just terrible. However, I like the flow of gameplay in this game-- it was really a pleasurable experience, and I played several games. I don't know that it has enough going for it for me to want to add one to my own collection, but it's one of the better Stern titles that I've played.
3 years ago
i realy only played this 3-4 times i wasnt inspierd to play it. any more than i have, i dont want to hate it but i personly do..sorry, but the playfield is nice looking and it is nice to look at but games have to be fun and make me want to play again for free replay and high score. not sure i would like it if it was on free play....not a keeper..i will try it again if i see one jus in hopes i was wrong..good luck w.p.t
4 years ago
World Poker Tour is one of those deep games that doesn't really get enough credit for what it does. It has an amazingly subtle and detailed ruleset, but what's also great about it is that it has just enough simple, obvious goals to aim for that can hold the interest of new/casual players as well.

Overall the game flows really well with its two ramps and full orbit shots. It has a good balance between wide open shots (orbits, ramps), and tight, difficult shots (Cut the Cards, Poker Corner). The drop targets are also insanely fun, and these have many purposes in the ruleset (from modes revolving around them, to working towards hands to get you to a multiball, etc).

From a rules standpoint, WPT has a lot going on, and a lot of it is so subtle you won't understand it until someone sits you down and explains it in great detail. And that's the beauty of the game. You can spend a year playing it "normally", simply completing hands, making combos, getting through modes and getting some super jackpots, without ever realizing that there's this whole extra set of layers to it. If you want to take your game deeper, it's like an epiphany when you first discover that you even can. Few games out there have managed to make a player feel this way, and I feel WPT does this better than other games crafted by the same programmer (TSPP, LOTR, etc). The game is also a little more like LOTR where it's easy to get into thanks to the playfield layout, unlike TSPP where it's never really obvious what's happening unless you're in a multiball.

WPT isn't perfect, but it's mainly in the form of some aesthetics. I think we can all agree the backglass and cabinet aren't the hottest. I don't mind the playfield art actually, but I can see many seeing it as being very basic. Fortunately there are lots of insert lamps that you will likely be focusing on more than the art, as well as the cool inner-playfield display.

Sound-wise, I actually really dig this game. It's hard to appreciate the audio until you play it in a home setting where it's crystal clear. The soundtrack is really groovy and fits the mood perfectly, and some of the callouts are pretty good too.

Overall, I feel World Poker Tour is an excellent game that can appeal to both casual players, and advanced players that want to take their game far. It's a highly underrated game and to this day has one of the tightest [complex] rules packages out of all of Stern's lineup.
4 years ago
How can you get fun with ruleset too difficult to understand?
I pass.
4 years ago
Do not like this game. Doesn't have a good feel to the overall gameplay. Would not play again.
4 years ago
the people on the backglass scare me. everything else is fun, just please Stern, dont make artwork like this ever again i like to fall asleep at night :)
5 years ago
It takes a long while to understand the depth of the ruleset in WPT. For casual player the game may seem to be really boring with empty playfield and without any good playfield bash toys. For experienced player the super deep ruleset with all the stacking possibilities and strategic elements provide fun and challenge almost infinitely.

How the game has been set up makes a huge impact to gameplay. Setting the ramp posts to stop ball only on river card gives more flow to the game and the upper playfield must be clean enough for the captive lock ball to work correctly.

For tournament play the game should be set up extremely difficult due to long ball times on factory setup.
5 years ago
This is an okay game. Pinball, so it can't be that bad. I liked the mini-flippers on the top playfield. Once I figured out how to get some multiball action, I found the game much more fun. The actual cards dealt didn't seem to matter too much. The fact that there are several versions of poker included is either a plus or a minus, depending upon how much of a Texas Hold'em devotee one might be.
5 years ago
What a great underrated game. A deep rule set, the shots feel good, and with a couple of minor adjustments a fun shot making game. Lots of stuff to do: upper playfield, drop target poker, texas hold em tour, and poker corner modes. In a small collection this is a perfect lower priced modern game.
There are 75 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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